This Isn’t Very Happy: Disneyland’s White Rabbit Assaults Teenager

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 12.56.11 PMA few weeks ago, Disneyland’s White Rabbit character was accused of racism when he seemingly snubbed black children but had no problem hugging and kissing white kids. I don’t know if these characters are played by the same people week after week – and Disneyland Anaheim refuses to confirm if it’s the same employee – but the White Rabbit is in trouble again. This time for “assault.” I’m hoping it’s not the same employee because I can sort of see why this rabbit freaked out.

The father of two teenage girls taped a video of the girls pulling on the White Rabbit’s tail repeatedly. The father is heard giggling in the background. The White Rabbit then loses it, follows the girl, grabs her, and allegedly says, “Don’t start your shit with me.” In no way do I think this is acceptable behavior for a Disneyland employee. I mean, if you are going to work at Disneyland, extreme patience and tolerance should be pre-requisites. But after watching the video I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a family of a-holes.

This can’t be the first time the White Rabbit has had his fluffy little tail pulled. I guess it’s a little different coming from cute little kids than from teenagers who are clearly laughing at you. This job has got to be pretty awful. Clearly, the rabbit snapped.

The weirdest part of the video comes when the rabbit pursues the teenager, puts his hands on her, and the father does nothing but watch and laugh. The family claims they said nothing at the time of the incident “for fear they would be kicked out.” Why would they be kicked out? Unless they were making a game of following all the characters around Disneyland, making fun of them, and seeing who would snap first.

This is just bad parenting. These aren’t little girls – they’re teenagers. That father should be teaching them that even people in fuzzy white costumes deserve respect. I think it’s pretty vile that he just sits back, giggling.

That said, whoever is behind that mask should be fired. He clearly doesn’t have the patience for the job. It’s definitely not okay to put your hands on underage visitors of the park, even if they essentially “started it.”

(photo: YouTube)

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  • Victoria

    Hmm. Those teens were pushing, shoving, grabbing at the costume, shoving the character around while the parents stood by filming. It sounds like the person speaking is closer to the camera, not coming from the mascot. Now they are looking for a payout. My sympathy is for the employee…though I think he should have called security the moment the abusive behavior started, and not tried to deal with it by holding the teen away from him.

  • Katja Yount

    They were teenagers that should have known better and their father shouldn’t encourage that kind of public behavior. WR should have just called security on the spot rather than giving them warning.

  • Cee

    I hope Disney doesn’t give them a cent. Who does that when they go to Disneyland?! Granted, maybe a stupid teenager probably thinks it, but which one has their parents backing for that crap, particularly when the price of tickets is so high? “Oh yea, teenage daughter, I paid like $500 for this trip but lets see what happens when you harass a character.”
    I mean, how about if some teenage snot came and did that to them while they were minding their own business? Its harassment. Just because the character is wearing a comical suit it doesn’t make it less serious.

    • Cee

      Also, what kind of dad shoots video of his daughter getting “assaulted” instead of going to go save her? Stand up family all around

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Yeah, I’m on the White Rabbit’s side here. He lost it, but really, if you were in a blazing hot outfit all day and two grown-ass teenagers decided to make you a bit more miserable, wouldn’t you go a little crazy, too? Those girls need to be put in their place.

  • K.


    I plan on teaching my kids that it’s never okay to be physically aggressive towards another person or animal–or person-as-animal, as the case may be. If I ever saw my kids behaving that way, especially as teens, I’d be mortified and freaked out that I’d raised psychopaths.

    These parents are laughing. They’re probably the same assholes who yell at flight attendants and don’t tip waitresses and threaten meter-maids, and surprise! have also sired budding assholes. Apples don’t fall too far from the tree.

  • KatDuck

    Having known some cast members who were “friends of a character” (that is, the ones playing the character), it’s seriously scary when people decide to get physical. The costumes are well-designed but the visibility is still limited and the weight of the head throws you seriously off-balance. It’s far too easy for a “harmless” prank to seriously injure the cast member. The character couldn’t call security (unless things have changed, the CMs I knew didn’t have any way to contact them when on stage) but their handler should have been right there dealing with it and making the call for them. Without their handler those characters are defenseless beyond what self-defense they can muster while in costume.

    I hope the family gets banned for life and the cast member gets a nice bonus for having to deal with that.

    Also, for non-face characters the people within do rotate. You get a list of who you portray based on your height, are trained for those characters, and put on the costume you’re told to when you arrive.

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