The Latest Sexual Predator ‘Lured’ Into Arrest By Police Is A Professional Tennis Player In Florida

online predatorIt’s a plot line made famous by the controversial television series To Catch A Predator. A grown man chats with who he believes to be a young tween or teenage girl online. They flirt. They maybe share some explicit pictures. Then when the unsuspecting guy goes to meet up with his paramour, he’s welcomed by a SWAT team and a pair of handcuffs. And there’s nothing kinky about it.

Such arrests have been called “entrapment.” They’ve been accused of punishing people for crimes they never actually committed. They’ve inspired backlashes and lawsuits and long investigative pieces in the New Yorker. But I have to admit, I’m still a little happy and a little relieved every time I hear that such a sting has led to the arrest of a potential predator.

The latest threat to the safety of our young women to be locked up is Pierre-Ludovic Duclos, a Canadian professional tennis player living in Florida. The 27-year-old believed he was chatting with a 13-year-old girl online. He sent her explicit photographs. He agreed to pick her up, take her back to his place, and engage in sexual acts. He has reportedly made a full confession of crimes and his intentions.

Is there a chance that this man wouldn’t have gone through with anything inappropriate? Of course. He could have decided last minute not to commit statutory rape. Does that make me feel guilty about the idea of him spending time in jail? Absolutely not.

I have a young daughter. I want every man who even considers for a second the act of having sex with a middle-schooler to be behind bars, where he can’t hurt my child. I think agreeing to meet an underage girl with the stated intention of having sex is the same as plotting a murder or planting a bomb. Even if the thing doesn’t blow up, we should be able to arrest you. You are threat to society.

This young man’s professional athlete status will make his case more high profile. We might talk a little bit more about this specific man and what exactly he was planning. But when it comes down to it, I want every man plotting to meet underage girls for inappropriate acts to be thrown behind bars. And I won’t feel a bit of guilt about it.

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  • msenesac

    I agree with everything written except for “I want every man who even considers for a second the act of having sex with a middle-schooler to be behind bars..” The high school cross country team runs through my neighborhood and, when it’s warm, sans shirt. I’ve briefly thought about having sex with one of those guys (or at least drooled a little) but I don’t think I should be behind bars for it.

    • Fabel

      Yeah, I find that statement a bit thought-crime-y as well.

  • Byron

    “I want every man who even considers for a second the act of having sex with a middle-schooler to be behind bars”

    Then you want every heterosexual man to be behind bars.

    Attraction has no age tag and evolutionary forces push man to feel like wanting to have sex with what their sexual orientation is if it possesses secondary sexual characteristics. Every single man wants to have sex with every single developed female. If that female happens to be an early bloomer and still in middle-school, she too will be looked upon with sexual thoughts, it is nature and any guy who says otherwise is homosexual or lying.

    Now, going through with the sexual purpose is indeed socially repugnant and if someone goes through the process of setting up a meeting and whatnot, I agree, catch him and put him in jail. That’s much more than thinking of someone as sexually attractive though and if you combine the two you are being ignorant and you are equating predatory behavior and exposing yourself to a minor and all sorts of stuff law-abiding people would never do with natural selection and attractiveness and one’s own sexuality functioning as it should and as it was intended to be through nature.

    Heterosexual men are attracted to females past puberty and if your middle-school girl went through puberty when she was younger (as some do) and is now in middle school past-puberty, normal heterosexual men will find her sexually attractive. Your demonizing of normal heterosexual urges is not helpful and it’s not unlike how people demonize homosexual urges.

    You should demonize acts, not mere instinctual responses to the look of someone’s posterior or breasts. These responses are usually made ignorant of the girl’s age and based solely on her appearance. Most guys eventually do think “hmm…I think she’s a bit too young actually…” after having such thoughts but if your criteria for throwing people in jail is them merely having these thoughts then you’re just plainly bigoted towards heterosexual males.

  • Momof2

    This was not just a sting. There was a real 13 yr old girl involved who told her mom when she received picture texts of genitalia from this man and mom got police involved.

  • Imalia

    In the UK, the act of talking to minors in an explicit way, and the sharing of explicit photography (of yourself or others) are crimes in and of themselves. It doesn’t matter if he was going to change his mind at the last minute and not actually sexually assault or rape her, he’s already broken at least two laws.