• Tue, Mar 26 2013

Real Housewives’ Kordell ‘You Need To Choose Between A Baby And A Career’ Stewart Is Divorcing Porsha Williams

porsha williams divorce real housewives of atlantaI try not to watch The Real Housewives too much. I find that after a few episodes, I begin to wallow in the premature terror that I too will turn 40 and regress back into the junior high. We don’t have many representations of older women in our culture — but the ones who do have aren’t positive (i.e. the entire Real Housewives table-flipping franchaise)

But considering that I’m spending this week packing up my apartment, I thought I’d let a couple go in the background while I wrap my wine glasses. I was somewhere in the most recent season of Real Housewives of Atlanta when Porsha Williams had a tense conversation with husband Kordell Stewart. He was lecturing her on why she needed to choose between having a baby or a career à la Mad Men, while also implying that he would not assist in the childrearing — nor would they be hiring a nanny. I was thinking to myself, “Wow! She’s crying and looks really unhappy. She should totes divorce that guy.”

Turns out that guy is totes divorcing her.

TMZ reports that Kordell Stewart, a former Pittsburgh Steelers player, has filed for divorce from the woman he “let” go on a trip to Las Vegas without him.

As fans of the show will note, the couple has no children (although Kordell has a son from a previous relationship). Soon to be ex-husband and ex-wife were just a couple of months shy of their two-year anniversary.

The Atlanta couple are reportedly separated.  Divorce documents include Kordell describing the marriage as ”irretrievably broken.” He’s also not looking to give her any kind of alimony:

“[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

Details suggest that the couple did sign a prenup. Glad to know Kordell didn’t demand that she choose between that and a baby either.

(photo: zimbio.com)

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  • msenesac

    I religiously watch the show (it’s my guilty pleasure) and he liked to dictate everything that she did. She isn’t exactly a gem, but this divorce seemed like it needed to happen.

  • Jazzmine_Stylez

    Porsha, will be ok, he was a jerk anyways. What we saw on tv was probably the water downed version of what he is like in reality. Porsha is beautiful woman, she works for their family charity, she ‘ll be fine.