It’s Too Late For Everyone To Concern-Troll Beyonce About How Much Weight She Gained During Pregnancy!

Beyonce weightBeyonce seems to have this baby sharing timeline right. While it may seem a little backwards in celebrity mommy land to have a baby and then get giddy with your fans about it over a year, the usually private Grammy winner is sharing lots of intimate details with the debut of “Life Is But A Dream.” Other details from her miscarriage to her marriage to how much weight she gained while pregnant with Blue Ivy also continue to surface. And Beyonce proves to be rather savvy in waiting to reveal that number on the scale until now.

Daily Mail reports that Beyonce “made the shock revelation to Oprah,” that she gained nearly 60 pounds while pregnant — which strays from the standard recommended 25-35 pounds. While the only people who need to be making a fuss about women and their pregnancy weight are their own personal doctors, we all know that doesn’t stop lips from smacking about how “fat” Kim Kardashian is and constant busybodying over bodysnarking favorite Jessica Simpson.

The Daily Mail stumbles all over themselves positing why they didn’t bother haranguing Beyonce for getting too chunky:

The guidelines for pregnancy weight gain are issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), most recently in May 2009, they suggested that f your pre-pregnancy weight was in the healthy range for your height (a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9), you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds.

This would mean that Beyonce, doubled the amount – and yet she never looked that big.

A missed opportunity, Daily Fail! How you will live in regret! But as much as publications will no doubt be running rather obligatory gasps about how Beyonce “doubled the amount” of recommended pregnancy weight, it’s just a year too late for that classic brand of concern-trolling that so often marks celebrity pregnancies. Blue Ivy is here, everyone loves her, and frankly nobody cares about how Beyonce looked in some dress a year ago. Win!

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  • trixya

    I gained 72. I win.

    This “recommended” business is stupid. I ate what I wanted and stayed active. I had a 6-13oz baby and lost almost 50lbs in four months (no exercise). A year later, I’m pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight, again, with no exercize – just breastfeeding.

    total mommy-jack of this story, but I wanted to put it out there.

    In terms of “healthy weight gain” we should be talking to people like Melissa McCarthy and the other people out there that glamorize being overweight.
    Now, before all the uppity crazies start flogging me for calling the actor “overweight”, think about the war on the thin woman…if someone is fat, we have to be sensitive to them, however, how many campaigns out there are there, showcasing women larger than a size 10, calling them “real women”? So, because I’m a size 6, I’m not a real woman?
    That’s just hatred.

    • K.

      In agreement with the fact that “recommended” is overblown. I gained 17 pounds, had an 8.5 pound baby, and lost 23 pounds in 3 weeks. But I wasn’t really the picture of optimal health during my pregnancy–I walked 2x per day for exercise and my diet was…okay, but not great. Meanwhile, a friend of mine gained 52 while eating like a saint and performing ashtanga yoga daily–much, much healthier lifestyle than mine. Plus, I think the focus on women’s postpartum bodies is damaging, especially when we’re looking at celebrities. If I made millions off of my looks, plus had the income to hire trainers and chefs and nannies and personal stylists and great plastic surgeons, then I would probably look pretty damn good after giving birth. But I don’t. And most women don’t. So to hold up Beyonce and Gisele and Angelina and JLo as some kind of laudable standard is pretty unfair.

      The rest of your comment…I’m not really sure why it’s there–I didn’t see any references to “real women” in the article (or Melissa McCarthy or glamorizing obesity).

  • Rose

    We forget those women who carry their babies in their butt and don’t show much of a belly. My niece had a 8 pound baby boy and barely looked pregnant and wore neat trim blouse clothing. She had hardly a belly and you would envy her. My daughter also is in the military she was trim too from behind. I remember her, while getting ready to go on the elevator and i took a picture of her and her husband. She was going on to her delivery room and this being her first baby didn’t look pregnant until she turned to the side. She wasn’t bloated in her face or on her arms with water gain. While I each time looked pregnant in the face, was bloated and I did the same with careful eating and ate healthy and I took vitamins and the l felt doing the right thing. But I gained and looked pregnant so to speak and I had a 6 to 7 pound babies. I nursed and lost it quickly, not all women and their pregnancies are the same.