Overprotective Dads-To-Be Like Prince William Are The Absolute Cutest

prince williamWhile some would have you believe that Kate Middleton felt relaxed and rested after her babymoon to Mustique, new make-believe nonsense tabloid reports say that the Duchess of Cambridge is anything but stress-free. She’s been driven to supreme annoyance by Prince William‘s incessant worrying and coddling. I hope Kate isn’t looking for any sympathy though, because over-protective dads-to-be are the absolute cutest!

Random people who have never met a member of the royal family Tabloid sources claim that Wills is completely paranoid about his young wife’s health and safety. Even more, they say that his OCD ways wrecked the couple’s vacation. So much for the “tanned and healthy-looking” line that the palace was trying to sell. ShowbizSpy says,

“Kate was ecstatic about relaxing before the birth of their first child, but William became paranoid that she might contract some weird disease from bacteria in the local foods. So he brought along an extra security staffer, whose sole duty was to oversee and supervise kitchen staff — making sure all fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, etc., were properly scrubbed.

“The Prince even flew in crates of their favorite bottled water from England — the resort’s bottled water was deemed not good enough.

“His paranoia was driving Kate quite mad, but she went along with his demands — until the day he forbade her to join her family for a fun night out at a local bistro. He told her he was fearful because he wouldn’t be able to inspect the way her food was being prepared!

“While Kate truly appreciates William’s concern, his overprotective ways definitely put a bit of a damper on the vacation.”

You see overprotective, I see a doting husband (and the kind of cuteness that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside). I’ve been accused of being jealous of Kate Middleton before, and I have to say that it’s finally true. I am sincerely jealous of a woman who gets to have an involved and loving husband by her side during her pregnancy. I cannot explain how sad and depressing it was to feel like I was going through my pregnancy alone when I was a single mother.

But let’s not get bogged down in reality and real people’s sadness. Let’s stick to imaginary minor squabbles between a couple none of us know IRL.

I can see how the overprotective “Where’s my royal food-taster?” shtick might annoy Kate when she’s just trying to relax on vacation. I’m sure that the most exclusive island in the world serving the most famous pregnant lady in the world was very careful to take good care of the Duchess. I mean, who would want their husband forbidding them from eating at a restaurant without his watchful eye coordinating the meal?

Still…. I can’t be mad at you Prince William. That type of concern and love for your wife is just too endearing. Or it would be, if any of this was more than pretend scenarios reported as gossip.

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  • chickadee

    I see it as a control issue, and it’s a bit overbearing, at least as it’s described. For me, this attitude carries overtones of ‘you can’t possibly know how to protect yourself and the royal fetus so I will take over.’ Good thing my husband wasn’t like that — I’ll take hands-off over that kind of hands-on any day.

  • Michelle

    Meh I’m the medical expert in my marriage, my husband is an engineer. If he makes a comment about anything I’m attempting to do I just smile and say I’m glad you care then do it any way. I always research and brainstorm with the peds I work with if I am unsure of safety. There’s a difference between expressing concern and forcing your wife to do things a certain way. This seems a little forceful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RetiredSceneQueen Emmali Lucia

    Wow, That just sounds like a control-freak.

    Colour me biased, as my best-friends boyfriend forbade me from seeing her after her baby was born (Even though he had literally nothing to do with her during the pregnancy), but if I was Kate I’d tell him to bugger-off for a moment or two. Let her relax. If she gets some weird disease (Incredibly unlikely) then they can see pretty much any doctor in the world.

  • Eileen

    As Rory (I think? maybe it was Lane) said once on Gilmore Girls, “There’s cute jealous, and then there’s Othello.” It’s cute for a man to be protective of his wife while she’s pregnant – I imagine he feels a little bit helpless since his biological part is over, and so he wants to do as much as he can to support her continuing biological part – but it’s a little extreme not to want her to go out to dinner with her family unless the health inspector’s repeatedly failed the restaurant.

  • CrazyFor Kate

    I’m sorry, but that creeps me out. If I was pregnant and the dad behaved like that, I’d go live somewhere else until he agreed to let me have some autonomy. But I doubt it’s true anyway – tabloids, tabloids, when will you go away?

  • Fabel

    Yeah, no. I don’t think this is cute at all. It’s obsessive & controlling, if true (especially the whole not-letting-her-go-to-a-bistro thing because “he wouldn’t be able to inspect the way her food was being prepared.”)

  • Harriet Meadow

    My husband is very sweet and voices his concern about things (particularly when I want to work out but I probably shouldn’t because I’ve been feeling headachey/having weird muscle pains), but he never pushes too hard and he always honors my decisions about what I’m eating and drinking. And he would never forbid me from going somewhere. So what I’m saying is, if this story is true, then I agree with the commenters that William is being a little controlling here, although I agree with the writer that his heart is probably in the right place.

  • Justme

    Ugh. No. The only time my husband became “protective” of me when I was pregnant was when I fell playing volleyball with my kids at school and rolled my ankle and was in a boot…..at seven months pregnant. He did say “no more games with the kids” after that, which I felt was fairly reasonable.