Day Three Of The Steubenville Rape Trial: Victim Says ‘I Was Drugged’

Steubenville Day three of the Steubenville gang rape trial took place yesterday and Judge Lipps provided immunity from state prosecution to Evan Westlake,  Mark Cole and Anthony Craig in exchange for eyewitness testimony of the defendants, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond  engaging in various sexual incidents with the 16-year-old victim. Mark Cole testified that he had taped the victim being penetrated by Trent Mays’ fingers in the backseat of a car driven by Evan Westlake, which was deleted by Evan the following morning. “It was one of those moments you realize you did something wrong or stupid,” Cole said, explaining why he deleted the video. Cole also testified that he witnessed Mays trying to force his penis into the victim’s mouth while she was unconscious in order to get her to perform oral sex on him.

Anthony Craig took a photograph of the naked victim, and sent it to numerous people. When Cole received the image, he sent a text to Mays:

“No, like serious Trent, you can’t be doing that,” Cole texted. “And is that your [expletive] [semen] on her stomach?”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Mays texted back. “Yeah.”

Evan Westlake witnessed the victim unconscious on the floor of the basement, naked on the floor, motionless. Craig also witnessed this, and testified ”She wasn’t moving, she wasn’t talking, she wasn’t participating.” The people who were “participating” were Mays, who was “smacking” his penis against the girl’s hip, and Richmond, who was penetrating the victim with his fingers “halfway the the knuckle.” The victim, a short time earlier, had just vomited. When asked by prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter why he didn’t stop it, Westlake said:

 ”Well, it wasn’t violent. I didn’t know exactly what rape was. I always pictured it as forcing yourself on someone.”

Because the judge granted immunity to these three boys, none of them
face any legal issues with the state of Ohio. Not for failure to stop or report a crime. Not for basically producing and distributing child pornography.

According to Laurie Conway, who has been closely reporting the case for WTRF news, new evidence surfaced where the victim stated she had medical tests which confirmed she was drugged.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 7.33.15 AM


If the Steubenville rape trial victim was drugged it would make sense considering this is what the victim has claimed all along. I have no idea if these tests have or will be submitted to the court as evidence, but I would assume they would. The trial continues to day, with the victim, Mays, and Richmond all expected to take the stand.

(photo: Twitter)

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  • valerieinmi

    from what ive read the girlfriend she was with the night of party was in on plan to drug.
    if thats the case friend could have easily spiked drink with drug.
    i am transfixed and refresh my browser every second for updates.
    god give this victim strength.

    • Eve Vawter

      Agreed, I hope she is doing OK, it must be awful to go through

  • StormCat

    I’ve thought all along that reports had Jane Doe getting drunk much faster than is normal considering few people actually saw her drink after the first party. I’ve always suspected drugging was to blame, but had no evidence to back it up.

    • Annie

      Myself, I thought it was possible that she’d been drinking before the party, or was drinking very hard liquor. This case just keeps getting worse and worse.

  • Annie

    If it comes to light that text messages about the coach sweeping everything under the carpet are true, raze the town’s athletic program to the ground. Morally, this crime and the reported others like it, are on par with the Sandusky cover up.

    I’d like to petition nearby schools to refuse to play against the precious Steubenville Red team. Does it punish innocent kids who had nothing to do with the crime? Yes, but the fucking parents and administration behind it should have thought of that before sacrificing innocents to the Almighty Small Town Football Zeitgeist.

    • Eve Vawter

      someone posted this morning that they are having a hard time finding teams willing to host them or play against them.

    • Annie

      Over-the-internets high five!

    • Eve Vawter

      Yay virtual fives!

    • K.

      “If it comes to light that text messages about the coach sweeping everything under the carpet are true, raze the town’s athletic program to the ground. Morally, this crime and the reported others like it, are on par with the Sandusky cover up.”


      Nothing gets me more riled up than hearing that adults, and teachers in particular are involved in conspiracies to hurt children. Teachers (and coaches) are people who are educated, employed, and trained to work with children and adolescents. We teachers are supposed to be custodians for your children. We are responsible for their intellectual development, and we are influential in their emotional, social, and moral development as well. We are supposed to help them grow into successful adults. It’s a profession that I love and take very seriously and it makes me so, so angry that someone else out there has betrayed that, or worse–used their unique position in the kids’ lives to hurt them.

      At my school, we are constantly reminded that every one of the students, even those that aren’t in our personal classrooms, is still our student. It’s how we address bullying, it’s how we have been able to notice students who are troubled, it’s how we create a school community.

      Coach Reno, the victim may have not been a star on your team, but she was your student too.

    • Annie

      Evil prevails when good men do nothing. That quote keeps ringing in my mind just the way it did during the Sandusky mess. People knew for YEARS, and I would be shocked if this rape apologist culture hasn’t existed in Steubenville for generations of star athletes and their victims of sex abuse.

      You have to wonder how many grownups telling the media to fuck off were little rapists during their own glory days.

  • Blueathena623

    Why were these kids given immunity?

    • Eve Vawter

      These three charming young men took the 5th

    • Blueathena623

      Ok, all I know about the law I learned from law and order:svu, but I still don’t understand why, at the very least, Anthony Craig got immunity. He sent the pictures to others, so that should allow police to get his phone as evidence, and thus no need to testify against himself. I dunno. Obviously the lawyers know the case better than I do, but it seems like they could have gotten enough evidence even without these guys testimony.

    • Gangle

      Operative word is SEEMS like. The law is one giant arse. I have to say, I am frightened these rapists will still get off.

    • AlexMMR

      I think it’s common to give immunity to the lesser offenders so they can speak freely in court to ensure that the greater offenders don’t get acquitted.

    • Victoria

      And yet, their names are known, therefore everyone is aware that technically they are guilty, just untouchable by law. This should keep them from dating or getting scholarships or whatever advantages they thought they would get for being the Big Men On Campus. So that’s something.

  • K.

    I’m sort of appreciative for the honesty, but WTF kind of statement is this:

    ”Well, it wasn’t violent. I didn’t know exactly what rape was. I always pictured it as forcing yourself on someone.”

    a) how is having sex with someone who is unconscious NOT forced? Is there any other way of performing the act?

    b) who witnesses this sort of thing and doesn’t find it violent? Or okay, fine–if not like, screaming-in-pain violent, how about finding it wrong? What is it–sexy? normal? fine?–to have sex with someone who is non-responsive?

    Something is effed up with S’ville.

    • Blueathena623

      See, I find this interesting considering the chicks on the right article, where the lady was adamant that every male is already being taught what rape is and that its wrong. Either this kid is lying, OR its as I maintain that the majority of boys are learning that rape is wrong, but the definition of rape is dragging some random lady into an alley and forcing your penis in her vagina. Obviously, OBVIOUSLY we need to stop with the victim blaming culture and start teaching boys what rape is.

    • Gangle

      This. The fact that alarm bells did not immediately go off in this guys head is worrying. What is being taught to boys about rape or even basic respect for fellow human beings?

    • K.

      Really, we should be also be teaching kids that instead of waiting for someone to say ‘no,’ why not ask the person if it’s okay and if they’re enjoying whatever you’re doing–in other words, speak up and give them opportunity to say yes (or no). Don’t just guess!

      The other thing about this case is that even if you’re not sure if having sex with someone unconscious (or putting your penis in their mouth or whatever) is rape or not (and to be clear, yes it IS, but–)…isn’t doing that just…weird, at the very least? Like, who has sex with someone when they’re unconscious? How is that not a bizarre, abnormal thing to do?

      I’ve non-professionally ‘counseled’ (supported, I guess would be the word?) victims via a peer support group and have friends who were victims of rape and the majority of the women I know in these capacities were raped by acquaintances as teenagers or young college students, when they were unconscious, quietly weeping, or throwing up due to drinking and/or drugs DURING THE RAPE (very very few reported fighting or putting up some sort of aggressive resistance, and I’ve only met one woman who was raped by a complete stranger in the course of a home invasion).

      When you hear those sorts of stories over and over again, you think to yourself, ‘what kind of person wants to have sex with a woman WHILE she’s vomiting/sobbing/non-responsive?’ It cemented in my mind the fact that so many people want to believe in ‘mixed signals’ when really, the signals aren’t that mixed. They’re usually pretty clear. So it frightens me that they’re somehow NOT clear in Steubenville–either the youth culture in Steubenville is extremely malformed, or my perspective is way off.

  • Kaela Taylor

    How the hell could you not know what rape is? Way to fail at educating your youth Stuebenville. I’m from ohio and I sure as hell knew what rape was at their age.. WHERE THE FUCK were the parents in all of this?!

    • Blueathena623

      I’m not sure it’s totally up to the parents. When there are congressmen and elected officials who are making the distinction between forcible rape and, uh, all the non forcible rapes out there, I’m not surprised people aren’t getting the message.

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