Mom Nails Nanny Slapping Her Baby With Trusty ‘Nanny Cam’ — And Posts Video Online

nanny camera“When in doubt, install the nanny camera” goes the logic coming out of stories like this one. When a Staten island mother suspected something to be a little off with 52-year-old Mamura Nasirova, she and her husband installed a camera in their carbon monoxide detector  And the footage revealed that they had a lot to be suspicious about.

The grimacing clip, which New York Post reports the mother saw while heading out to the store, depicts the Uzbekistan-native nanny slapping a 5-month-old who refuses to take a bottle. The camera was reportedly connected to a remote feed which, a no doubt horrified, mother saw.

A slightly older child, who did not appear to be harmed, watches the abuse unfold.

The mother reportedly “rushed” home and confronted her nanny. Court records indicate that Nasirova was arrested on Sunday and fought with the police as they tried to handcuff her.

She is being held at $1,000 bail and has been charged with the misdemeanors of endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.

The baby who was abused reportedly suffered swelling and redness following the assault but nothing more.

After calling the police, the baby’s mother then posted the clip to YouTube — perhaps to warn other families about such happenings? A more direct approach in “it can happen to you”?

WARNING: This is excruciating to watch. Do not watch if you are sensitive like me and cry at the mere thought of a child being slapped. 

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  • ap

    If I suspected a nanny was abusing my kid, I’d fire them without notice. Not get a nannycam to watch them abuse my kid again.

  • jef3r

    Who knows what that nanny did with that baby after she walked out of the room with her. I am horrified.

  • beebe

    1,000.00??? That is IT?? This is sick. I hope the mother punched the woman in the face before calling authorities. If someone did this to my 3 month old, this woman would be in the ER. Fact.

  • Amber Starr

    Next time, I’ll take your advice and skip the video. This is horrific and I SERIOUSLY want to smash this ‘woman’ in her face. I’m really glad that this baby is safe now.

    Ugh. This seriously made my heart hurt.

  • Maria

    I hope this beautiful little baby will not be physically or mentally damaged by that cruel evil woman. The parents must be very upset to see their baby suffering by the hands of a woman they entrusted into her care.