• Mon, Apr 1 2013

Morning Feeding: How Teen Girls Used To Have Fun

How teen girls had fun in 1921 (HuffPo Women)

7 things you shouldn’t say to your teenager (HuffPo Parents)

Kim Kardashian reveals a potential baby name (The Stir)

A mother buys her toddler a 6.5 million dollar apartment — we wish we could say April Fools’! (Babble)

When do you start giving your children chores? (Parents.com)

Blue Ivy gets her own director seat next to mommy Beyonce (The Frisky)

How to bounce back from a failure, or several (The Hairpin)

Halle Berry & daughter spend Easter in Maui, Hawaii (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Hollywood’s 10 worst husbands (YourTango)

(photo: Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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