9-Year-Old-Girl Who Was Raped Gave Birth In Mexico And No, She Did Not ‘Get Pregnant’

shutterstock_97218971A 9-year-old Mexican girl by the name of Dafne gave birth to a baby girl in Jalisco, Mexico on January 27th. Dafne gave birth via C-section, and both baby and baby are reported to be healthy. I’ll use the word “baby” here instead of mother, due to the fact that the mother in question is a 9-year-old child. I have an 9-year-old and she is definitely still my baby. If we can get over the idea of little Dafne having to go through the ordeal of childbirth via C-section at age nine, we can now focus on the amount of amazingly offensive information related to this case that is out there.

Most of the headlines related to this story do not mention the word “rape.” Dafne was raped. Dafne is nine years old and incapable of giving consent to a sexual relationship. The boy who raped Dafne and impregnated her is 17 years old and reported to be “on the run” according to local authorities, because he may be facing criminal charges.

From ABC News:

“Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful,” says Lino Ginzalez Corona, spokesperson at Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, who received an account of the relationship from the young mother who describes a loving relationship.

According to Corona, the 17-year-old and Dafne were dating but the young girl is unwilling to release any further information regarding the association between the two.

Corona says the state prosecutor is “still open to the possibility of rape or child sex abuse.”

I’m glad that they are still open to the possibility of rape, because that is exactly what happened here. A 9-year-old child was raped by a 17-year-old and got pregnant from the rape. End of story. I don’t care if the relationship was described as “loving.”

Dafne lived with her parents and ten other siblings in  poverty-ridden Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, a neighborhood 25 miles south of Guadalajara. Both parents worked long hours so they were unaware their daughter was seeing the man who raped her. Dafne is receiving psychological counseling and medical care and will be monitored closely. Dafne’s mother also approved a subcutaneous birth-control device, which could mean something like Norplant or Depo-Provera.

Everything about this story is awful. Sometimes I wish I could just write articles like that: Girl Aged 9 Gets Raped And Has A Baby Because Of The Rape, It’s Awful. Ta-dah. I look at my own eight-year-old daughter and I can’t imagine her being pregnant or caring for a baby. She is tiny! I don’t even let her carry the cat down the stairs because I’m worried she will drop him. Plus the trauma her little body would receive going through nine months of pregnancy and having a c-section. Plus, you know, the fact she was raped by a 17-year-old.

So many of these articles state in the headline that Dafne “got pregnant” which sounds like it was a conscious decision on her part, like when adult women decide they want to have a baby so they either get pregnant or do everything to try and get pregnant. Little Dafne did not get pregnant by choice. She was raped.

(Photo:  Jesus Cervantes/Shutterstock)

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  • TheLily

    There is no way, by their own laws that it’s not rape. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_North_America#Mexico Federal law puts the age of consent at 12. Between 12 and 18 the person in question can still prosecute. So, while it skeeves me that it’s 12 at all – she’s WELL below that. Three years is a huge difference at that age. I just can’t believe that they’re not calling it rape.

  • Justme

    Um. I thought the female body had a “way of shutting that whole thing down.” Obviously this was NOT rape.

    Please note – the above sentence should be read with a voice that is dripping in sarcasm.

  • K.

    Oh, well, if you LOVED her, then it’s perfectly reasonable to have sex with a 9-year-old.

    It amazes me people don’t understand what ‘statutory rape’ is because it’s ridiculously simple. Sex with someone under a certain age (12, in Jalisco) = rape. We don’t even have to talk about love and consent and all that because it’s a non-issue.

    • meg

      I once talked to a man who said having sex with a girl under 18 was wrong, wrong, wrong, unless “she seduced [the guy, whomever].” How? “Oh, short skirt, the tight blouse … you know the things. Girls start wearing these things in sixth and seventh grade now. Men can’t help but fall in love.”

      It’s not seduction it’s rape.

      It’s not love it’s abuse.


      How is this confusing to people??

    • K.

      I know–I teach teenagers and I can tell you that even my most sexually provocative girls, “the short skirt, tight blouse” girls who are usually looking to attract male attention, do not understand sex and sexuality like adults. For them, seduction and actually having sex with an adult man are miles apart. They just want to be wanted; they don’t actually want to have sex with someone twice their age.

      That movie “American Beauty” expressed this pretty well at the moment when Kevin Spacey’s character has Mena Suvari topless in bed and then realizes that for all her swagger, she is still…just a child.

    • Shiroko

      I wonder if he realizes that he’s insulting and demeaning everyone that shares his gender. That’s more or less saying “Men are so primitive and stupid that everyone else has to consciously take measures to prevent us from sexually violating them.” Its also being somewhat apologetic for rapists. “Oh he couldn’t help it. If she didn’t want to be raped she wouldn’t have dressed that way.” NEVER BLAME THE VICTIM. EVER.

      No. You can wear whatever you want. You can put whatever makeup on your face that you want. If I want to walk around with no shirt and no bra I should be able to. STOP SEXUALIZING WOMEN’S BODIES.

      Instead of teaching girls not to walk home alone at night how about we teach boys not to rape anyone. Ever. For any “reason.”

    • Holly Hayes

      I knew a guy once who told me that it’s totally okay to have sex with a girl of ANY age as long as she has gotten her first period. Because having sex with a ten year old is a-okay as long as she can get pregnant, right?

      Unsurprisingly, this guy is currently in prison for charges relating to child pornography and blackmailing a fourteen-year-old girl into sending him nude pictures of herself over Facebook.

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  • AP

    I agree with you on the philosophy, but not the linguistics. No 9 year old can consent to sexual activity!

    However, pregnancy has never had anything to do with the intent of the woman or man. Pregnancy is the state of a sperm joining an egg inside a uterus and growing together into a baby. It doesn’t matter if it happened on purpose, or by accident, without the consent of either party, or in a test tube in a galaxy far, far away. It’s still “got pregnant.”

    • meg

      I’m with you. I understand how people argue against saying “sex” in these situations (their thought being that, to them, true sex implies consent, whereas rape is [very rarely] about sexual fulfillment and most often just an act of power). But “pregnant”? She didn’t consent. She was abused. She’s too young. But she still gestated a fetus and gave birth to a child. It was, for better or for worse, a pregnancy, even if it never should have happened.

  • Byron

    This story is horrible on it’s own right but i find it odd that the article is referring to the rapist aged 17 as a “man”. If this story was about a guy in his 40s dating a 17 year old girl the girl would most likely not be called a “woman” in the article. She may even be called a child.

    This is kinda besides the point but I generally dislike how articles use terms such as “man” to make people seem a certain way. Articles such as “Man(18) kills teenager (19) in cold blood”. It feels manipulative and contrived.

    • meg

      I’m not familiar with the laws specific to that area of Mexico, but perhaps the legal age of adulthood is 17 there? It often varies (not all countries have it be 18.) We do draw some arbitrary distinctions sometimes, though.

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  • partyfoul

    I recently read that this gets more upsetting and it was not some “17 year old boyfriend”, it was her stepfather

  • Shiroko

    I agree, definitely rape. Media glorifies romantic relationships and I think its a safe bet that the kid who did that to her was just desperate and horny and stupid and disrespectful with no sense of self control or whatever it is that pushes someone to RAPE someone else, especially a CHILD, and decided to trick her into thinking he loved her to manipulate her. Its even more sickening. He needs to be thrown in jail.

  • Paul Bodnick

    “The rich get richer and the poor get children” – F Scott Fitzgerald

  • Viola

    Welcome to rape culture, where people look at a young girl who is having sex and say that she’s a slut, instead of wondering why the fuck someone would have sex with a young girl. How about instead of calling out these children for being promiscuous, we start turning towards the bastards who think it is okay for them to take advantage of and rape underage girls, and then have the audacity to say “Well she was asking for it”? A 9 YEAR OLD CHILD WAS RAPED AND IMPREGNATED. That is NOT okay, and how DARE people say that it is her fault!
    People sicken me.

    • Max

      This may sound stupid but i think we should come up with two different terms for rape that don’t actually involve the word rape. When i hear the word rape i think of aggression. Its just a thought because all types of rape don’t involve aggression

    • guest

      Rape is rape, what is wrong with you