Child Welfare Taking A Peek Into The Home Of 9-Year-Old Rapper Who Slaps Lady Bums

lilpoopyFourth grader Luie Rivera Jr. is 9-year-old rapper who goes by the stage name Lil Poopy. After appearing in his music video in which he peacocks around in fancy cars and dancing women, child welfare officials in the state of Massachusetts would like to have a peek into how the boy is being raised. Just to make sure the kid isn’t being cared for like a rapper.

Associated Press reports that police in Brockton, Massachusettes have asked child welfare to investigate ”possible child abuse or neglect” for young Luie. No criminal charges have been filed against the child’s father, Luie Rivera, who has three other children. Nor has he been arrested.

Police simply are concerned that something may be up in the home given that Lil Poopy has appeared in a catalogue of suggestive videos, including this one for his song “Pop That Remix” in which he slaps some lady bum:

The little boy’s content reportedly also glorifies drug use.

Cops were tipped off to Lil Poopy after the family’s local newspaper, The Enterprise, did an article on him. And no wonder with details like this:

Lil Poopy has hit the stage with P. Diddy, hung out in nightclubs and been featured in music videos in which he sings about Louis Vuitton swag, driving a Lamborghini and making someone else’s girlfriend his groupie.

The boy is called a “Cocaine Cowboy,” and he performs with a group called Coke Boys. He earns about $7,500 a performance, his father said recently.

Sounds like a Drew Barrymore Redux. Naturally, Lil Poopy’s dad told the publication that the kid “is not doing anything wrong” in the videos. Because slapping lady asses? Why, everyone does that!

Rivera said his son and the people filmed in the video were wearing clothes. He also likened the buttocks slapping to how adults praise children who are participating in a baseball game, he said, for example.

“When you hit a home run, when you go to the bleachers, they tap you on the butt,” Rivera said.

The father also maintains that his son is acting in the content. As if that doesn’t raise eyebrows.

(photo: youtube)

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  • tntkeo

    Since when is it a good idea to call in CPS because a kid’s parents have poor taste?

    • meg

      He’s hanging out in nightclubs and talking about cocaine use. We shouldn’t call CPS for every little thing, but what’s the harm in having someone sit down and talk with the parents about that?

    • Jennifer Ives O’Meara

      There is a difference between poor taste & shitty parenting. Have you seen any of these videos? I barely made it thru one, and wanted to reach out slap his parents. This kid might be ruined for life with this ridiculous “career”.

    • Kate

      9 year olds shouldn’t know what cocaine is, let alone be capable of articulately rapping about it. Poor taste is letting him dress like a rapper, shitty parenting is allowing him to have any information into drug use and letting him hang out at night clubs where he is probably until closing time. Totally inappropriate for a 9 year old.

  • Grason

    what are his grades like?

    • meg

      I imagine CPS will look into that. They’re there to ask questions and evaluate, not to have a nighttime raid with helicopters and Seal Team 6 to snatch him from his parent’s arms. This is what most people don’t realize about CPS: taking the kids is (generally) not their first option.