(UPDATED) Don’t Give Me This Bull That You ‘Love Pitbulls’ If You Allow Them To Be Around Children Unsupervised

baby killed by pitbulls I love dogs. I love all dogs. if I had my way I would have a giant dog-filled dogland where I had the space and finances and help that would enable me to have like 100 dogs without being one of those creepy animal hoarder people. I even love pit bulls, and contemplated adopting a sweet girl that I met at my local animal shelter, even though I know better. And any responsible pit owner will tell you, this breed of dog should never be in a home with small children. Period. And we have another horror story out of Bryan County to support this:

Bryan County police are investigating Wednesday night after a toddler was killed in a dog attack.

About 6:30 p.m., Bryan County dispatchers received a call that an 21-month-old girl had been attacked and killed by seven dogs, Sheriff Clyde R. Smith said.

Police say the girl’s grandmother was sleeping when she was awakened by a commotion in the yard. She looked out her window and saw the attack, but was not in time to save the child.

The dogs, which belonged to the child’s family, were pit bulls and pit bull mixes. They have been euthanized by Bryan County Animal Control.

Yes, the child’s grandmother should not have been napping while babysitting the child. Yes, this attack could have happened with any child and a pack of seven dogs of any breed, but the chances of pit bulls attacking a child or an adult or another animal are extremely high. And now we have a dead child and a group of dead dogs.

No one keeps that may pit bulls unless they have a bad reason for doing so, whether they were breeding them or using them for fighting. Responsible pit bull owners would never have that large of a number of pits, unless they were running a rescue out of their home, in which case the dogs would never have been allowed to roam on the property. This has nothing to do with how good and responsible a pit owner is, how they have treated or raised their dogs, how they have conditioned them to behave around other animals and humans of any age. Pits have been bred for hundreds of years to be an aggressive breed. They cannot help it. You can’t even blame a pit bull for this, because you are blaming a dog for behaviour that it has zero control over.

So now we are left with this sad and awful story and a lot of pit owners in the world who have to be defensive about their dogs again, simply because some jerk was not treating his dogs properly. Any good pit owner who cares about the breed will be the first to admit they should never be around children. The majority of pit owners only have one dog and they understand that the dog may turn aggressive at times and they take precautions with their animal for the safety of both their dog and others. If they do have children in the home they sure as hell never leave the dog around them unsupervised. And they care deeply about being responsible dog owners.

I know some people will disagree with me about this, and will tell me that their pit is “different” and extremely gentle around their baby and would never, ever hurt them. But by saying that you are showing a huge amount of disrespect to the breed that is doing what it has been bred to do, which is “hold and shake” – usually until they have obliterated their prey. It’s their job! I also know some people will agree with me and say that leaving your baby alone with a pit bull is like letting your baby swim with a great white shark. I love both these animals, but that still doesn’t mean I would ever leave my kid unsupervised around one.

And an update from the Huffington post:

Relatives told investigators the dogs that mauled the child were essentially family pets – a mother dog and six offspring from a litter she had about 16 months ago, the sheriff said.

The dogs had their own doggie doors that let them come in and out of the house as they pleased. The family told deputies the dogs had never attacked a person, though one of them might have killed a cat, Smith said. He said relatives insisted the toddler would play with the dogs and even “use them as pillows while watching TV.”

Smith said the dogs looked healthy and well-fed, and investigators found no signs they were being used as fighting dogs by their owners.

“They said they have never been aggressive to other people,” he said. “Why they got started I have no idea.”


Two dogs that were not involved in the attack were not euthanized, and they were also not pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

(Photo: dogboxstudio/Shutterstock)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=722470602 Lisa Cadeau

    So apparently there were two other adults home at the time??? And this pack of.dogs was a mother and her 6 16 month old pups. That is just a recipe for disaster. Also the grabbing and clamping argument means nothing in this case as the dogs played with the kid. Dragging her around the yard. Any strong breed of dog requires a strong owner. I have an extremely willful GSD that could kill a grown man if he wanted to but he would never do that. We raised him properly, socialized him with all kinds of people and dogs, and it is absolutely the cutest thing ever to watch him play with my nephews. Would I ever leave a child unsupervised with any pet? No.

  • Whitney

    My daughter was born into a home with a pit bull, who became her best friend. Not a mean bone in his body. She can tug on his tail, grab things from his mouth, and pull his ears to her little hearts content and he is more than happy to let her do so. Pits belong with responsible owners, who train and know their dogs well. I have had this one for several years (and he was a rescue), and have never had a problem. The media will report on every pit bull attack, and on every breed of dog that looks like a pit bull. I get very angry when I read articles like this. You don’t know my dog. You can’t say all individuals are the same, especially when your stereotype is based on media reports. You don’t get to tell me I’m a bad parent for choosing a loving and gentle companion for my family and for my children. This is the only breed I will ever own. I am a responsible owner and a great mom. Pits are loyal, friendly, and gentle by nature. They were not only bred to “hold and shake.” And even if this was part of their breeding at one time, most dogs don’t do what they were originally bred to do. I’ve never met a dachshund who was a badger hunting dog, and I’ve never met an Irish Wolfhound who still hunts wolves. Your thinking is extremely close minded and misinformed. You want to know what a pit bull is like around children? Ask pit-bull owners, not the media.

    • Persistent Cat

      Every article about a dog attack (regardless of breed) almost always has the owner stating there was never a problem before. And as we can read from the comments, pit bull owners are very defensive about their dogs so I really don’t believe I’d bet an unbiased answer from any pit bull owner.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      Ummm, every pit bull owner I have talked to, and not the majority commenting here have told me their dogs are amazingly strong, have strong prey chasing tendencies, and require a huge amount of attention – long walks, playtime, socialization. They acknowledge their dogs are STRONG and also that NO ONE can predict any breeds behaviour, much less a pit’s. they would also not have one in the home with small kids or babies. So yeah, I think a lot of the owners here are not very knowledgeable about their dogs

    • A-nony-mous

      And many times further research proves that to be patently false. Owners are trying to cover their asses from legal charges and angry lynch mobs that would form if they were aware that the majority of owners of these problematic dogs have had issues (and citations from police and shelters) against them before and not fixed the problems.

      Also, many owners are ignorant to the fact that their situation has [obviously] changed. A female dog [of any breed] might be fine with their adult and then become aggressive when that adult decides it’ll be fun, cute and/or profitable to breed it and it becomes an overprotective new/first-time mother. Or the fact that having an non neutered male dog and adopting a female dog isn’t just “getting your dog a friend” and your male dog may turn aggressive trying to protect “it’s” female….as almost every male animal on the planet does.

      My mother’s friend has a German Shepard. She says it’s great. Well, it would not stop harassing my child at a BBQ we went to and she refused to put it away even when my son was crying hysterically and I asked her to and it was clear that neither of us were enjoying the situation because of the dog. The dog didn’t physically harm him but it wouldn’t surprise me if, in the future, it attacked someone purely because of the clear lack of discipline although she would likely say there was never even a ‘red flag’. So again, perception is semantics and a lot of owners feel that because they themselves aren’t bothered by their dog’s behavior that no one else that’s been around the dog could possibly be bothered and the behavior isn’t problematic…when it clearly is.

      So just taking owners at their word as proof is ridiculous. Just because they say something doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  • datsdats

    Regardless of breed, seven dogs are a “pack”. Dogs are pack animals, and just like humans have mob mentality, dogs can have trouble keeping their training and working against animal instinct in a group like that. I have had bully breed dogs for the past fifteen years, have worked in rescue, and am very familiar. My boxer-pit mix wouldn’t ever hurt my son, and yet they’re never left unattended because ways is still an animal and I can’t expect her not to be one. Seriously, who the hell leaves a child that young unattended whether there are dogs present or not?

  • MirnaL

    Wow. This piece is so chock full of blatant lies and hysteria, it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, “pit bull” isn’t a breed, it’s an umbrella term for dozens of breeds and infinite mixes that look similar to those dozens of breed. An American Pit Bull Terrier is a “pit bull” as much as a boxer/dalmation mix is a “pit bull.” So the completely false generalizations and myths you’re tossing around aren’t even applicable to a breed, even if they were grounded in truth.

    “And any responsible pit owner will tell you, this breed of dog should never be in a home with small children. Period.”

    Not true. Dogs of all breeds and appearances make excellent family members in houses with small children. Also, dogs of all breeds and appearance are not suited for households with small children. This is nothing specific to any one type of dog by any stretch of the imagination.

    “Yes, the child’s grandmother should not have been napping while babysitting the child. Yes, this attack could have happened with any child and a pack of seven dogs of any breed…”

    Precisely, end of story. Don’t leave seven dogs alone with a toddler. Not rocket science.

    “…but the chances of pit bulls attacking a child or an adult or another animal are extremely high.”

    Absolutely and utter false. Even if we entertain the (false) notion that one breed is more like to attack a human or animal (two very different things, by the way), it would be completely impossible to prove. We would need data for the population of dogs overall, how many of each breed and breed-mix there is, and accurate bite data related to each of those breeds. There is no way to know exactly how many dogs there are in the country let alone how many of them are of a particular breed or breed-mix. All we have to go on for dog population data is breed registries- which only count registered, pure-bred dogs, licenses- which are not applied for by everyone, shelter populations, and local estimates. To compound this confusion, as I mentioned before, “pit bull” isn’t a breed at all, but a group of dogs that people have determined to look similar to their concept of a “pit bull.” To claim that “pit bulls” bite more would be like comparing accident statistics of Ford Mustangs against Toyotas and declaring that Toyotas are more dangerous. One is a specific group, the other is a big umbrella that encompasses a lot more and is very popular, of course the numbers will be higher.

    The CDC (a more trustworthy organization for public health issues than Mommyish writers, if you ask me) concurs– “There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.” ( http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/dog-bites/dogbite-factsheet.html ). The AVMA agrees that no one dog breed is more likely to bite or attack than any other.

    “No one keeps that may pit bulls unless they have a bad reason for doing so, whether they were breeding them or using them for fighting [sic].”

    Stereotype much? Believe it or not, there are people who like having lots of dogs, and some of those people also like having “pit bull” dogs. Is breeding “pit bulls” a bad reason to have them? Even if they are healthy, loved, pedigreed APBT’s (I’m not suggesting the dogs involved in this incident were)? This guy’s got five “pit bulls,” guess he’s fighting them too? http://www.peaceloveandpitbulls.org/

    “Pits have been bread for hundreds of years to be an aggressive breed. They cannot help it [sic].”

    If “pit bulls” have “been bread for hundreds of years,” how did they suddenly become dogs??

    Seriously, though, this is also patently false. “Pit bulls” have been bred for hundreds of years for hundreds of reasons. For most of their history, they were generic family dogs- bred unintentionally, for companionship, or as a hearty farm dog. Here’s a lovely gallery of photos of “pit bulls” doing what they were “bred to do” throughout history- be dogs. http://www.animalfarmfoundation.org/pages/Historic-Photo-Gallery

    ” The majority of pit owners only have one dog and they understand that the dog may turn aggressive at times and they take precautions with their animal for the safety of both their dog and others.”

    I’d love to see some statistics on this “majority” you’re talking about. If someone’s dog “turns aggressive at times,” then they have a deeply disturbed dog that needs help from a qualified professional. Failing to recognize your dog’s discomfort and body language, failing to keep your dog out of situations that would push them so far into fear, anxiety, or true aggression that they would actually resort to biting, and blithely shrugging off a dog’s aggressive behavior as a side effect of its appearance are all giant, neon, flashing signs of an IRresponsible owner.

    I would venture to say (also without statistics, but, you know, Occam’s Razor/common sense is kind of on my side here) that the majority of “pit bull” owners go about their lives just like anyone else does, love their dogs just like anyone else does, and don’t have to take any “precautions” to prevent their dog from suddenly turning into Godzilla, because “pit bulls” are dogs just like anyone else’s.

    I certainly hope that the sweet “pit bull” dog you saw at a shelter was adopted by someone who loves her unconditionally, treats her like a dog and not a time bomb, and saw her for the sweet dog she is, not the stereotypes hysterical people propagate. You know, someone who didn’t “know better” than to give her a loving home.

  • A-nony-mous

    I’m so tired of hearing about this story from people who have no idea about the circumstances and no idea about the breed. Congrats, you’ve bought into media hysteria. Were you also one of those people cowering in their $10,000 specially created bomb shelters for Y2K too? Did you buy an apiculture suit when the whole Africanized honey bee scare happened? The US media is the most sensationalistic in the entire world and can choose to make anything sound like the first coming of the apocalypse and their fascination is still with pitbulls because it turns viewers in and sells issues…because of people like you who buy it hook, line and sinker any time ‘pitbull’ and any sort of issue is present.

    Did you know that there was a great-grandmother, a grandmother, the mother, a 14 year old and a 12 year old home at the time of the attack? They’re all saying that they were ALL asleep, all five of them, at 5 pm. Right. How did this two year old get by and get mauled to the point of death without anyone noticing until it was ‘too late’? Kind of makes you think it’s pretty obvious that this child was not being supervised and chances are it’s not the first time she’s been unsupervised like this. Kind of makes you think that her chances of surviving to adulthood were pretty slim, dogs or not. That if the dogs hadn’t touched her she could very well have popped up next week as one of the myriad of toddlers who hang themselves on drape cords, fall into swimming pools and drown, get into boxes or cupboards and suffocate, etc.

    Did you know that Britain has had a complete ban on all pitbull breeds since 1993 and it hasn’t done a damn thing to make their streets or their homes safer. Britain is still averaging 25,000 serious dog bites a year, most of which require surgery and in London alone several hundred children are attacked by dogs each year? And that they’ve had over a dozen *fatal* maulings by other breeds in the last few years alone?

    Did you know that in December 2010, the American Temperament Test
    Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall
    temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general
    dog population?

    Did you know that the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona found that [English] Cocker Spaniels are the ‘meanest’ dog after studying over 1040 cases of dog aggression? This is backed up by the Seattle [Washington] Humane Society who has over 50 cases of Cocker Spaniel attacks and a further 19 ‘menacing incidents’ in a ten year period in that small city alone.

    Did you know that there’s over three MILLION dogs that fall into the ‘pitbull’ category in the US alone? If they’re so hardwired to be aggressive how come there’s only a dozen or so maulings a year? Where’s the million or two million cases if the majority of ‘pitbulls’ are bad? Aggressive? Bred purely and utterly and only for violence? Hmm…even the most basic math seems to suggest that if there’s over 3 MILLION and only a handful are involved in attacks that the MAJORITY of them are behaving.

    But please, go continue to spread your ignorance and fear.

  • A-nony-mous

    I’ve kept up with almost every single fatal pitbull mauling in the last few months and every single one is owner error, not breed genetic traits.

    If you keep your dogs outside the majority of time (which they did) they will not be socialized.
    If you keep mixed gendered packs (which they did), you will probably have the males becoming aggressive to protect the female(s).
    If you have dogs you do not spay/neuter, you may have testosterone overload issues.

  • A-nony-mous

    Deer cause the death of over 130 people a year. Time to poison and kill all those horrible evil creatures.

    Bees kill about 53 people a year in the US. Time to get the pesticides out in full bore and get rid of these insane beasts.

    Horses kill almost as many people per year as every breed of dog combined. Time to shut down all the stables which are just bloodbaths waiting to happen.

    See where this is going? If the media reported on every death caused by a horse, a cow (about the same number as horses) or pigs (who kill even more people per year in the US than dogs) as fiercely as they do pitbull attacks people wouldn’t even allow ponies in their state and every farm would be shut down.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      I never ever said that breeds should be eradicated

    • A-nony-mous

      You completely missed the point of the post which was to point out that people are getting hysterical over a creature that only kills a few people a year while completely ignoring the multiple, more-dangerous species that exist with little to no regulation, legislation or bias.

  • Rachel Sea

    The only true thing written about this breed type in this article is that they are dogs. Every other thing is demonstrably, factually, historically, untrue. The only dog less aggressive than a pit is a golden retriever.

    No young child should ever be left alone with any dog – no matter how big or how small – it puts both the child and the dog at risk for a bad outcome.

  • A-nony-mous

    For anyone else who cares about the truth about ALL dogs. ALL dogs have the potential to bite and even kill.

    ———- Retrievers ———-
    3 year old girl mauled by GR:

    GR mauls 12 year old jogger, tears part of her ear off:

    GR attacks adult woman, puts her in intensive care:

    GR attacks woman walking her dog:

    GR attacks small child:

    Family LR attacks boy, tearsh is scalp off:

    LR attacks politician:

    LR attacks 2 year old, lifting her up by her head and severing the top of her ear:

    LR attacks 9 year old, boy requires stitches and surgery:

    Lab Mix kills 2 day old:

    ———- Cocker Spaniels ———-
    2 year old hospitalized after family’s CS attacks:

    Young girl attacked by CS, needs 30 stitches:

    CS attacks man walking his Pitbull:

    ———- Shih Zus ———-
    SZ bites the end of a woman’s nose off:

    SZ attacks 5 year old boy, requires 10 stitches:

    Australian girl mauled by SZ:

    ———- Chihuahuas ———-
    Owner laughs off violent chihuahuas Dangerous Dog label even after it attacks someone, common attitude of small dog owners because a chihuahua could never be dangerous to anyone:

    Oh wait…

    Boy has lip torn off by chihuahua:

    Pack of chihuahuas attack police officer:

    ———- Pomeranians ———-
    Pomeranian kills 6-week old baby:

    Pomerianian attacks man and later attacks same man walking his pitbull:

    Pomeranian attacks teenage girl, girl requires 5 stitches:

    ———- Akitas ———-
    This one especially relevant since it “brutal animal shook her in its powerful jaws.” But I’m sure you’ll say that only pits shake their prey still. Akita attacks girl:

    Akita attacks 8 year old girl, girl needs 175 stitches to put face back together:

    ———- Huskies ———-
    Husky kills 3-day old baby:

    Husky kills 2 day old baby:

    ———- Mastiffs ———-
    Mastiff mauls 52 year old woman to death:

    Mastiff-Mix mauls 1 year old to death:

    ———- Others ———-
    Alsation attacks 2 year old:

    Jack Russel kills 8-day old baby:

    Shar Pei mauls 11 year old boy that rescued it:

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    It’s not the dogs.

    It’s the PEOPLE.

  • zeisel

    I don’t understand why so many post on here that the child shouldn’t be left alone unsupervised with an animal and as long as they’re supervised that it’s fine. That is a false sense of security and very ignorant. I’ve heard of many instances, where dogs have attacked with adults nearby, if not standing right there next to the child.

    I was bit by a dog- not a pit bull, but a hunting dog when I was around 10 years of age. I was not teasing it and pet her side when she was lying down. There were more then 4 adults around in a one room cabin. Obviously, they were able to stop the dog, before she could really do some damage, but for a toddler.. doesn’t matter, because they’re so little and can get hurt so easily, beyond just a bite. They’re at eye level with these animals and can have their faces ripped off. The owners of the dog stated that she must of been asleep and was startled- she wasn’t fucking asleep. They weren’t paying attention to the dog at the time and chalked it up to that. The dog went on to bite two other kids a year or two later. They eventually put her down, because they weren’t little nips- she wouldn’t let go once she bit.

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  • ConfusedbutGuarded

    (I realize this story is a couple weeks old and heard about it when it happened but just came across this article, having to put my 2 cents in).
    I don’t know how to react to this story. My first reaction is to wonder why in the heck the grandmother is sleeping inside and how the baby got outside. But I will not judge because none of us were there and know what happened. I can just beg people to not leave any child alone with any dog. I have to admit, I have a particular adversity to pitt bulls. Not because of the stigma that society has put on them but because of my personal experience with them. Before December 2011, I would have been the first to tell you that it depends on the dog and his environment. But then the worst happened. My husband’s sister was minding her own business, walking back from a neighbor’s, and another neighbor’s pitt broke his chain (his inadequate chain, by the way) and went straight for my sister-in-law’s throat. He attacked her so ferociously that when the ambulance got there only a minute later, she was already gone. This dog had never bitten before (anything reported anyway) and lived in a house with kids and a family. So all this made me wonder, is there something hard-wired in a pitt’s brain that just makes them snap sometimes, when they’ve otherwise never shown violent tendencies? I don’t know. But I know that my opinion of dogs changed after this and I cringe to see babies, toddlers, kids, rolling in the floor with, laying on top of, any large “dangerous” breed. And I’m very cautious of ALL dogs now. Please believe me when I say I am NOT prejudice against the large, dangerous breeds. I know that a lab can attack just as a rotty. I grew up with my best friend having a rottweiler and then a chow and a cousin having a dalmation, my grandmother a boxer/bulldog mix. And concern NEVER crossed my brain, nor my parents’. I would never judge any one else, nor say anything to a friend who posts a picture of their baby and dog lying together. But I can tell you that your opinion will forever change if, God forbid, you go through something like my family has went through.

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  • People should get a clue

    Do your Breed research, Pit Bulls were NOT bred to be people aggressive until recently by thugs & hoodlums. Ever watch the “Little Rascals”, “Pete” was a Pit Bull! Gee, lets kill the breed and give the thugs probation… make sense?

  • Fuck you idiots

    You’re an asshole, and an ignorant FOOL. READ A BOOK.

  • Amanda

    What an ignorant post generalizing about one breed of dog. What about the golden retriever that mauled a 2 month old baby? Do some research before you post as American Pitt bull terriers were not conditioned to be an aggressive breed. Research dog temperament tests. A good pit owner wouldn’t say they should never be around children they would say dog owners need to be responsible for their dogs and parents need to be responsible for their kids. Period. Any dog can be a danger to a child.

  • Stephanie

    As a responsible pit owner and animal advocate one should not leave a child alone with ANY animal. You are stating that you are pit lover but don’t even trust the breed. The breed is NOT the issue.

  • pbmom

    You’re misinformed and flat out wrong.
    Your ignorance is speaking here in this blog.
    If you’ve never had a pit bull, why in the WORLD would you feel authoritative enough to write something, or anything for that matter, about them? It’s mystifying.
    Do you also write as if you are an authority on subjects such as physics or biochemistry, or any other subject that you have no knowledge of?
    We’ve had a succession of pit bulls in my family throughout my entire life, we were raised with them, all my nieces and nephews have been raised with pit bull family members, and never have any of us or our children EVER been threatened by one of our furry family members. And for that matter neither have any of our guests.

    Please don’t be so irresponsible and add your nonsensical claims to the wealth of innaccurate info and prejudice heaped on these animals. You must take responsibility for what you put out there and how you influence people.

  • Ambassador

    I realize I am way behind on this and there is probably nobody listening, but I will comment anyway. First of all, I think the poster worded her article wrong. As the admin of a blog you need to understand the power your words have. There will be readers who take your word as fact and will not bother to do research on their own. Thus creating ignorance, not just on this topic.

    Now on to the dogs. I have two pitbulls. A 4 year old pit/dalmatian mix and a 7 month old pit/rott mix. The puppy is quite a combo isn’t he? Before you condemn him, let me tell you that my boyfriend and I are more than qualified to raise him right and turn him into a breed ambassador just like the 4 year old. I have a one year old niece who he just loves. From day one he was gentle with her, that impressed me right away. Obviously we are teaching her, along with my other nieces and nephews, how to pet him and behave around him. Even when she pulls on his tail, face, ears, etc, he just wags his tail and licks her face. (Sidenote, when she does pull on him I correct her and tell her to be gentle) I also bring him to work with me, he loves every person he meets. PET ME PLEASE! I understand that he is a puppy, and no dog at his age should show signs of serious aggression towards people or dogs, but already people are impressed by his disposition, especially after I tell them what breed he is. We are committed to bringing him up right.

    Let me tell you about the pit/dalmatian mix. She was my first real experience with a pitbull, she is the one who made me believe the all the positive things I had read about them. I have always believed that dog attacks on people are one of the most preventable attacks around, so pitbulls in my mind were just getting represented by the poor dogs who had irresponsible owners. Back to Morgan. She has really taken to my 5 year old niece. They play outside together, in fact, she is the only one Morgan will consistently bring the ball back to. They sleep on the couch together, it is very sweet. In all reality, I trust her around my nieces and nephews more than any dog we have ever had. She is a Mother dog through and through. She watches the kids playing with a caring eye. The great thing about her is that she corrects the puppy. I have seen it on more than one occasion where he starts playing a little rough with the kids, she will go over there and put him in his place. Basically saying, hey! That is too rough! DISCLAIMER! He isn’t being aggressive or malicious, he is just a puppy and gets too excited. We correct that behavior as well.

    I believe that by saying pitbulls should never be in a home with children “period” is doing them a disservice. I encourage you to read about the dogs taken from Michael Vick. Those dogs are a testament to the breed. This is a great article.


    Here is an update on some of the other dogs.


    Zippy is a dog who came straight out of a dog fighting ring, and she was placed with a family who had kids. She isn’t the only dog rescued from there who was placed with a family with kids.

    Also, according to the American Temperament Test Society pitbulls are no more aggressive than any other breed. In fact, they have one of the highest test scores.

    Out of 870 tested, only 115 failed. That is an 86.8% pass rate. Out of 657 American Staffordshire Terriers tested, only 102 failed. That is an 84.5% pass rate.


    Out of all the dog breeds only 12 had more than 500 tested. The Pitbull is second only to the lab. The rottweiler actually had to the most test subjects at 5652, 901 failed. That is a 84.1% pass rate. The breeds that are most feared actually have some of the highest pass rates.

    Pitbulls are not for everyone. Dogs are not for everyone, they are the descendants of wolves for crying out loud!

    “A pit bull is like a Porsche. It’s a finely tuned, highly muscled athlete,” says Zawistowski. “And just like you wouldn’t give a Porsche to a 16-year-old, you don’t want just anyone to own a pit bull. It should be someone who has experience with dogs and is willing to spend the time, because with training and proper socialization you will get the most out of them as pets.”

    In conclusion, you made sweeping generalizations that are inaccurate. I only commented not to rant or blindly defend pitbulls, but to add some facts that were missing from this conversation.

  • Flowereyes

    I’m sorry but your story is very biased. Any pack of dogs left unattended with a child Cana be dangerous simply because of the fact that dogs take on a dog pack mentality when left unattended and leaderless by a human. Take dog parks for example. Multiple dogs in a large open area free to run. Even the most well behaved dog has a personality change once placed in this environment. It sounds to me as though this was an irresponsible family who did not show enough authority in their family pack. Who in their right mind allows this many dogs to come in and out of their house through doggy doors on the dog’s whim. A good with multiple dogs has structure meaning they have established bathroom break times, established play times, established groups of which dogs interact best with the others during play time, established crate time, and established feeding time. They also have an established totem pole as there should have been an adult in the house viewed by the dogs as their pack leader. The dogs should have also been trained that any human is placed higher on the totem pole than the dog itself. If these rules are not established in a home, then any dog of any breed can and will view an unattended toddler as prey!