6 Totally Random (And Slightly Creepy!) Breastfeeding Knickknacks

breastfeeding suppliesI love breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding supplies like those cute bras you can now buy in leopard print. I love breastfeeding supplies like a comfy chair in which to nurse in and delicious beverages and snacks  placed next to the chair. I love the health benefits it provides to both mom and baby. I love the fact you don’t need any special equipment or to spend money in order to breastfeed. I love that breasts are always available when baby is hungry, whether you are out shopping or on an airplane. I loved breastfeeding for me because I am as lazy as all hell and I had zero interest in stumbling around my house in the middle of the night and preparing bottles of formula. My kids were all pretty decent nursers, except for my daughter who had a terrifying latch-on and who I had mastitis with, but we got over those things and she breastfed like a champ. Yay breastfeeding!

And even though I’m totally one million percent pro-breastfeeding, and yes, even extended breastfeeding (I really don’t care if you are nursing your five-year-old, it is so NOT my business) I find some of the “culture” associated with breastfeeding flat out creepy. I love you, I love your boobs, I love how you are feeding your baby but I have no interest in your creepy pro-breastfeeding items that you sell on the Internet. I love your breastfeeding sit-ins, I love moms breastfeeding in public no matter who gives them the evil eye, but please keep your weird herbalist breastfeeding tea away from me. And your pro-breastfeeding outsider art. And your creepy breastfeeding dolls that have no face. Here are some of the creepier items I have found associated with the natural art of breastfeeding, because even though I love me some lactation, I feel no need to buy these things.


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  • Natasha

    OH MAH GAWD ‘the milk tits’ seriously?!?! Wtf?! Is that a pube springing out of the nipple?! That was OBVIOUSLY done by some guy with mommy issues.
    Confession: my baby has a boobie beanie. But ONLY because the hubby saw one online, was cracking up, and talked my friend who knits (crochets? I dunno) into making matching ones (in MY ‘colors’) for him and the baby. He wore it to work and 8 of his co-workers ordered them, so my friend made some sweet cash. And my baby can wear a nipple on her head.

  • asdf

    The tea is great actually. You can’t take shots of tequila if you are breastfeeding and you are kinda stressed when you have a little baby… so anything calming that also helps increase your milk supply is pretty great.

  • hdonovan

    Ah yes, I do so hate those “feelings of overwhem.” However can a cookie that contains Nutella be a bad thing?

  • Diana

    That might be the least creepy doll featured on this site to date. I find dolls with faces infinitely creepier with their dead eyes and frozen smiles.