The Story About The 9-Year-Old Who Gave Birth In Mexico Just Got So Much Worse

shutterstock_75090808Last week I reported about 9-year-old Dafne who gave birth to a baby in a poor suburb of Guadalajara and how the original reports claimed that the father of the child was Dafne’s 17-year-old boyfriend who had run away before the child was born. He isn’t. The father of the child is actually Dafne’s stepfather, which means that my original claim that Dafne was raped is 100% correct. Dafne also isn’t 9-years-old, she is 12, which doesn’t make the story any easier to swallow. From The Daily Mail:

State prosecutors reportedly did an anthropological study of the girl, which was not described in detail, which helped them to conclude that she is between 12 and 13 years old.

Multiple sources told MailOnline that it was ‘highly likely’ that Dafne was not the age her mother claimed she was when she went into hospital with her daughter in labour.

One explanation for the ongoing saga is that her mother – who MailOnline is not naming to protect Dafne’s privacy – may have been trying to get her into school for the first time as she had not gone until now.

Another more sinister reason could have been if, as has been claimed by neighbours, the mother is a prostitute who is trying to turn Dafne into a sex worker too, a nine-year-old could command a higher fee from clients than a teenager.

The birth certificate was issued by the town hall in the municipality of Ixtlahuacan De Los Membrillos, and it shows Dafne as age nine. The family is not from the area and they originally got Dafne a birth certificate so she could attend school, which she never went to. On the birth certificate it states that Dafne’s father is also her biological father, but now the parents are disputing this information. Investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of this, and doctors are examining Dafne to determine her actual age.

It is a crime in Mexico to have sex with someone who is aged 14 or younger, so even if the father of Dafne’s child really exists, than depending on Dafne’s actual age, this may not be a crime after all.

Yes, we should discuss this “actually exists” statement, because the alleged 17-year-old boyfriend originally reported to be the father of the baby girl is still missing, and numerous reports from neighbors claim that they have never seen a man matching his description over at the house, and that everyone doubts he really exists. And local officials also confirmed that her 44-year-old stepfather is the father of the child and not her teenage boyfriend. One of the most confusing aspects of this story is that Dafne and her daughter remain at home with her mother and stepfather in the home they share with the rest of the family. I don’t understand why, under these allegations of abuse, the children haven’t been removed from the home yet.

I’m sure this investigation will continue, and what a horrible story it is.

(Photo:  Pedro Oliva/shutterstock)

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  • Byron

    So wait, this 9/12 year old girl has never gone to school? This is almost harder to believe than all this other crap.

    Oh and I’m confused, are there two fathers in the picture? What does this bit of her family disputing her birth father’s actual paternity or not have to do with this? Is he even in the picture? This was the first thing of him I ever heard.

    “On the birth certificate it states that Dafne’s father is also her biological father,”

    This is the bit that confuses me, who is this person exactly? What does he have to do with…anything? Also, how could he be her father if he is not her biological father? Do they mean her “guardian” or what?

    Also this:

    “but now the parents are disputing this information.”

    This is also confusing. Who are “the parents”? Her mom and her stepdad who had sex with her? Her mom and her father who is also her…birth father?

    Grah, oddly worded article is oddly worded lol.

    • Eve Vawter

      It’s crazy. OK, so the family is not originally from the area — They applied to get a birth certificate for their daughter under the guise of sending her to school, and the girl (dafne) never attended school. So what I garnered from the article is that the townhall people wanted to help out so they cobbled together some sort of birth certificate based on what information the mother and stepfather (referred to as the father on the BC) gave them.

      The stepfather really isn’t Dafne’s actual biological father, or he is — we don’t know this for sure yet.

      We don’t know WHO the father of the child is — State officials claim it is the father/stepfather of Dafne, Dafne’s parents say it is not.

      To confused you ever more, this family has TEN children. and I don’t know if any of the kids attend school or not. Sorry it’s all so confusing, but it can come down to this:

      Dafne is not really 9. She may be 12 or a few years older, reports say 12, they are still trying to determine 100%

      State officials say the baby is Dafne’s father/stepfather.

      I will update when I have more.

    • Byron

      I see, thanks for explaining this mess in greater detail. I’m sorry if I made it sound like you did a bad job with the article or something. I guess there’s no way to make this story make sense without writing a small novel about it.

      I’m not sure who to blame for this bureaucratic mess…the family who didn’t keep her birth certificate from when she was a newborn or the town hall people who are just fine with making stuff up.

      Heh, it’s almost funny that it’s this stuff we focus on when the story is about a little girl becoming a mom at such a young age after being raped by her stepfather who may also be her father father…it just goes to show how crazy this situation is on all fronts.

    • Eve Vawter

      I am sorry if it was sort of clunky, I agree after reading it that I could have done a better job. I tend to rage-write when I cover stuff like this. See, I don’t even know if Dafne was born in a hospital or not, if that is why she has no BC, it’s all VERY confusing and sad no matter what!

  • Chris Collins

    i would NEVER condone sex with a child in any situation, however i DO want to set one thing straight. Eve stated that it’s a crime in Mexico to have sex with someone 14 and under but the truth is (horribly) that a good portion of Mexico set the age of consent at age 12. this is factual, i wouldn’t make it up. apparently, they have crappy standards and a serious lack of concern for a child’s safety and well-being. this is unfortunately why the birth-rate is so high there i am sure.