Mommyish Presents The Laid-Back Mom’s Guide To Navigating The PTA


Oh, the PTA. The bastion of competitive motherhood. Childrearing and housewifery as an art form. There’s nothing more domestic than a parent teacher organization.

My own mother was the president of my school’s PTA. She was an uber-mom, back in her stay-at-home heyday. Then she decided to go back to school and become a teacher.

Getting involved in the PTA is wonderful. It’s important. We all know that volunteering at our kids’ schools is a wonderful thing to do. But let’s all be honest. That competitive mom business isn’t always enjoyable. In fact, the PTA can be daunting at best, awful at worst for a parent who isn’t interested in proving themselves to be Supermom.

Don’t worry laid-back moms! Mommyish is here with a navigational guide to your parent teacher organization. We’ll teach you how to keep your head down and even enjoy those monthly meetings.

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  • AP

    Here’s a dirty secret: You can be involved in your child’s education without being involved in the PTA. Of my classmates who were noted achievers, few had moms who were involved in the PTA. There was no tangible difference between the achievement and well-being of the kids of the PTA moms and the kids of the moms who didn’t bake cupcakes or attend meetings.

    • Anne L

      Bingo! I wasted years with PTA/PTO. Kids don’t remember it, and for number 7 I forswear any interest. We aren’t interested in parties, and many fund raisers bring little in.
      My manifesto. Just send 5$ every month.
      Don’t make work., don’t assume anything valuable is being done with the money, don’t assume that you’d actually allow your kid to interact with those random grown ups that show up and get in the way in the classroom, don’t waste precious family time competing with bored whirlybirds. Save your energy for your actual child.