MIL Pushed DIL Off A Balcony – For Daring To Give Birth To A Baby Girl

news kashmir riots 050810India is the forth most dangerous country in which to be born a woman, according to the United Nations. Twice as many girls die between the ages of one and five as boys. Women are treated worse than animals, they are raped, they are beaten, they are born into a world where their lives can follow one of three paths – death, trafficked, or forced to marry. I would like to think the mother-in-law in this story was just dismayed over the fact her new granddaughter may have met one of these fates, but I suppose it’s just as likely to think she was merely disappointed in the fact her daughter-in-law didn’t have a son. From

A 22-year-old woman was pushed from the terrace of her house allegedly by her mother-in-law after she gave birth to a baby girl in Madhya Pradesh’s Shivpuri district. The woman, who already has a two-year-old daughter, was allegedly threatened by her in-laws during her second pregnancy that if she did not give birth to a boy, they would make her life difficult. The woman gave birth to a baby girl about a month ago. She was allegedly being tortured by her in-laws since. The woman has suffered injuries to her back bone after today’s fall. She is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

I think this goes a bit beyond “making her life difficult.”

It sort of really puts in perspective about how so many of us have mother-in-laws who annoy us. I know I have complained about my own “MIL” plenty of times, and how she has complained about how I raise my own children and little things that irk us about each other. At least she has never tried to kill me over giving birth to a daughter.

Girls are considered a burden in India. Fathers have to pay a dowry for their daughters to marry. There is a disproportionate ratio of males to females in India because of gendercide. In most traditional Indian homes, women eat their meals after their husbands and children have finished, leaving them with malnutrition and hunger. In a terrible and sad way, it sort of makes sense not to want to raise a daughter in India. From

“They would cry and yell, ‘What are you doing giving birth to a girl? Push her off the roof of the building, kill her! Why are you keeping her?’” the 25-year-old mother says.

Sumanjeet says people kept telling her to get an ultrasound check and abort all four of her daughters. They told her she wouldn’t have enough money for a suitable dowry.

With 24,000 cases of rape reported in 2011, maybe this mother-in-law who shoved her daughter off a balcony was just horridly dismayed over the fact that another girl was being born into a country where women as seen as less wanted than animals. We will probably never know. The mother-in-law has been reported missing.

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  • Katia

    People think things are insane in Africa .,,, but even with democracy, modernization and political stability India has all these horrors.,, why?

  • Carmen

    Can somebody please inform these morons that it’s the man’s fault that their wife doesn’t have a son?

    • Makabit

      That always flashes through my mind in stories like this, but the truth is, it’s not as though a man can just will the XY sperm to be the one to fertilize either, it’s just his genetic material. Nature makes it work out pretty much halfsies, which is what we need as a species.

      It’s just enormously sad that a beautiful granddaughter could be seen as something to kill someone in retaliation for.

  • TheHappyPappy

    The beginning of this article should read: The FOURTH most dangerous… etc. As in, “this is my fourth cupcake” and “Soon I shall set forth on my journey!”
    And the sentence “they are born into a world where their lives can follow one of three paths – death, trafficked, or forced to marry.” should say something like “death, human trafficking or forced marriage.” Don’t change tenses in mid sentence!

    Seriously, this story is horrible and an excellent example of how members of an oppressed group will often come to hate themselves and project their self-hatred onto others. But I honestly proofread my comments more than some of your authors apparently proofread their articles. It’s distracting and undermines your credibility. Shape up!
    Grammar Nazi away!