STFU Parents: How Not To Act With Your Child In Public, As Told By Parents On Facebook

A few days ago, TechCrunch posted an article about Apple’s infamous “pee balls.” Referencing the black balls that are used as seats at the kids table in Apple stores, the article quotes a former Apple employee who wrote, “Apparently when kids are really into a game they will often choose to just pee in their seat without stopping what they’re doing. The result? Squishy black ball seats. I had never really believed that kids would do this until I walked by while they were retiring one of the balls one night.” Then there’s a picture of a ball without its cover, saturated in stains.

When I posted the article on the STFU, Parents Facebook page, one commenter wrote, “Seriously, is anybody shocked that kids pee their pants (i mean besides the guy who is the “inside source” for the article?) Newsflash: I would guess about 85% of the places you sit down in public have been peed on. Sorry to upset you.” After reading her comment, I thought, “Well, that’s a typical point of view for 2013.”

For years now I’ve been posting submissions about how parents (and their children) misbehave in public places like restaurants, retail stores, bars, airplanes, and other fine establishments where people of all ages congregate to spend their hard-earned dollars. There’s already a slightly palpable tension between parents and non-parents at most of the venues listed, but what drives me insane are parents who are flagrantly rude.

I’m one of those people who really doesn’t care if a crying baby gets on my plane or sits behind me at a restaurant (unless the restaurant is so upscale that I wore a nice dress). I can drown out noises that happen because of human nature. What I can’t drown out, however, and what I refuse to tolerate are parents who allow their children to throw food, tantrums, or run all over the place without supervision. You know who I’m talking about. The parents who think the world is their changing table, and throw dirty diapers at drivers they don’t like. The parents who act like the rest of civilization is the problem, certainly not them. Man, do some of those people need a pee ball upside their head.

Maybe it’s because I used to wait tables, or maybe it’s just because I don’t like self-centered assfaces, but something about the submissions that I receive on this subject really get me enraged. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I scroll through the submitter’s email, which almost always includes a rant about how typical the behavior is for his or her friend. It takes a specific type of person to change a baby’s dirty diaper on a table where food gets consumed, let me just say that.

So with these thoughts in mind, I present to you five examples of how not to act with your child in public (especially if you’re going to post pictures and/or discuss it later on Facebook):

1. Restaurant Table Turned Changing Table

STFU Parents

We’ve all heard stories about babies getting changed on restaurant tables*, and some of us have even been unlucky eye witnesses. Parents today will change their babies wherever and whenever the hell they want. This means that “dining in” at your local fast food eatery or perhaps your favorite family-friendly chain restaurant is probably a massively stupid idea.

*Not that table tops are the only surface at risk. They’re just the most unsettling option.

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  • Blueathena623

    Good god people, if you have to change a diaper and there is no changing table, two easy options:
    1. Go to your car, if you have one
    2. Get a mat and bottle of purell in your diaper bag so you can change on the restroom floor.
    Dude, people eat off of tables. I’m sure they would throw a fit if their child happened to eat off a diaper table.
    And as for peeing in the post office, at least be freaking apologetic and offer to clean up. Common courtesy people, common courtesy.

    • Kathryn Eaton


    • Cee

      I know! It’s as if these mothers became rude and unsanitary toddlers themselves after they had children. If they would see a Taco Bell employee not wash their hands before going to the assembly line, they’d throw a fit, but their kids poop particles all over the table is a-okay?
      And yea, why did she have to guilt the person who cleaned it?Way to teach your kid to treat others doing their job with respect. I wonder how she’s going to treat her teachers when she starts school.

    • Kelly S

      i’d bet they were already toddlers before having kids. >_<

    • LiteBrite

      I always brought a blanket or towel with me when the boy was in diapers. That way, if a changing table wasn’t around, I could just lay him on the bathroom floor and take care of business.

    • VisionAri

      Sadly, courtesy stopped being common a long time ago.

    • Jaclyn

      Yessss. I admit there are moms who are far more germaphobic than me, but we have changed our daughter on the bathroom floor (on a mat) MANY TIMES. I wash her hands etc after changing her on a change table anyway because those things don’t seem especially clean to me anyway so what’s the difference?

    • JGM1764

      Smart and considerate you are, good for you! :)

    • Jen

      Oh my God. Vomit. I cannot even fathom getting down on my hands and knees on a filthy public restroom floor much less putting my baby on one! There is not enough purell in the world! And frankly changing my son in my car where the only option would be on the seat with me standing with the door open in below freezing temperatures? Not an option.

    • Kaela Taylor

      that’s why you do it in the front seat.. you sit in the drivers, the child in the passengers.. then you close the door. I’ve done this.. my husband has done this… it’s possible.

    • Leigha7

      RIght, because it’s just SO much more sanitary to change a diaper on the table (where people eat) than it is for you to touch the floor and then use hand sanitizer.

    • Famke Stewart

      So, everyone else can get E Coli? That is exactly what you’re saying. “Screw everyone else, my baby is the center of the universe.”
      This is one of the reasons I try to avoid restaurants frequented by bad parents.

    • Kaela Taylor

      That’s what I do.. I have a pad in my diaper bag to lay her on.. I also carry a spare blanket to lay on top of the pad for the floor and I change her that way or I would just take her to the car and do it. That’s just sheer laziness.

  • Michelle

    Confession: when I was 6 I had an accident at a burger king going down the slide. I was so into playing that I kept putting off going to the bathroom. Wanna know what my mom did? She made me go tell a worker then made me help clean it up. She sure as heck didn’t think it was cute or funny, she was probably mortified. Lesson learned and I’m happy to say that I made it to 24 without another incident.

    • chickadee

      Please tell me that you are 24 right now……

    • Michelle

      haha yes!!

    • STFUParents

      I get a lot of submissions about that! A lot of parents will notice their child had an accident and try to leave the scene without cleaning it up (and they they take pictures and brag about it on Facebook, so weird).

    • STFUParents

      Oh and I mean specifically on slides at parks and fast food restaurants.

    • chickadee

      Didn’t you also have a post about some kid weeing and dashing in a grocery store once? Or maybe that was barf.

    • STFUParents
    • chickadee

      Yeshhhhh. It was the second one….I must go now, and bathe in Purell.

    • AP

      I can kind of get the parent notifying a staff member before cleaning it up, because different places have different sanitation policies. I had a kid get a bad nosebleed on the pool deck, and the mom wiped it up with a towel. She meant well, but we had to disinfect all areas that touched blood with 1:10 bleach solution, and her wiping up the blood meant we had to clean a larger area.

    • Justme

      But don’t you appreciate the effort? At least the mother didn’t try to run away like she didn’t bear any responsibility for the mess.

    • AP

      Oh I did completely appreciate the effort! Even when someone’s effort created huge problems for us, I tried to be polite in telling them to move along, because helpful and responsible people are in short supply and should be rewarded. This is double in paid kids’ programs- you want to keep those parents happy and coming back, because they and their good kids bring their friends with good kids, and it improves the whole tone of the program.

    • chickadee

      Wait, what? I’m just being grossed out by a diarrhea puddle that a mom may or may not have cleaned up or notified anyone of apart from her fb friends.

      I can say, though, that had my child befouled a public space with liquid feces, I would have gotten out 40 baby wipes and cleaned it up, gotten those cart-cleaning wipes at the front for the cart itself, followed by a trip to the bathroom to flush my child down the toilet.

      Or vomit while changing its clothes in a stall. Whichever.

    • Kelly S


    • Gangle

      The thing I find the most weird is that I have a dog. If she poops in any public place, it is by LAW my responsibility to clean up the mess – rightfully so! And if I try to cut and run, it is socially reprehensible, and I would be inviting scorn from all and sundry. But for some reason this doesn’t apply to parents and their children. Kids can puke, shit and piss where-ever, and it is perfectly ok for the parents to either cut and run or expect someone else to clean up. Now I have cleaned poopy daipers as well as pick up dog shit. Both people and dog shit are equally disgusting in their own unique way. I propose a law that if a kid poops on something, by LAW the parent or guardian has to clean it up.

    • Rebecca

      I was at play place where a little girl peed her pants on the slide.her parents actually let her go back in to slide”one last time”. Hey thanks assholes, now everyone else’s kids have to stop playing.they didn’t even tell anyone when they nasty.

    • STFUParents

      Eww. :( So wrong.

    • Makabit

      This is the thing. Sometimes kids pee on the floor. It happens. But if your kid is the kid who pees on the floor, go find someone who works there, apologize, and see if they’ll let you clean it up. Most places they’re not going to be jerks about it, and if they are, you just keep apologizing nicely, and get through it.

    • Justme

      Okay good. My first thought was – make the kid get on some gloves and help clean it up, but then after yesterday’s debacle over at the Anonymom diaper changing article….I was afraid everyone on this site had turned into “don’t make my kid have any sort of responsibility” mombies.

    • Barfaroni

      This past weekend I was shopping for groceries. There was a display of avocados and tomatoes. A group of 4 adults (I imagine they ran into each other) and 2 small girls were standing by the display. As I walked up to look at the avocados, I saw the little girls stomping on tomatoes deliberately. My husband and I were appalled. The adults were paying no attention. As the adults broke up, the father (I’m assuming) of the young girls noticed what they were doing. They walked off. My husband grabbed a produce bag and picked up the tomato carcasses and went to throw them away. While he was throwing them away, the man and little girls came back with some paper towels and made them wipe up the rest of the tomatoes from the floor. I heard him say, “Did you stomp on anymore?” And they took him to another area where he proceeded to make them clean it up. He didn’t loudly embarrass them in public. But he made them finish what they started. He didn’t look pleased the entire time, so I like to think they were grounded for it. I’m glad that there are still parents out there who will make there children take responsibility for their actions all while not publicly shaming them. Sorry for the long comment, but your story reminded me of it.

  • Hibbie

    Why would you teach your child to blame the guy whose job it is to clean up accidents for the post office not having a bathroom? It’s not his fault. There seems to be a trend in submissions like this where people working service jobs are treated like shit. They are doing an honest day’s work and that deserves respect.

    As an antidote to all this parental assholery, here’s an anecdote about gold start parenting in public. I was at the grocery store and passed a man with his son perusing the Easter candy. The dad was teaching his son how to determine which sale would result in the most amount of candy for the least amount of money. He was asking his son to relate a recent math lesson to this real-life situation. That kid had to work for his candy! It was great and I told the dad so.

    • Mariam Watt

      Agreed. The way she thought it was adorable that her daughter treated the employee like a servant was particularly disturbing.

    • Starsx7

      that’s ok she might have to do that for her job one day…well one of her jobs… mom might too..

    • AP

      Potty training is teaching a kid to acknowledge their need to urinate and then hold it until they can get to a toilet. Not just to acknowledge they need to pee and let it rip wherever they feel like it- that’s what diapers are for!

    • Brikkz

      Thats exactly right. My son has had to hold it in for a good half hour to find a restroom. This child is clearly not potty trained and I am guessing the mom is trying to get a pat on the back for having a “well versed” child or something? “God I love her”
      Good then teach her to act like a human being and not an untrained puppy. What is wrong with these people??

      Although I have a feeling the child never actually said that. I imagine the mother dreamed the scenario up and the only real part was that her child pissed in public on the floors.

      Also as a side note its kind of gross that Apple stores even need pee balls. I wont be bringing any of my kids to Apple stores any time soon. If other parents are okay with their kids pissing themselves in pure laziness to the point of needing special seating….I don’t want my kids asses touching other kids’ urine. Sorry thats gross. People need to learn to potty train their kids or keep them in diapers til they are mature enough to hit the pause button and urinate in a toilet.

    • Jen

      The “pee balls” aren’t intended to be urinated on, they’re just the children’s seating at the Apple store.

    • alice

      seriously. instead of “God, I love her!” that post should’ve ended with “God, I feel so bad for that poor man!”

      Or if we’re doing interwebz speak: “God, I’m such a terrible parent, and am raising a little entitled brat. And I’m horrible at potty training.”

    • Frenesi

      I just don’t understand that post! When my dog peed on the floor at Petco I insisted on cleaning it up myself. Why would you LET the post office employee clean up your child’s urine? That’s disgustingly rude!

    • Jen

      I used to work at a bookstore. We had a play area for the kids, with that weird rubber matting. Kids would pee on the floor ALL THE TIME. I cleaned it up once. After that I’d hand everything to mom or dad and watch them clean it up. Not my kid, I’m not cleaning it up.

    • RCIAG

      I don’t get that either. It makes me think these people have never worked retail or service in their lives & they should.

      Every parent that pulls this crap should be sentenced to work 3 months in retail.

  • CMJ

    Oh sure, it’s SOOOO cute that you let your kid put his hands in my hair.

  • Cee

    Ugh. I went to Disney California Adventure over the weekend and this boy kept doing a potty dance while in line for the Cars ride. His parents just let him piss there. They took off his diaper (WHY?!) and he pissed right there and then! Then they rushed and put his pee soaked clothes in the diaper bag (EW!) with the rest of what I would imagine is clean stuff (double EW!). The cherry on top of this whole story is that they tried to clean the puddle that streamed toward a few people, namely the unsuspecting couple in front of them with ONE wipe. WTF? Now I would have understood if there was one parent cuz that line is dreadfully long, but there were two of them and one child! They still had a ways to go so they could have just gone to the bathroom. I feel so sorry for whoever had to share a car with them cuz they pretty much had Pee all over their hands, not to mention a stinky bag.

    I mean what is the world supposed to do? Have a person follow you around with a porta-potty wherever you go or else you’ll threaten to spill human waste around because you couldn’t take your child somewhere or put on a goddamn pull up for the trip? Changing kids in eating areas is completely unsanitary. You might as well ask the person serving your food to not wash their hands after they go to the restroom.

    • ladycrim

      Oh, FFS. Yes, I know the line for Radiator Springs Racers is insanely long, but if any place has ample bathroom facilities, it’s Disneyland! Get out of line, do Rider Switch and have one parent take him, and generally stop treating the world as a urinal!

      How was a kid tall enough for that ride (a 40″ minimum) still in diapers anyway???

    • Justme

      Special needs?

    • ladycrim

      Fair enough, but in a way that makes what the parents did even worse.

    • Justme

      Oh absolutely. The situation described sounds like poor planning on the part of the parents for sure.

    • Sundaydrive00

      We took my nephew to Islands of Adventure a few years ago. Every line was at least 60 minutes long (Who knew March was their busy season). Without fail, he would have to use the restroom after waiting 20 minutes. Didn’t matter if we took him to the bathroom right before getting in line, he always needed to go shortly after getting in line. What did we do? One person would take him, while the other continued to wait in line. If only one person was with him, we’d get out of line. Never did it cross our minds to have him just pee right there in the line. Gross!

  • chickadee

    This allllllllllll sounds like parents who can’t, won’t, or don’t understand that they are supposed to set standards for behavior in public places. oh ha ha ha, it’s all funny NOW, but just wait until those specyal snoflyks get called out for their entitled behavior at school. Then you get the aggressive ‘that teacher better back off or I’ll punch her in the throat’ fb post. And then the children grow up to be parents like these if they aren’t exposed to a better example…

  • Leah

    I feel like these are tame in comparison to some of the others you’ve had up, so I’m not leaving feeling enraged. I am mildly disgusted though. People act as if they have no choices in some of the dumbest matters. Use your head, “it’s that lump 3 feet above your ass!”

  • Ashley

    Since I was the one who left the original comment on the Facebook post, I think I deserve the right to defend myself. What I meant (and what I said in another response on the same article,) was that I was surprised that the person in the article was shocked that children wet their pants. I do NOT think it is okay for parents to allow their children to pee on things and then ignore it. You are responsible for your children’s actions and that includes cleaning up after them when they make a mess no matter how the mess was created. I do NOT think it is okay for people to change their children’s diapers on tables. I expect good behavior from my very young child and I discipline him when he does not behave, but I think it is worth mentioning that I was also trying to provide a counterpoint to the people on that thread who suggested that beating your child was a good way to deal with peeing on a seat (I am not referring to spanking, I don’t have an issue with spanking – more than person referred to “beating” their child.)

    I am a fan of your column and read it and agree with it most of the time, I am frustrated that you seem to have pinned me as one of the worst of the worst. Unfair and unfounded.

    • STFUParents

      I’m not pinning you as anything, and I’m sorry that you read it that way. I thought your comment was timely and accurate, which is what I said in the column. I wasn’t being facetious and I never said you were “the worst of the worst” of anything. I think everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and I draw my own opinions on certain subjects by reading what other people think. That’s why I post links on the Facebook page, to spark discussion. And your comment struck me as almost saying, “This is what we as a society should come to expect.” I disagree with that point of view, but I also think it’s probably an accurate statement.

    • STFUParents

      Also, I don’t know what you’re referencing when you say you were responding to comments about beating a child as punishment. Your comment was the 4th comment on the thread and I don’t allow comments about beating children on my page. If you’re referring to the comments on the TechCrunch page (?), then maybe you should have mentioned that? I don’t know what you’re referencing, sorry.

    • STFUParents

      Ohhh, now I see you left another comment further down. Yeah, I’m sorry, it gets confusing when people are responding to comments on another site but within the thread of my Facebook page. I didn’t read the comments on TechCrunch.

    • Ashley

      But that’s my point, I was not saying “this is what society should come to expect.” I was saying it is a fact that children pee their pants. My son is not yet potty-trained and we are working on it. When we go out in public he wears something absorbent so it is not an issue, but once he is potty-trained, eventually he will have to start wearing underwear. I hope we never have an accident in public, but I am a realist. If he does, I will clean it up and notify someone in charge if it is required (see: absorbent pee balls.) I don’t think I am out of line and I don’t think anything I am saying is evidence of a societal downturn.

    • STFUParents

      Right, but the reason the article was published on TechCrunch is because the former Apple employee said it’s a regular problem. It showed a pattern of behavior, and that’s what my column is all about. Tracking trends and patterns, like when I get several submissions about parents changing their kids on restaurant tables. I also stand by what I said in my comment, that there’s a difference between assuming a plastic seat has been peed on (and can be wiped down and disinfected) and assuming an absorbent ball has been peed on (and just gets wet and stained).

    • Ashley

      I think we will have to agree to disagree. i meant it one way and you understood it another. Such is commenting on the internet.

    • alice

      hmmm, im gonna side with Ashley slightly here. As a “fan” of your FB Page, she might leave a comment under that FB platform, but not necessarily expect your to re-publicize her full name on another platform (here – linked directly to her full name on FB.) I know, I know, the interwebz, including FB, are “public” so abooohoohooo to anyone who doesn’t want their shit shared. But still.

      You know what I’m sayin’

    • STFUParents

      I did not link to her name on the page. I linked to the source of the quote — the link I posted on the FB page, not to her name. I actually don’t think you can do that.

    • alice

      It’s a weird situation. Yeah, you didn’t link to her name, but by saying “one commenter wrote XYZ” you’re indirectly linking to her name. It’s not unethical or crazy. I’m just saying that there is probably a reasonable expectation from your FB Fans that you won’t be including their full identities in other pieces.

    • STFUParents

      But I didn’t include her full name. I didn’t write her name at all. And the thing I don’t get about the internet is, if you’re writing under your full name and you stand by your opinion, isn’t all that matters that the quote isn’t taken out of context? I didn’t try to embarrass Ashley or ridicule her. I was struck by what she said. I’ve posted several other columns based off discussions had on the Facebook page, so this isn’t out of character or anything. I’m truly not trying to mock her opinion or anyone else’s. I mock people who laugh about their kid peeing on the floor at the post office, not people who have opinions (whether I do or don’t disagree with them). I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone.

    • alice

      eh, idk. i don’t think this is a hugely egregious thing. just a little more layered than “hey i didn’t really include her full name”

      but your last comment does beg the distinction: you DID actually take the quote out of context. Ashely clarified her position (context) a few comments down. you missed her clarification (not a big deal) but when you republish and you’re talking about “not taking things out of context” then that’s obviously significant. Ashley’s clarification on FB:

      “I was referring to the article where the source was clearly shocked that children peed their pants. “Apparently when kids are really into a game they will often choose to just pee in their seat without stopping what they’re doing.” I think absorbent balls covered with pee are disgusting too, but I am hardly surprised by the fact they exist.

    • STFUParents

      That’s not what I meant by out of context. I meant if I used her quote to apply to an article about something else entirely, which would be wrong. Ultimately her comment *is* in reference to the fact that it shouldn’t be surprising that kids pee on the balls, and I think that’s a sign of the times more than it is “something kids do.”

    • Mariam Watt

      But you are accusing her of something she didn’t actually do. She quoted the remarks, not the name of the person at all. If Ashley hadn’t commented here, I would never even have known her FIRST name.

    • alice

      meh, this is drawing out too much. but i feel the need to clarify something you said: in this article she quoted the remark, accompanied by a link to the FB page which shows the remark, verbatim, next to the user’s full name. a huge deal? no. but maybe not what FB fans expect when they comment on Fan Pages.

  • Mariam Watt

    I get a kid having an accident and apologizing- it’s part of toilet training. But this mom is acting like it’s the POST OFFICE’s fault! Why is this woman proud of teaching her daughter that it is OK to piss on the floor if the establishment she’s in doesn’t have a toilet? Odd are there was a toilet not far away, but rather than teach her daughter how to find one, what she’s saying is- go ahead, piss on the floor. You know what else doesn’t have a toilet: the school bus, the car, her classroom…kid’s going to be a public menace.

    • alice

      one of her friend’s flat out SAID it. “it’s their fault for not having a potty!”


    • Jezzer

      That just blows my mind. LOTS of places don’t have public restrooms, but most places will relent in the case of an emergency and let you use an employee bathroom. I’m guessing her kid’s going to go to school and shit in the floor the first time the teacher won’t let her get up in the middle of a test to go to the bathroom.

    • Eileen

      Also: “Potty”? Are her friends all toddlers, too? Among adults, can we call it a freakin’ toilet – or do they actually expect the post office not only to have a restroom, but to have a child’s potty alongside the regular adult toilet?

    • socalledauthor

      Don’t give anyone any ideas! Soon will come the protests that regular toilets are discriminating against the precious snowflakes.

    • AP

      My elementary school had potty-sized toilets in the bathroom across from the Kindergarten classrooms, and there was one in the main lobby bathroom.

      Us upper grade kids were moth-to-a-flame to those things- using the mini-toilet was the source of a solid day’s amusement for the class.

    • Ronnie

      The thing that gets me is the kid said “Now I feel better.” Mom is teaching this kid to do whatever makes her feel better, no matter how gross or how much it affects other people. Nice message. Enjoy her as a teenager!

    • AP

      She’s going to be one of the girls in this news story:

      Tufts University had a formal at the Westin Hotel, students got so drunk a guy and a girl peed in the lobby. A commenter saw a Tufts undergrad hike up her skirt and pee in the subway station nearest the hotel.

    • Dramatic Anti-Climax

      The car… maybe that’s what the mom needs to wake her up. “But Mommy, I had to go, and there wasn’t a toilet here, or else you would have helped me. But I feel better now!”

  • stephen

    so its the post offices fault you were ill prepared and entered with a toddler who needed the toilet?
    Last time I checked the post office is there to handle your postal needs, not your toilet needs. So fed up of todays culture of refusing to accept responsibility for your actions.

  • Monique Boulanger

    My daughter has autism. During places where I know there will be a long wait, I let her bring either her kindle, or her DS. WITH HEADPHONES. No one needs to hear her stuff…and it keeps her from melting down into a loud puddle of goo from overstimulation or boredom. Works for everyone.

    • Dramatic Anti-Climax

      Congratulations. Seriously, you are awesome. I wish all mothers were like you.

  • AP

    I lifeguarded for ten years, working at various youth swim programs. I got the following:

    - A mom stripping her 9-year-old naked in public (in front of about 30 adults) “because there might be teenagers in the locker room.”

    -Countless parents changing baby’s diaper on the pool deck “because the locker room is too far/the baby might get cold in the 1 minute it takes to go to the locker room/I don’t like the locker room.”

    -Countless parents helping their crawling to toddling kids “learn by exploring her environment” by dangling the kid over the pool, helping the kid lean headfirst into the pool, escorting the kid into the chemical room to play with a barrel of shock chemicals/razor blades/the fuse box.

    -A dad throwing a temper tantrum that it was “TOTAL BS!” that his preschooler couldn’t swim during a thunderstorm.

    -A mom getting hysterical because she showed up an hour early and we didn’t “provide any stimulating entertainment” for her child while he waited.

    -A dad who brought three kids under 18 months, refused life jackets for the kids, and was mad when we kicked him out after the 9 month old fell in and fully submerged, because “he PAID to bring the kids swimming.”

    When you think you’re the center of the universe, no one else’s opinion matters. Even, apparently, when your kid is drowning and playing with hazardous chemicals.

    • Monique Boulanger

      How bout fishing a floater or two out of the pool because someone thought a swim diap on her prechuz snewfleike would crush her spirit. ;)

    • Sara

      I soo feel your pain. I did the same gig for years. The best was when a mom came up yelling at us for not performing babysitting duties for her kid, after she dropped him off alone. She was screaming at our manager, who was an ex navy seal. Best thing ever was watching him tell her where to go.

    • Kelly S

      nice, endangering your own children. wtf. these people should not have kids.

    • Breenah

      I do believe I will never ever work at a pool. I commend you.

    • Leigha7

      The thing with the 9 year old sounds at least borderline illegal. A freaking 9 year old (unless they have some sort of disability) is perfectly capable of changing by themselves, and should be allowed to do so without the parent seeing, let alone a roomful of other people. That is plenty old enough for them to not want other people to see their body.

      Several of the others are just flat out dangerous. I don’t envy lifeguards.

  • ladycrim

    I used to work in a small toy store in a mall. I’ll never forget the time a little girl peed on our carpet, and her mother grabbed her hand and ran out of the store without a word to us. Luckily, we saw it happen and were ab;e to clean it before it soaked in. At least she didn’t blame us for not having a bathroom!

    • AP

      I had a camper wet himself on the pool deck, and his camp counselor didn’t say anything- he just took the kid out, and let the other 20 kids go trekking through it barefoot.

      When I complained to him, he said that it would somehow damage/neglect/abuse the kid to notify a lifeguard.

  • Monique Boulanger

    BTW: When my kids got so distracted they “Forgot” to use the bathroom, I removed said distraction until they learned to listen to their bodies properly. No beating was involved. Just “oh too distracted by this to go pee in the toilet? Well This goes away for a bit until you learn to listen” Pretty matter of fact without shame without bullying. 1: never changed my kids on a place where food would be prepped or consumed. That’s gross. 2: kids don’t sit down and shut up at the restaurant, Check please and doggy bag it, I’ll nuke it when we get home…kids get PB & J instead. 3: Kid peeing in the post offices dont have bathrooms…you make your kid pee before you leave…and use pullups as a backup in case kid can’t hold it if they’re that young. SIMPLE FIX.

    This reminds me of a row on one of my local FB groups. The pool was closed because people let their kids poop in the pool, so the pool put in a rule that ALL kids under the age of 5, had to be in swim diapers. (I think I sent that whole thread to B) The OUTRAGE was just hillarious. Like “It’ll make her feel like a baby!” “It’ll crush her spirit!” Ok, do do something to keep your kid from crapping in the pool then.

    • chickadee

      You said ‘do do.’ Freudian slip?

      Excellent points, by the way.

    • AP

      It sounds a bit paranoid, because kids poop in the pool way less than you’d think. Given the number of people who swim in a big pool or a crowded children’s program, it’s pretty rare. And in pools with a large population of elderly or disabled persons, it’s often not the children who do the pooping. Huggies makes Little Swimmers, but Depends doesn’t make Big Swimmers.

      The big problem with kids and swimming is vomit, because they swallow water, choke on water, or bounce around too much and throw up.

    • Monique Boulanger

      This pool has specific times for moms and children to come in. Pretty much all the poop found in said pool is after these times wrap up. It’s a military pool for military families, but ALSO it’s used for training exercises for the military personnel, mostly air crew “Wet Ditch” training (How to safely evac from an aircraft that has crashed in the ocean) Every time one of those women let their precious snowflakes crap in the pool, It has the really great chance to hamper military operations for this base. Search and Rescue tech needs to get his wet ditch certification done by a certain date, or it expires and he can’t fly, he can’t fly, people die, nuff said. The pool closes for roughly 3 days after a shit bomb gets let off. That’s how long it takes them to drain it, sanitize it and fill it up/chemical it up again.

    • AP

      That’s a very unusual length of time to have to close after a.fecal accident, though. I’ve never worked anywhere where a full drain was required. One place had to close for 24 hours, the other was 30 minutes after the feces was removed. Chlorine kills fecal bacteria at 2.0 ppm, that’s why it’s in the pool in the first place. We all have trace amounts on our bodies.

    • Leigha7

      “he can’t fly, people die”

      I’m an Army brat, so don’t think I’m being anti-military here, but…our military is in no way so small that any one person makes any significant difference. If one person doesn’t get their certification and can’t fly, someone else will fly for them. Seriously, there are 1.5 million people in the military just on active duty, and nearly a million more in the reserves and Coast Guard. They’re fine with or without that guy.

      If it were REALLY so likely that people would die if the pool had to be closed down for any length of time, they would either 1. not close it down for so long or 2. not let non-personnel use it. Saving lives easily takes precedence over letting families swim.

    • Monique Boulanger

      You see I live in Canada. His trade is dagRED meaning there is a shortage of people to do his job. Search and rescue is one of his jobs. Well the search bit..the rescue bit is for the SARtechs. Also dagRED here. Recruiting is at a low because of budget cuts. We are going back to the 90′s with how tight things are getting. So yeah. There really are NOT many others who can do my husbands job on this coast. 12hr post flight mandetory crew rest. Possible alcohol or cold medication usage, (no fly 12hrs) see?

    • LiteBrite

      My MIL’s condo has a pool for the residents, and her condo board has a rule that any child not potty-trained can’t be in the pool at all. Of course, there is always that visiting family who thinks the rule doesn’t apply to them and gets horribly indignant when it’s pointed out. It’s the one thing my MIL and I DO agree about, actually.

    • jen

      this should be EVERY pool

    • Leigha7

      I can sort of understand their reasoning, but I know that I personally would have been tremendously upset and humiliated when I was four if I’d had to be put in diapers just to go swimming. I probably would have refused to go. (Then again, there is NO way my family would have bought them specifically for that when they weren’t even remotely needed, so we would never have gone there again anyway.) Mandating diapers up to age 5 seems a bit excessive, since most kids are potty-trained by age three. I know there are exceptions, but it’s not like those end at 5. The number of kids who had accidents at school didn’t drop significantly until about 4th or 5th grade.

      Also, I’ve heard that putting kids in diapers as they’re just about done being potty-trained is a bad idea and can be counterproductive, but I have no idea if that’s actually true.

  • mimi33

    WTF lindsay??? when my daughter was 3, she had an accident at the hair salon and I CLEANED IT UP!! it never even occurred to me not to. i just can’t with people like that, really.

  • highfive

    Ughhh, as someone with long hair, I do NOT appreciate your child’s desire to put his/her hands through it. I’m cool with it if you apologize and grab their sticky fingers, but I am not cool with you letting it happen and when I notice, giggling and going “oh, she just loves your pretty long hair!” like I should be flattered that your special snowflake likes my hair.

    • Tinyfaeri

      Yikes, people let their kids play with your hair? I mean, babies love hair and all, but you can’t just let your kid touch other people without their consent. Totally not cool, and I’m sorry you ever had to deal with that.

    • highfive

      Unfortunately this has happened to me several times, since I’ve had pretty long hair most of my life. Standing in lines where a mom is holding a baby, sitting on public transportation with a kid behind me, etc. The worst was when I was on a plane and we were all standing in the aisle waiting for the door to be opened. The mom’s excuse that time “She’s just really tired of being on the plane!” So, give her a toy to play with, not a stranger’s hair!

    • Monique Boulanger

      Ok, remind me to NOT sit with my back to a kid in a restaurant then. I have waist length hair….or anywhere…Of course I think my kids would kick the other kid’s ass for touching their mommy’s hair, or at least yell at the kid to leave me alone.

    • Hannah

      I’ve seen adults touch strangers’ hair on the Metro. Totally disgusting. People are assholes.

    • Harriet Meadow

      I have long, blonde, extremely curly hair. I cannot even tell you how many times *adults* have touched it. Kids are less of a problem, honestly. The best is the people who touch my hair and then, when I look at them like they’re totally batshit crazy, say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Can I touch your hair?” Oh, so you *do* know what’s appropriate and what’s not. Good to know…

    • Kati

      I was at a church when I was 14 and a guy around the same age actually pulled a strand of hair off my head. Yanked it out by the root. And then after examining it tried to put it back on my head. Just the weirdest and rudest thing ever.

    • canaduck


    • Jen

      In the particular incident mentioned I sort of got the idea that the baby reached out and grabbed the hair before the parents could stop him/her and that they likely apologized to the woman afterward. I got the feeling the parent was embarrassed by the incident and that the commentor was just commiserating. I certainly didn’t come away from that thinking the parent thought it was ok or in any way encouraged it.

    • Tinyfaeri

      I was responding to highfive about her experience, so different situation… though regarding the post B selected above… If you’re embarrassed by something, you don’t post it on Facebook so all of your friends, relatives, coworkers and various levels of school classmates can see it. You apologize at the time, try to teach your child not to do it again, and don’t make a big, public deal out of it. If you do, it really seems a lot more like “ha ha ha, look at what my cute kid did, oh aren’t kids funny, that woman has carrot in her hair, lololololol!!1!!1!11!!” than “oh I’m so embarrassed.”

    • Kate

      I also have quite long hair, mine is naturally very tight ringlets and this has happened to me a couple of times too.

      I get it, babies touch things, but take their hand out of my hair, don’t think it’s cute. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, I don’t need your baby in my hair.

      Even worse, as far as I am concerned is when it’s an older child, 4 or 5 as an example, who see’s it and starts playing with it, braiding it, trying to make it straight (by pulling on it) and the mother thinks it’s cute, or, gets narky at me for telling their precious little shnowflayke to not touch my hair. Heaven forbid I decide what happens to the hair on my head, apparently if shnowflayke likes it, it’s shnowflayke’s property.

    • Miki

      Good goddess I can’t imagine. I didn’t like my kids fiddling with my own long hair, so I certainly never would let them touch yours- or others. And they never tried. None of the four of them. It’s all in the training.

    • jen

      One time, these kids (probably 7 – 9 ) on a bus kept talking about my friend’s hair (soft and very light blonde). They kept saying it looked like a baby doll. I kept watching them and then one of them took their hands out of the dorito bag and went to try and touch her hair. I spoke up and said “only if you want all your fingers broken”. And she pulled her hand back.

      I know it was extreme but I thought “where the hell do these kids get their manners”. Now I see it wasn’t only these brats on the bus. It’s happening all over.

      (again, not proud of threatening a nine year old. I was 18 at the time)

    • sumokitty

      I gasped aloud when I read that one. I cannot stand having crap in my hair, so a strange child’s sticky hands would horrify me. To be fair, though, I’ve had more trouble with drunk dudes surprise-touching my hair than small children. Which probably says more about the kinds of places I hang out than anything else…

    • highfive

      I’ve had my fair share of drunk dudes touching my hair too. There’s something about long blonde hair that really brings out the creeps.

    • Rawrseal

      Tossing in my agreement with this, too. Also have long hair. Nothing like finding out the kid had some sticky, syrup-y concoction all over his fingers after he’s already shoved his little paws into your hair.

      And then sometimes their sticky fingers will get stuck and they’ll just yank some of your hair out with their hands when they screech and burble and pull away. Then mom tosses the blame on you and says you’re clearly not using the right product if the kid can pull your hair out so easy, do you use conditioner? You should. Maybe try one that strengthens, her hair never comes off when her kid pulls on it.

    • highfive

      Oh my gosh! I’ve never had someone comment on my use of the wrong hair products while their kid was ripping my hair out. That is appalling.

    • Kati

      I have long hair and I don’t even like it when the kids I babysit mess with it. I’m just imagining what my mother would have done if I tried something like that as a kid, and I think it would be something like grabbing my hand, apologizing to the lady, and then explaining to me why we DO NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. And not telling the lady, just letting her find the carrot bits later? Even worse.

    • Rachel Sea

      I LOATHE that behavior. While standing in line at the grocery store, I once caught a woman trying to convince her 5 year old daughter that it would be okay to “pet” my hair, which comes to my knees. I spun around and told the woman that it would NOT be okay, and she looked at me like I was a monster. I’m a freakin’ person, not an exhibit or an animal in a petting zoo. If your kid wants to touch my hair, make them ask me, I might say yes, but I have the right to say no.

  • Sara

    The post office can’t even afford to keep itself running, you really think they can afford to remodel every post office in the country so your kid can always have somewhere to pee? WTH people?

  • PrairieCoast

    I have NOT and would NEVER change my baby on a restaurant table, but hear me out: When they are tiny and don’t really move and there is no poop and you use a pad or blanket under them, there is really no possibility of anything actually getting on the table. I’m not saying it’s okay, I’m just asking, in the scenario I described, is it really THAT gross? People sneeze on the tables, cough on the tables, wipe their nose and touch the tables, potentially come back from the bathroom with unwashed hands and touch the tables…in the grand scheme of things, does a tiny baby butt that is not in direct contact with the table really make a significant contribution to the restaurant-table grossness factor?

    • Tinyfaeri

      Yes, it is really that gross. If people eat on it, a diaper should never touch it.

    • highfive

      In my opinion it’s not so much about what *gets* on the table, but about the fact that you’re exposing people who are eating to a poop or pee soaked diaper and your kid’s butt. If you’re in a restaurant, there are likely at least a few other people there trying to eat in peace without any poop nearby.

    • CMJ

      I don’t think it’s the but that would bother me…it’s the poop and pee that I don’t want to look at while I am eating.

    • TheSquirrel

      Well think about it. There you are, about to enjoy a delicious chicken sandwich, when the very pungent smell of feces wafts over from the next booth. (Yeah, I know every mom thinks her kid’s shit don’t stink, but it does.)

      So gross.

    • lea

      “People sneeze on the tables, cough on the tables, wipe their nose and touch the tables, potentially come back from the bathroom with unwashed hands and touch the tables…”

      The whole well-other-people-behave-badly argument is rubbish. For this and any other circumstance. You do the right thing because it is the right thing, regardless of what every other asshole is doing.

    • PrairieCoast

      I totally agree with you. Not suggesting it is okay to do, just saying I don’t think it is necessarily the grossest of the gross.

    • nzlady

      WWould you want to see/smell pee or poo while enjoying a meal out? And then what are you going to do with the used diaper?

    • Jen

      Yes it is disgusting and gross. If you don’t want someone to change their diaper on YOUR kitchen table, why would you think it’s ok for you to change your kid’s diaper on someplace they are eating. It doesn’t matter how large or tiny the baby is, it’s still gross and disgusting and disrespectful to others.

  • BeckyBoo

    1-4 are absolutely disgusting. Who the fuck acts like that? That is not normal behavior.

  • Em

    I have two small children and one on the way and I’ve never even CONSIDERED changing my child’s diaper on a table! Go to your car and change them in the back seat! As far as the girl peeing her pants in the post office, I would be humiliated and would insist cleaning it up myself. You make kids in potty training pee before you leave the house and teach them to control their bladder until they can get to a restroom…That’s kind of the point of potty training. Don’t these women have any dignity? FFS!

  • Miki

    OMG- I’d die. I’d be violent. I don’t like anyone touching my hair except my stylist and my husband. With sticky fingers- I’d probably be brought up on assault charges. Stupid woman. (parent of 4 kids who managed to keep MY long blond hair clean and food-free. It’s called civilizing the little buggers!)

  • Sara Abbott

    I don’t know if it’s because I have the unfortunate job of being a janitor, but number 3 especially pissed me off. The smugness…Oh man.

  • kirsten

    I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the tabletop changing stories. I have a plastic rollup changing pad for outings; I put that down under the kid, so nothing gets on or near the underlying surface.

    Of course, I use that on the restroom changing table, unless there isn’t one. If there’s no changing table, then… well I’d use the restroom floor before a tabletop. Unless I’ve got the stroller and the bathroom is too tiny to fit us both… but then I could still use the car. Unless I’m in the city and I didn’t drive… although my kid can always wait for me to find another place with a bigger bathroom or get home. Unless the diaper just can’t wait because…um…
    (Hmm, that’s a lot of ‘unless’!)

    I’m curious… do we assume the women in these stories even have a portable pad or it’s just skin-on-table??

    • jen

      Would you feel comfortable with someone changing a kid on your dining room table? for every one that brings a changing pad, there’s probably 5 sanctimommies that don’t. and for everyone that wipes up, there are again probably 5 that don’t

      People should treat restaurant tables like they treat their tables at home.

  • LiteBrite

    The Facebook statuses are bad enough, but the fact that others are actually LIKING them is almost worse.

  • Harriet Meadow

    I recently learned what BTDT meant after joining a babycenter community board (which, honestly, I’m starting to be less and less thrilled by). It took me forever to figure it out, but it’s not even the least confusing of the stupid acronyms that these communities have come up with. It’s already annoying – I mean, you really are just making it *harder* to communicate with people at some point, but what’s worse is that the one time I dared to ask what one of the acronyms was, I got bitched at for wasting everyone’s time instead of looking it up on Google. “Why don’t you just Google it?” Um, how about “Why don’t you just spell out the damn words you’re trying to communicate and not make ME waste my time when YOU are the one trying to get a point across?” Rant over.

    • Sara
    • Tammy Gaudreault

      I’m with you on that one. I’m semi signed up with one for fertility issues and oh my god.. I keep on finding out new acronyms every ime I sign on. What happened to just normal words? It feels more like we’re texting then actual talking.

    • StephKay

      But however else will we save precious seconds talking about who is TTC and saw EWCM and decided to BD with DH and are now on the TWW before the BFP? Jeez, it’s just so clear and efficient!

    • Tammy Gaudreault

      LOL that’s the basic of it! So confusing.

    • Fai

      I googled all those acronyms, and came up with: “Trying to conceive and saw Electronic Warfare Content Management and decided to Big Deal with Dear Husband and are now on The Wind Waker before the Bureau of Fire Protection.”

      Yeah, those acronyms really do make communication easy!

    • Arose

      From reading STFUP over the last few years, I learned that “BD” actually means “BABY DANCE”. And for that, I am heartily sorry.

    • StephKay

      Ready to be traumatized? My example means “who is trying to conceive and saw egg white cervical mucous (sign of ovulation) and decided to baby dance (super gross cutesy way to avoid saying the word “sex” like a damn grown-up) with darling husband and are now on the two week wait (between ovulation and testing window) before the big fat positive (positive pregnancy test)”. My theory is that these forums require the acronyms to avoid members throwing up all over the keyboard while attempting to type this stuff out. I WAY prefer your googled version.

    • Leigha7

      “Baby dance” is by far the absolute least sexy term for sex that I have ever heard in my life. That’s when you KNOW they’re only in it for procreation and couldn’t care less about the, y’know, intimacy and whatnot. Because who could possibly enjoy sex if it doesn’t result in a baby, right?

    • smishsmash

      Oh god yes. I joined babycenter too after I had my baby and I swear, everytime I saw someone refer to their “DH” or “LO” I wanted to punch myself in the face. I love my husband as much as the next happily married lady, but no way am I going to start refering to him as the “DH” all over the interwebs.

  • Ashley

    So if I drop my pants and plant my naked ass on a restaurant table, it’s NBD, right?

  • akinermom

    Okay, it’s been a little while since my kids were babies, and I had to carry a diaper bag around, but I seem to recall having a changing pad in my diaper bag that I could (and did) use everywhere. If you wouldn’t change your child on your kitchen (or dining room) table, why on Earth would you use a public table? I will say, a relative changed my daughter on a rest area picnic table outside, but there was a blanket on the table, and she was on the pad. The rest of these are insane.

  • Tammy Gaudreault

    Green Lindsey: Proving my fear right of the next generation growing up with these self entitled asshole of mothers teaching their kids to be self entitled assholes. Am I the only one who would’ve stood up to the mother for letting the kid disrespect a stranger like that?

  • aliceblue

    I so sympathize with those frustrated mothers. Last week my boyfriend & I were out at this really romantic restaurant. I mean what kind of place has low lighting, oysters, and a fireplace but doesn’t have a place for couples to “get it on.” I wanted to use the dining table, but was afraid that the silverware would go into places of no return so we used the counter in the ladies room. Boy, from they fuss that one lady who walked in on us made you’d think that she didn’t realize that couples have sex — DUUUUH.

    And don’t tell me to take it out to the car. It was 22 degrees outside that day, with a stiff breeze A icy gust up one’s hoo-ha is an unquestionable mood killer. Ya gotta do what U gotta due.

    • It’s called sarcasm

      Yeah sex is just like having a shitty diaper. If you don’t take care of it RIGHT THEN your ass will hurt for days.

  • AlBal

    I once saw a couple change their baby in a tattoo parlor. IN A FREAKING TATTOO PARLOR. With a Burger King just FEET away, and their truck parked directly outside. The owner was tattooing me and didn’t notice until the baby’s ass was hanging out, and then he freaked out on them. I was briefly scared to let him jab his needle in my leg again.

  • Courtney Lynn

    Gross! Carrots in hair? My son is 9 months, he is not allowed to just touch anything, let alone random people! And as a Starbucks worker and a mom, it really pisses me off when other moms behave like that. A lot of parents really do treat us like shit, too. they usually shut up once I tell them I have a child! And when my son threw up I Starbucks during a visit when I was off work and enjoying some coffee time, I cleaned it!

  • CCPat

    Kate, I like you. Last year I went to a parents’ meeting for summer camp for my sons. A guy sat down next to me and planted his 4yo daughter between myself and him. He then proceeded to turn his smart phone to some kid video and handed his daughter the phone. It was so loud I could barely hear what was going on but since my boys had gone to the same camp the year before, I knew the drill. You’ve inspired me to say something next time. I’m a little older than most of the parents and sick of accomodating their brats.

  • Hannaugh

    She won’t think it’s cute when her daughter is 22 and gets a call that she’s been arrested for taking a drunken shit on the floor of a bar (possibly on reality television)… at least I hope not. Who knows, maybe she’ll keep her kid’s runny mascara mugshot on the fridge.

  • Lindsay

    Too many grown adults have the same problem referenced on #5 when it comes to public transportation. If you lack manners without kids, you’ll probably be one of the parents referenced above when you have kids.

  • JGM1764

    I used to work at a women’s clothing store, so of course many kids came in with their moms. I remember one obnoxious brat (about 8 years old-WAY old enough to know better) running around, yelling her head off, knocking over displays and her b**** mom just looked at me with a little smirk that made me want to knock her teeth out. If I had been a manager I would have kicked her out. Another little girl about 5 or 6 years once accidentally knocked a stack of sweaters off a display table. She and her mother both apologized profusely, the little girl actually started to cry when it happened! I kept saying, “it’s ok, it’s ok, we can fix it, don’t cry!” And it really was ok because it was an accident and she was sorry. Whether or not mom has a horrible entitled attitude made ALL the difference in the world.

    • AP

      That’s the thing I never understood. There’s one type of parent, who acts completely mortified and apologizes profusely when their 18 month old finds a stray ball and throws it, and there’s the other type of parent, who argues with you when you tell them their 18 month old cannot play with cleaning fluid.

  • Guest

    Ugh, so this weekend I stopped at a fast food restaurant while traveling through northern Pennsylvania and a women changed her toddler right on the booth next to us, placed the diaper on the table and went to leave without even thinking about wiping anything down. When I suggested she find somewhere else to change the kid she got pissed and said that when I had kids I would understand that you can’t just change a kid on a bathroom floor. I explained to her that people don’t eat on the bathroom floor she relented, wiped off the table, huffed off and muttered something about the restaurant needing changing tables. Clearly this problem is everywhere.

  • anon

    I am the oldest of seven. Growing up, it was common for one of my parents to have to leave in the middle of a restaurant meal to change “the baby” (whoever was still in diapers at the time) in the car. Why people think it’s okay to do this at the table is a complete mystery to me.

  • Rachel Sea

    I wish it were socially acceptable to smack people with a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette sometimes. I’ve seen people leave their kid’s dirty diapers on the table when they leave a restaurant, many, many times. Excrement should never be anywhere near where people eat. I bartend at family-friendly festivals occasionally, and people are forever sitting their little snowflakes’ butts on the bar, which means we are constantly having to bleach after them. You might think your kid’s rear is clean, but I’ve had to clean up enough damp butt prints from leaky diapers to kind-of hate everyone who sits their kid where food goes. Just as bad are the people who stand their toddler on the bar or table. Hello? Do you know where your kid’s shoes have been?

  • Kaela Taylor

    I can’t believe the parents.. the one about the carrots drives me nuts. She’s teaching her child that it’s ok to just run up and touch people without permission. It’s like parents who don’t teach their kids how to act around pets. My biggest pet peeve is walking my dogs and us getting bummed rushed by a TON of little kids.. literally RUNNING up to us not asking if they can pet our dogs. SO naturally our dogs react out of fear which includes trying to run away and growling. The parents finally notice and they don’t even bother asking if they can touch the dogs.. they encourage their kids to run up and pet them!

    My daughter is 4 months old and already knows the correct way to pet a dog. She runs her hand across their fur.. she doesn’t smack or pull…so I know it’s possible.

    • thisshortenough

      What I find almost as bad is parents who don’t try and discourage their child’s fear of a dog. Now I realise that children have a right to be afraid. My dog is a big black mutt and I find kids to be nervous around her sometimes and I accept this. I have a cousin who’s a toddler who’s nervous of her. But you know what I do? I encourage her to see the dog as gentle. I’ve seen kids literally run and scream away from my dog when she was on the lead and no where near them and the parents looked at me like I was at fault. I’m not stepping off the path just so that your child is going to feel more comfortable. You can pick your kid up and comfort them, I can’t pick up a 25 kilo dog.

  • Guin

    I’m fine with kids doing things kids do as long as mom and/or dad are making an effort to teach them better. However, I was at Target the other day and this kid was SCREAMING as his mother nonchalantly shopped. It was relentless. I looked her right in her eye and said, “You could at least make an effort.” And then I left the area. I guess I shamed her enough to try and shut him up and that’s all I ask. Geez!

  • jes

    why cant these disgusting parents just change their baby on the stroller? or go out to their car??? or not go there at all? i do not want to eat next to a table wafting of poop/pee. these people are nasty

  • Alicia McCullough

    That’s just nasty! At least have the decency not to allow your children to use public places as toilets!!! Also teach them that The world doesn’t revolve around them! The mom with the carrot kid should have at least apologized to the woman in person!!! What happened to manners and respect! SMDH

  • Jessy Southard Strohmeyer

    A couple years ago I changed my son’s (wet, not poopy) diaper on a McDonald’s booth seat because there was no changing table in either the men’s or women’s restroom. I was like, come on! You’re a restaurant aimed at kids/families! I did put down a changing mat beforehand and used hand sanitizer on the seat afterward even though nothing got on the seat. Would never do that with a poopy diaper though.

    A few months ago I was at a Garden Ridge while my son was in the process of potty training. He told me he needed to pee, so I took him to the restroom. I sat him down on the toilet to go, but as little boys sometimes do, he failed to “aim the fire hose downward.” The result was pee on him, me, and the floor. I tried to clean up as best I could, but Garden Ridge is one of those “who needs any form of paper besides the toilet paper that disintegrates the instant it touches liquid?” places. I knew trying to use that crumbling tp to clean up would just make a much larger mess. I found an employee and let them know that there was a mess in the restroom that I would have been very willing to clean up, but their establishment lacked the supplies for me to do so.