Halle Berry Righteously Tells Off The Paparazzi Harassing Her Kid While Also Restraining Her Fiancé

halle berry at airport after hawaii vacationHalle Berry has spoken out before about how out of line the paparazzi can be when it comes to capturing snaps of famous children. But after returning from Hawaii with her 5-year-old daughter Nahla and fiancé Olivier Martinez, Halle told the paps to their camera happy faces to back the eff off her kid. And all the while, it seems that Olivier nearly lost his temper a second time.

In the TMZ footage, we’re treated to what must be a daily and hazardous occurance for the family —  and one of the reasons Halle cited when attempting to move her child to France. As the snapping photogs get too close, Halle shouts:

“Get away! There’s a child! What’s wrong with you people?”

Just as the kid is safely tucked into the waiting SUV, Olivier pivots to get those now infamous fists swinging. Halle scolds her fiancé with an ever so slightly French twinged “non” before hopping in the vehicle herself.

Predictably, the cameras then swing around to the front of the car to no doubt get a shot of the couple bickering, which can perhaps then be framed as a “Halle Berry And Fiancé Olivier Martinez’s Airport Spat: Is The Wedding Off?” item.


(photo: WENN)

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  • Maggie

    I feel so sorry for Halle Berry’s daughter. I think Halle does a good job, from what we can see anyway, of shielding her from all the drama that goes on in their lives, but the poor little girl is old enough now to notice when shit like this goes down.

  • missiemeghan

    You mean staging an incident for her next trip to court to keep her daughter from her father is righteous? Screaming and cursing and freaking out your child is righteous? Dating a thug is righteous? Funny how the Paps follow countless celebs around all the time (including the airport ) and Halle seems to be the only person who causes a scene about it.

    • Jen

      Um except she’s not. Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, Gabriel Aubry (Nahla’s father), Joel Madden etc. have ALL gone off on paps following their kids.

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