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My New Phobia Is This Horrifying Fake Marijuana That Gave This Teen Girl Brain Damage

3525_335057916605618_1328448590_nI no longer want teenagers. I’m going to lock them up in some sort of fairy tale tower and not let them leave until they are in their thirties. I know as a parent I can warn them about the dangerous of drinking and drug use and everything else, but then I hear about a story like this and I realize how freakin’ precarious growing up actually is and how stupid teenagers actually are.

Emily Bauer, from Cypress, Texas, was just like any other 17-year-old, her family describes her as “witty” and “grabbing her life and living the way she wanted to.” That all changed when Emily smoked this synthetic marijuana garbage she bought from a gas station with her friends. From Fox News:

Seventeen-year-old Emily Bauer, from Cypress, Texas, purchased the fake marijuana at a local gas station with friends in December.  Just 15 minutes after smoking it, Emily said she had a migraine and wanted to lie down.

Later on, the police were called to restrain Emily, after she suffered from a series of strokes – which ultimately triggered a psychotic state.  She ended up having violent hallucinations, running into walls and urinating on herself, according to the Independent.

Her friends and family hoped to dissuade her from taking the drug again once its effects wore off.  But 24 hours later, Emily was still having hallucinations and trying to hurt herself.

Doctors put Emily in a medically induced coma and discovered that her seizures were a result of an inflammation of the blood vessels that supply oxygen to her brain.

Over time, pressure on Emily’s brain became so intense that her doctors had to drill a hole in her skull to provide some relief.  Doctors told her family more than 70 percent of her brain was ‘dead’ and she would neither recognize her family or be able to use her arms and legs again.  However, after the family decided to remove her breathing tube, Emily began to show signs of recovery – even telling her mother she loved her at one point.
Emily is still paralyzed and very confused, but has recently started to reuse her arms and legs – and even eat solid foods.

That poor girl and her poor parents. I have never seen synthetic pot before but now I’m going to be utterly terrified of it. From an image on the Facebook page the family has set up entitled, S.A.F.E – Synthetics Awareness For Emily, this is the stuff Emily was smoking the night she stated having seizures.


I’m sure on the packages it says something on a warning label about it not being made for human consumption, but if people are known to smoke it, that’s what teenagers will do.

Another sad aspect of this story is it looks like on the Facebook page Emily’s parents are receiving a lot of snark over the fact their daughter had facial piercings and pretty colored hair, and saying that this was Emily’s fault for smoking this junk. Because, you know, all of the snarkers are perfect people and their own teens have never done anything stupid.

We acknowledge that this was her choice.We think her journey can inspire people. We will share the ups & downs of the recovery of her mind & body for that reason.Emily’s an amazing person. Not perfect, not innocent- but very real. Sharing her experience here because it *can* happen to anyone. People need to know before they light this stuff up. People need to know when to call for help.

People that hate on her story are no bother to us. She never cared what your perception of her was, she knew who she was. Yes, she made a choice that almost ended her life. We acknowledge that this was her choice.We think her journey can inspire people. We will share the ups & downs of the recovery of her mind & body for that reason.

I’m rooting so hard for this girl and for her parents. It was a mistake, a stupid mistake, and I hope Emily continues to heal and that she continues recovering. I can’t imagine how difficult this all is for her and her family.  We all make stupid mistakes in life, and bravo for these people bringing awareness to this creepy junk I’m now going to be utterly terrified of.
(Photos: Facebook – The insert shows Emily as she looks now)

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  • K.

    The scary part to me is that cannabis has a long-documented history of use in lots of cultures AND has been the subject of extensive scientific research for a long time. And it is still a controlled substance. Whereas this stuff, which is sold in gas stations and can be purchased by minors apparently, has been the subject of research only since around the late-2000s–and that research was so disturbing, the DEA had to use emergency powers to ban it. What is wrong with this picture?

    And the other scary part is that I live in a country in which you ‘deserve’ to become brain-damaged after smoking a perfectly legal product simply because you have pink hair and a pierced nose because, clearly, those attributes mean you must be one of those ‘bad kids’ anyway, and a country in which a girl gets shot in the back in broad daylight and her family has to scramble to make sure everyone in the world knows that she was a college-bound honors student because hey, shooting teens on the street is only a problem if you hit one of the ‘good kids,’ and a country in which, according to some, if you wear a letterhead jacket and score touchdowns, then you couldn’t possibly be a rapist.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      Word and word. all I kept thinking about when reading and writing this was POT IS ILLEGAL AND THEY SELL THIS FRANKENSTEIN CHEMICAL SHIT? I love your comment <3

    • Blooming_Babies

      I could not agree more.

    • LiteBrite

      I don’t want a freaking “like” button for this comment;I want an “absolutely love” one.

      But I do have a question. If the DEA banned this crap, why is it still being sold?

    • K.

      Aw thanks! I read up on it (admittedly not THAT much, so this is a bit hazy. Take it for what you will.) and it sounds like they did ban many versions of synthetic drugs, but part of the problem is that companies can change the chemical compositions of drugs which no longer makes them illegal (same as certain street drugs like meth) and another issue is that the drugs are still legal in certain states. Which also makes the whole thing really skeezy.

    • LiteBrite

      Thanks to you and tk for the explanation.

      Ugh. What a horrible situation. My heart goes out to this family.

    • tk

      We’re having the same problems with similar products over here in Australia, and while the exact legal issues might be different, I believe that the issue is essentially the same – the DEA (or equivalent) can only ban the specific chemical, rather than the product itself. So when the DEA bans chemical XYZ, the makers of these products produce an analogue that has almost identical effects, but a very slightly different chemical composition. This new chemical composition is, in effect, legal as it is not explicitly banned.

      We’re having major issues with analogues of all kinds of drugs – weed, ketamine, mdma. And the police can’t do anything because all the analogues are legal until they’re not.

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  • Lilac

    I feel bad for her but I can’t say I pity her. I know people will say teenagers will be teenagers but I never did stupid stuff like this as a teen. Never. I only hope this serves as a warning to other teens but it won’t because teens by nature are dumb.

    • K.

      Apparently you were saving up all that stupidity for adulthood.

    • CMJ

      You mean you never did something that was legal? Cause, the stuff that she smoked was legal.

      Get over yourself.

    • CrazyFor Kate

      Because you never took a risk, ever.

  • Byron

    Well, they sell lots of chemical stuff that are poisonous if ingested or smoked. Some of it may even get you really really high before your liver explodes, who knows. You can’t really blame people who sell their product just cause some derp kid decided to take it in their bodies.

    You know those spray cans for flushing dust out of computers and microchips and stuff? The ones with basically some kind of compressed air in them? People huff those too as a way of getting high. There’s tons of things like that out there, you can’t expect for it all to be illegal, especially when it primary use is not the narcotic one. Pot is illegal cause you don’t use it for anything but smoking. It’s kinda different.

    • SusannahJoy

      except that synthetic pot is legal, and is only meant to be smoked…. They may pretend otherwise, but that’s what it’s there for.

  • Guinni pig

    Hello. Hope none of my personal info goes on here… Anyway I’m a mid twenties male living in Texas as well. I know there is no proof that marijuana is addicting, but after you do it for a few years, it’s pretty damn hard to just give up. So, as an alternative an in order to progress my life to a career, I stopped using any an all drugs about two years ago. All except for this stuff. I’m not rooting for it at all, but I will say there are some Very clean synthetics made up of things like chamomile, Indian leaf, etc. mostly relaxers from natural plants, of course with additives that aren’t on the label.
    But I can tell you, even though Kush brand, which I’ve smoked heavily at irst but very rarely use now, was pretty valid and widely used around here before being pulled from every counter in this city and surrounding ones. She was using “Klimax Kush, which is basically the most potent of the kush’s, it smells like chemicals when you open the bag. I’ve never ha a problem with it either, but I also maybe take two hits in a sitting because it really works that well.
    My condolences to her and the family, there have been 16 cases of liver damage from this stuff as well, but no deaths. I’d say te real green is definitely much healthier and has been used in America since the first settlers. Even George Washington had a nice Hemp farm which he talks about in his diary. I’d say let the marijuana become legal, give it an age limit and still let companies drug test for it, as well as welfare clinics. It is very much meant for the ingesters

    • Guinness pig

      for the ingested to decide if they like it, which the patents didn’t control but I’m glad they give her free will. Rebellion is a lot worse than free will. That’s all, good day.

  • laithalharahsheh

    It is well known that smoking is dangerous in many different ways. Smoking over a period of time leads to many different health problems. Smoking is particularly damaging to the heart and lungs. Smoking can lead to a number of lung diseases or disorders including COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), lung cancer, Emphysema, and shortness of breath. But exactly how can smoking destroy your lungs.

    Article source : http://1betteroff.blogspot.com/2013/06/what-are-damages-of-smoking-most-facts.html

  • joey seppi

    Wow this is an interesting story considering i was in a bad state yeaterday. As a long term weed smoker i quit a year ago and now i have had a bad experience with synthetic week .. aka catwoman. One minute i was toking away the next thing i remember waking up after beeing taken away to a phsycotic place i can no longer explain it was hell and from what i am being told my my mate that brought me to , i was completey locked up from mouth to toe and rock solid , convulsing shaking vomiting and not breathing.. i would like to just say to others be carefull of this synthetic weed it can do some strange and unsafe things to your body , i am deeply concerned now to stop my friends smoking it still but i can only ask .. cheers all just thought id let others know what it is capable of causing..