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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Has A Few Choice Words For The Tabloid That Interviewed His Estranged Father

I try not to notice teeny-bopper sensation One Direction too much. Just in general, I feel happy that my daughter isn’t old enough to care about them yet. But one of these little poptarts came onto my radar by saying a few four-letter words to the tabloid who interviewed his estranged father. Louis Tomlinson was not at all happy with the Sunday Mirror for publishing quotes from his dad, Troy Austin.

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Since we don’t want to enrage the young star, we’ll just give you a short recap of the article that made Tomlinson so mad. It’s a sadly familiar trope, so I’m sure you’ll get the gist. Dad leaves mother and child when Tomlinson was still a toddler, never to be heard from again. Dad realizes son is now famous and suddenly wants to have to be a family again.

This particular story is especially sick because Austin seems only too happy to use Tomlinson’s teenage half-sister, who the musician has met a handful of times, as extra emotional leverage. He told the tabloid that the teen girl was “gutted” after being turned away to go backstage and visit with Louis at a One Direction concert.

The fact that this story is one we’ve heard before is only a depressing commentary on some people’s commitment to parenthood: It’s cool as long as it’s profitable. And honestly, Louis Tomlinson has every right to tell off tabloids that give his father an outlet for self-promotion. I don’t think he should expect that some tabloids will care. The lowest rung of media outlets will take (or make up) any story they can. But he has every right to let his fans know that he doesn’t support the papers or websites speaking with his estranged father.

And really, who cares what this man has to say? He’s the sperm donor to a talented young man. Louis Tomlinson is successful in spite of his deadbeat father, not because of him. If Troy Austin really cared about his son, he would fade into the backround, just like he did more than a decade ago.

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  • whiteroses

    The only person in this situation that I feel sorry for (besides Louis himself) is his half-sister. But in all fairness, how many other teenage girls must have tried the same thing?

    Being a parent- an actual parent- means being there for your kids. You can’t willingly abdicate that responsibility, show up a few decades later, and bleat about how you’re a MOTHER or a FATHER. Because guess what- you’re not. And the fact that he’s only shown up now after his son is famous is a sad, sad commentary on how some people view parenthood. Your kids aren’t supposed to be there for you. You’re supposed to be there for them.