Outraged Moms Say We Can No Longer Discuss Steubenville Gang Rape Case

BCHgAzvCEAAYbBkLadies and gentleman, let’s take a ride on the Go Big Red Wagon Of Feigned Moral Outrage! I have said this a gazillion times before –  there are lovely people in Steubenville. People of all ages, races, economic backgrounds and educational experience. It’s just like any other city in America, except the youth of Steubenville get a little bit too text-happy when they decide to “pull a train” on one of their classmates. There have been three different protests or rallies in Steubenville, where people of all ages come to show support for the Jane Doe victim in this case, and for all rape victims. The fourth protest is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. I have watched all of the protests, and save for the occasional drive by where someone yells “get a life!” or “F___ you!”, because yeah, people who protest rape shouldn’t  be out there protesting – according to some Steubenville residents -, the events have all been peaceful and uplifting and pretty heartwarming.

We still don’t know everything that happened in August during the party where Jane Doe was so drunk she wasn’t able to give consent to being “fingered” (taken from the court transcripts) or to having a “penis rubbed all over her” and then having these things broadcast all over the Internet. Hopefully justice will be served when the trial begins in March. But in the meantime, some concerned moms in Steubenville are so sick of people talking about the case that they have started blogs:

The city of Steubenville will continue to come together!!!!

They want us to go silent, that is their goal. When someone is attacking a community the way Steubenville is being attacked they want you to think “This will pass” “I’ll just be silent” Being silent is what they want and what makes them win. We will Stand tall for our community and all the people in it! In the words of my good friend Mike Jett…..They want this S on my hat to stand for SCANDAL! They want this S on my hate to stand for SHAME! Well we are going to make this S on my hat stand for STRENGTH! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for SURVIVAL! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for STAND UP!! Continue to stand up for our youth Steubenville, they need us more than ever. To the Youth, do not be afraid to wear your Red and Black! Do not be afraid to wear your Letterman jackets! Wear them with pride! We are here for you 110%.

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  • http://twitter.com/blackcats8 blackcats

    Beautifully stated, Eve. You’ve written what many are trying to explain. My personal involvement, however minimal, has never been about the town, but about the crime itself. I’m shocked there are at least some people who are unwilling to understand that.

  • Justme

    I get really tired of people comparing their position in life to that of the Jews (and other persecuted people) during the Holocaust. I’ve been to a concentration camp. These women have no concept of the horrific event to which they are comparing their life in modern-day America. Let’s gain some perspective please.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      My own mother, who came to America during WW2, was so appalled at that

    • Justme

      My grandmother was a Red Cross nurse in Italy during WWII and would be horrified at the comparison. It makes a mockery of the devastating events that happened under the Nazi regime. I could go off on the comparison of Obama to Hitler as well….but that’s a whole other article. :)

    • disqus_bhosGL2XMz

      Yeah cause Hitler was a tyrant that held people hostage mentally, emotionally and physically where Obama just does mental/emotional. Those poor old folks, poor, children and vets wouldn’t get their checks to pay rent, etc unless Obama gets his way. Your right a better term for Obama is terrorist.

    • Justme

      First of all, Hitler was a dictator who ordered six million Jews and numerous other undesirables murdered and tortured.

      Secondly, social welfare has existed long before Obama came into office.

      Thirdly, “You’re” instead of “your.”

      And lastly, thank you for providing an example of the very same dangerous rhetoric that I mentioned in my first statement.

      Have a good day.

    • disqus_bhosGL2XMz

      I’m not saying Obama created welfare I’m saying he’s causing the strain on services for the poor because his vacations are more important then the implosion of the economy. Also excuse my grammar. How many people out of work thanks to Obamza’s policies commit sucide, killed robbing to try to pay for groceries? Mental health not tended to because medicade/medicare cut due to your precious Obama that results in shootings like the firefighters killed cause insane guy couldn’t afford his meds? How about medicade/medicare thanks to Obams cuts to services for the por instead of his $400,000 pay check when taxpayers are paying for all his needs including room/board for him & his family, paying for his vacations, etc.? Why is when the government needs cuts Obama goes straight to the services for the poor. Poor who can barely pay bills as it is. Poor who go without meds they need to live because of Obama? How about a woman needing care aids and the agency providing them closes due to arrests so her care goes to government that let’s her fall through the cracks so that 9 days later she’s found dehydrated/starvaing and later dies in the hospital? The all day waits at ER’s unless you’re pumping out blood due to budget cuts via guess whose policies?

    • Justme

      You can have whatever political beliefs you want, but comparing Obama to a tyrannical dictator who ordered the isolation, torture and brutal murder of millions of people is not appropriate in any forum. We might not always agree with or approve of the president, but he is still the elected leader of the country and deserves some ounce of respect for the position he holds. Disagree all you want, but remember that you are not being hunted down and sent to work camps where you will either starve to death or be killed in a gas chamber. Please take your FOXNews rhetoric elsewhere.

    • disqus_bhosGL2XMz

      Read the post where I said he was a terrorist holding the checks of the poor, elderly, etc hostage until he gets his way. Regardless of whether you kill people with intent or in Obama’s case depraved indifference people still die due to your actions.

    • Justme


    • CrazyFor Kate

      This. People, if it’s not a genocide or a dictator, do not compare it to a genocide or a dictator. DUH.

  • DanielCraigForevah

    I like the end of that Tweet: “They must not be moms.” What the hell does that have to do with anything? She thinks no moms are out there protesting? She has ESP to tell which women are moms? Get over yourself, lady. If your child is genuinely scared, most likely all the drama in her life has been caused by YOU.

    • http://www.facebook.com/alice.longworth.7 Alice Longworth

      Bravo! I’m not sure what is more insulting, the fact that this cow thinks that dads and all non-parents would think that it OK if a child was REALLY being traumatized or that she thinks moms shouldn’t be protesting the vile goings on. Personally I think that AS A MOM of a daughter she’d be supporting any and all efforts to change the rape culture of her town.

    • DanielCraigForevah

      Being more upset about your town’s reputation than the fact girls are being assaulted and raped blows my mind. Turning a blind eye, and trying to get others to do the same, is not going to do anything to improve your town anyway.

    • http://www.facebook.com/letsgopensadam Adam Rahuba

      I’ve been to all three rallies. I’ve met hundreds of people. Moms make up an OVERWHELMING majority of the people I’ve encountered… which gives me hope that the next generation of kids is going to be pretty awesome.

  • K.

    “suburbia hyperbole” (suburbole?):

    Walmart runs out of frozen tater tots = famine
    Starbucks espresso machine broken = disaster
    Barnes & Noble story hour cancelled = conspiracy
    guy birded you on the road = persecution
    new washer/dryer not delivered on time = cruelty


    Stuenbenville, OH = Warsaw ghetto/Auschwitz/Nanking/Mogadishu etc. etc.

    Does Jackie Sacripanti realize that her rant sounds as moronic as her name (if that’s the real name)? Seriously–that piece of poetry might just end up on my office door–everyone needs a spot of sunshine!

    • DanielCraigForevah

      Haha, great reply! Also, stupid Go Daddy commercial is a huge “controversy,” but stories like this are buried (or not reported on at all) every single day. We throw around words too carelessly sometimes.

    • Justme

      Sacripanti….I think that’s what Mormon’s wear to church, no?

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  • mf

    Holy crap. Am I reading this right? Mom’s with young daughter’s whining and complaining, just wanting to ignore this so it all goes away…. (because it’s inconveniencing them)…. hope their little girls have someone else in their family besides their mommy dearest to stand up for them, if this should ever happens to them. God help them.