• Mon, Mar 25 2013

Super Classy NRA Runs Anti-Gun Control Robo-Calls In Newtown

newtownIt’s been a few months since the community of Newtown, Connecticut was ravaged by a horrible tragedy that took the lives of 20 children and six adults. Much of the national  media has moved on to fresh horrors and controversies, even though legislative battles have kept gun control and victims of gun violence in the news. But even though the 24-hour news cycle might feel like the Sandy Hook Massacre was eons ago, that doesn’t mean that the loss might be any less fresh for the town that actually had to endure this horror. So how thoughtful of the NRA to run robo-calls in Newtown asking them to denounce gun control legislation.

The events of last December in Newtown have led plenty of local citizens and victim family members to get involved in the gun control debate. Obviously, their experience with gun violence has had a profound impact on their lives. I’m not saying that we should assume these people don’t want to talk about the issue at all.

At the same time, random automated marketing about an important issue that many in these area must feel very personally invested in is just so callous. It’s almost unimaginable that someone could decide this was a good idea.

The NRA’s advertising in Newtown is believed to be two-pronged. There are robo-calls which identify themselves as “an urgent legislative alert” and encourage voters to contact their representatives about the restriction of “gun rights.” There are also mailers that describe the gun control laws as “dangerous” being sent out in Newtown by the NRA.

The gun control debate in Connecticut is heated. It is understandable that the NRA is working to fend off the legislation. That’s what they do. But the fact that they are sending out automated phone calls to a town that lost so many of its children on a single day, as if gun restrictions are just some simple issue or these people are just some army to mobilize, is sick.

If the NRA actually wanted to go out and have a conversation with the people of Newtown about what they want to see in terms of gun control legislation. If they want out and attempted to thoughtfully make their case with these people, that even though a tragedy happened, we need to be careful about infringing on Second Amendment rights, I wouldn’t agree, but I wouldn’t be offended. I would understand that the National Rifle Association was simply doing what they believe to be their job. But sending out mailers and messages to these people, to this town, it is just so insensitive.

If they are still capable of such an emotion, the NRA should be ashamed right now.

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  • Scoop007

    My cousin was murdered-he was shot in a robbery gone wrong-and a week later I received a robocall from Obama requesting donations to his gun control campaign and the promise of a free Sandy Hook bracelet if I donated. It was beyond offensive. It made me sick that money was being wasted on exploitation bracelets while the police department budget in my cousins area was cut so drastically the detective told my family chances are slim to none his killer will ever be caught because they simply don’t have the manpower to handle the crime explosion. Both sides are well versed at using tragedies as means to their desired end.

    • LindsayCross

      That’s disgusting and I’m so sorry to hear it. I’m really horrified to hear that anyone, no matter what political party they belong to, would utilize such tactics.

  • Lastango

    I hope the NRA tells the citizens of Newton and the rest of Connecticut about the police chief who has started a program to train armed volunteers and schools staffers in how to shut down a school shooter.


    Nothing says “We Care” like serious deterrence.

    • LindsayCross

      Well, I guess I would want to know about that. Because I would pull my child out of any school that invites more people to bring weapons into it. I don’t care if they get a couple weekend’s worth of training.

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