Atlanta Teen Shot In The Head At Middle School And Please God We Need Gun Control

school shootingsJust another Thursday here at the Mommyish offices as each and every day we bring you the latest in shootings that are becoming a more or less daily occurrence in our great nation. Today’s horror and tragedy comes from Atlanta, Georgia where a 14-year-old kid was shot in the head at his middle school.

Associated Press reports that the kid was ”alert, conscious and breathing” when he was taken to the hospital. At the time of this writing, the suspect, who has been taken into a custody, is believed to be a student. All other kids at the middle school have been pronounced safe.

The victim was shot outside a school building. A teacher is reported to have suffered minor bruises and cuts following the incident that authorities are still piecing together.

An image of the scene shows the aerial shots that don’t even jar us anymore, of police officers and frightened parents standing outside the school grounds at the scene of yet another shooting. Another life impacted. Another toss into the bucket of “school shootings in America.”

A post-Newtown, Connecticut is certainly upon us what with the gun debates that have marked the last two months. But, gun control, you can’t possibly get here fast enough.

(photo: yotrak / Shutterstock)

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  • No

    …So, what is gun control going to do? Shooting people is already illegal, right? Making guns, or certain kinds of guns, illegal isn’t going to stop people who want to hurt someone else. I’m truly, deeply sorry that these kind of things happen, but I think the problem has different roots than the instrument used to perform the acts.

    • Annie

      If someone’s going to kill someone else, what’s quicker and more effective than a gun?

      No, it isn’t going to solve America’s culture of violence, but it’s going to curb our outrageous murder rate. It’s like not using birth control because it doesn’t completely stop unplanned pregnancies.

    • Paul White

      Actually, for individual killings, the means of violence is fairly fungible; take away a handgun, people can knives, clubs, fist. And that’s what’s happened elsewhere when guns got hard to get. There’s some validity to claiming mass killings are easier with firearms than most other means (barring explosives, but there’s a knowledge barrier there–effectively making a bomb isn’t as easy and carries with it substantial risk of blowing yourself up on the way), but homicide rates as a whole aren’t strongly correlated with gun control. We have a homicide rate of 4.2/100,000 which is high for a developed nation but not exorbitantly so.

    • Jade Cahoon

      This is of course just correlative, not causative, but I think you’re mis-representing the homicide rate.

      Just looking at my own country (Canada) for instance, the intentional homicide rate is 1.6 as compared to the US’s 4.8 (

      That’s 3 times the rate in the US compared to a very culturally-similar neighbour.

      edit – sorry, I mean it’s 1/3rd the rate in the US of course :-)

    • CrazyFor Kate

      If access to guns is more difficult, then not as many people will use them. Even if it doesn’t stop everyone (and let’s face it, no society on earth is totally free from gun violence), it will save some lives.

  • Lastango

    OT: I see NBC rigged the Heslin heckling video:

    The MSM… riding to the rescue when the truth isn’t quite enough to get the job done.

    • Guerrilla Mom

      Right. Fox News NEVER does this sort of thing.

    • Paul White

      That doesn’t excuse the other networks when they do it.
      And no, I’m not fan of Fox; I actually like the BBC more than the domestic networks.

    • Guerrilla Mom

      I agree with you. The point isn’t that it should be excused, it’s that the internet is vast and you can always find a link that supports your agenda – whatever it is.

  • Justme

    We need a change in gun CULTURE.

  • IndyGrabowski

    Ridiculous. The perpetrator was controlled by an armed protector, and we need to take guns away from such people? Goto a mental hospital for help, but by all means, stop spewing this gun control crap!

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