The ‘Secret’ To Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner’s Adorable Marriage Is Mad Men

jennifer garner ben affleckI’m sure the Affleck-Garner family has their strife just like everyone else. Heck, even when Jennifer Garner was wholesomely pregnant with baby Samuel, she expressed regret at marrying young (the first time around). But according to a “source” close to the couple, what makes this nuclear family so sparkly and and Wonder Bread-worthy is that the pair have a Mad Men-style arrangement happening. And apparently it’s working for them.

People magazine reports that both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are comfortable in their ”quite traditional roles” given that Jennifer has scaled back her career to take the brood to ballet, karate, etc. A reported “Affleck pal” maintains that the old-fashioned husband and wife make it work by employing a Don and Betty Draper way of assigning out duties:

 ”Have you ever seen Mad Men? That’s how he approaches [marriage and kids] – providing for your family is your priority, and raising the kids day-to-day is the wife’s priority…”His wife and family are the best things that ever happened to him,” says an Affleck pal. “They have always come first and always will.”

In my mind, this also includes Jennifer Garner hosting tupperware parties and twirling about her fainting couch in dresses much like this:

madmen1 Hopefully Ben doesn’t come home and slap down his metaphoric briefcase to sights like this:


Who are we kidding. Jennifer Garner would never smoke!


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  • Mary

    Don & Betty ended up divorced so that’s not a good comparison.

  • K.

    It bothers me when media reports like this imply that a happy, healthy family must be the result of “traditional gender roles,” as if good marriages and bright kids aren’t possible for people with alternative family set-ups, or that somehow Garner’s “sacrifice” is fundamental to their marriage working. Last I checked, Garner still continues to work–she’s apparently filming right now. Whether she’s ‘cutting back’ or not, I don’t know (because I don’t know what she’d consider a “regular” workload or what kind of shooting schedule she’s able to negotiate in her contract–home before 6? No weekends? No more than 3 sequential days on location?), but given that she made 3 films between 2011-12 and is in production right now, I could just as easily argue that maybe Garner maintaining her career is a big part of why she’s so happy in her marriage and also contributes to her being a great mom.

    Granted, if your finances look like the Affleck-Garner treasury, I’m sure that helps.

    • Koa Beck

      Personally, I find the nostalgia generated from shows like Mad Men very disconcerting as it pertains to women’s roles in families, etc.

    • K.

      Yeah, to Mary’s comment…do people who say these kinds of things actually watch the shows?? Betty is on the front lawn in her nightgown shooting pigeons with a shotgun and suddenly, that’s somehow a great template for being a SAHM?

      On the other hand, she looked GREAT doing it. : /

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Don Draper was never home, cheated on his wife constantly, and prioritized work over everything. Betty sat in her own misery and mostly paid attention to herself while both neglected (and, on Betty’s part, sometimes outright abused) the kids. Most of the other couples on the show divorced or are unhappy. That’s…a really poor comparison.

  • Rob

    I am happy for anyone who can make their marriage work,and love and raise their children. As a Jennifer fan, I just hope we won’t be reading in 10 years that he has moved on to a 20 something and she has missed that narrow opportunity to have her own career.

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