Bully Pulpit: President Obama Says ‘Shame On Us’ If We’ve Forgotten Newtown, Continues To Press For Gun Control

newtownThe case for gun control is still going strong and the community of Newtown, Connecticut is still in the thick of it. The NRA is sending robo-calls to Newtown citizens, reducing their emotional situation into to an automated plea for gun rights. And now, President Obama is invoking their memory in one of his most blatant attempts to use the Presidential ‘bully pulpit’ to push through legislation.

In an emotional and powerful speech from the East Room of the White House, Obama said:

“I read an article just the other day wondering… has Washington missed its opportunity, because as time goes on after Newtown, somehow people start moving on and forgetting. Let me tell you, the people here do not forget.

Grace’s dad is not forgetting. Her mom is not forgetting. The notion that something as horrific as what happened in Newtown happens, and we have moved on to other things in two or three months? That is not who we are. That is not who we are.”

“I want to make sure every American is listening today. Less than 100 days ago, that happened. And the entire country was shocked. And the entire country pledged we would do something, and that this time would be different. Shame on us if we have forgotten.

I have not forgotten those kids. Shame on us if we have forgotten.”

It was the most hostile and direct plea many have seen from the President, on a matter that is near and dear to many. And it comes at a time when gun control legislation is slowing stalling in Congress. Even with the public support of things like universal backround checks or a national gun registry, gun control legislation continues to get watered down and brushed aside.

Newtown was a defining moment in this country’s history. It will have a profound effect on everyone who witnessed the destruction, watched the news reports roll in, and grieved with a community in mourning. But since Newtown, we have continued to have tragic, heart-wrenching, senseless acts of violence. We have lost an ever growing amount of citizens, from all different ages and walks of life.

We cannot forget Newtown, just like we cannot forget an infant killed while getting her diaper changed and a middle schooler shot in the head outside of his school. Hopefully, President Obama’s impassioned call to action will finally push gun control over the final legislative hurdles and we can continue to work towards a safer society for everyone’s kids.

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  • Haradanohime

    I think there are many more important things to discuss than writing new gun control laws. They first need to enforce the ones already in place. What is the point of writing new laws if they will not be enforced? Also, criminals do not follow laws. Why do they think this will stop people from getting guns? It will just create a bigger black market for them and people will find other ways if they want to cause destruction. There were more factors than a gun in the new town tragedy. Why did the gunman do it? How did he get past school security? What was the connections to that school, those classes? Was there and underlying factor as to the mentality of the gunman. Yes, Gun Control is important but it is a step not an ends. Until the nation can see there is a bigger problem than guns, we will not be healed.

    • Niptweaker

      This “Lindsay Cross” and folks like her are the reason for most of the issues in the world today. They’re finger pointers who take no blame for themselves. The kind of people who put signs in their yard cautioning drivers to slow down, while they let their kids play in an untended yard next to a busy thoroughfare. The kind of people who are so out of touch with their kids they blame video games. The kind of people who blame an inanimate object for atrocities.

      Do you know why there hasn’t been a foreign war on American soil? Because there are too many people with guns. Do you know why your house doesn’t get robbed? Because criminals don’t know if you have a gun or not. And they aren’t dumb enough to find out the hard way. And certainly not dumb enough to turn theirs in.