New Kate Middleton Bikini Pictures Prove That Pregnant ‘Celebrities’ Aren’t Allowed Privacy

shutterstock_92352541Even though members of the British royal family are tantamount to celebrities in their own country, they enjoy some perks that American celebrities don’t. Even the most scandalous British rags won’t touch the newest Kate Middleton bikini pictures. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other magazines around the globe that will.

The Duchess of Cambridge was sunbathing on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique, where she was apparently caught sunbathing while pregnant. You know how magazines feel about pregnant women who do that! The Italian magazine, Chi, bought the images and they are due to appear on newsstands tomorrow.

St James Palace said that the images, taken on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique where Kate is holidaying with her husband and close family, were a ‘clear breach’ of privacy.

‘We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas’, a spokesman added.

Middleton and Prince William won a lawsuit over similarly intrusive images that were published last year of a topless Kate sunbathing on a balcony. There will no doubt be legal steps taken here as well. But in this day of mega-zoom lenses and virtually no privacy at all, I seriously doubt that will do much to deter paparazzi from tirelessly pursuing pictures of a pregnant Kate in varying states of undress. The fine imposed on the magazine in the last lawsuit was only $2600. Can you imagine how much more they made in sales of the magazine that contained the coveted images?

I have to admit it was refreshing to see the Daily Mail, which basically prints pictures and stories about every scandalous thing you can imagine, refraining from publishing the image from the cover of Chi. No one in this country is afforded that kind of privacy. No one.  If I had her body I would be gallivanting around town in a bikini, screaming, I’m pregnant, everyone! Look at this body! But I don’t think members of the Royal Family do that sort of thing.

It seems the Duchess may want to reconsider sunbathing if she expects to retain any amount of privacy regarding her pregnant body. Sad, but true.

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  • Tea

    The fact we get a new update on her every 3 days proves they aren’t allowed privacy.

  • K.

    Maybe I’m too cynical, but for Kate to go ANYWHERE beyond the palace gates and NOT expect to be photographed would make her naive. Like, stupidly so. I’m not saying that she deserves to be harassed, but I am thinking that this was no surprise to her–in fact, I’d bet that every move she makes is pretty calculated when it comes to her exposure (pun intended).

  • Blueathena623

    Went and looked at the pictures — she looks like she ate a big lunch.

  • Samsam

    …and then this sites posts a link to the picture in their next Morning Feeding. Classy.

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