Supermodel Karolína Kurková Says Her Natural Home Birth Wasn’t Really That Bad

Karolína KurkováSupermodel Karolína Kurková, who you may recognize from those Victoria’s Secret catalogues, welcomed her child Tobin Jack just three years ago. But when reflecting on her natural home birth — which took place in her fancy Tribeca apartment — the mother maintains that she actually didn’t think she was going to die. You hear that, Miranda Kerr?

The 28-year-old’s birth reportedly lasted two and a half hours. She and husband Archie Drury had the trifecta of natural birth happening: birthing pool, midwife, and doula. With her husband mixing up “green juice and coconut water” for his wife in the background, the couple ultimately welcomed their son:

“[For] centuries, women have been giving birth naturally and I think your body adjusts to it and you get into a zone…It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, it’s a pain. I’m dying, I’m dying,’” the supermodel coach of The Face says. “It was so gradual you just kind of deal with it. You get in a zone, you really focus on helping this child to come out.”

As is the natural birth custom (at least based on all those home-birthing videos I know you all are watching), once Tobin was born he went straight to mommy Karolína’s chest. Even a few years later, now that Tobin is a toddler,  Karolína maintains that she would “absolutely” do the whole home-birthing bit all over again. And considering that it didn’t hurt like hell for her, why not?


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  • Courtney Lynn

    While I love natural births and natural home births and I love hearing the stories, it’s not for everyone. I think the comment about Miranda Kerr was uncalled for. Some people handle it like a champ, others don’t and that’s okay, too.

    • mary romanelli

      it should be for no one. the nurses are fanatical. deliver at home at any cost. When I arrived to the ER and found the lifeless body of my sister, butchered from sternum to pubis in order to rip out her still born son I had no words to describe the scene. everyone in that ER knew what transpired was wrong. deadly wrong. the saddest part to this gruesome tale is that the nurse midwife was never punished.

    • Courtney Lynn

      I’m very sorry about your loss. That is NOT representative of all home births and the midwife should be held accountable.

  • Anika

    I had a natural birth and I sure felt like I was dying! Seriously the most pain I’ve ever been in.

  • Tinyfaeri

    Birth, like damn near everything else, is different for everyone. Not sure why this has to be a constant compare and contrast between different mothers’ experiences like it’s a competition. YOU are making it a competition, not the mothers in the stories. It’s crap like this that fuels the supposed “Mommy Wars” “everyone” talks about, but that I’m not sure really exist outside silly blog posts like this one. Sure, there are assholes and asshats everywhere and on every side of every issue, but it’s not the large scale competition that you’d have us believe. And I agree with Courtney Lynn, the line about Miranda Kerr was uncalled for, and I’d add stupid and irrelevant.
    I gave birth without an epidural at a birth center, and for me it was not that bad. Sure, it hurt, a lot, but it wasn’t the end of the world and I didn’t think I was dying. That’s my experience, but (shocker alert) it’s not going to be everyone else’s. That should be OK.

  • MamaB

    Y’all need to lighten the eff up. If you take your birthing and parenting that seriously, go to Baby Center or something. I’m so sick of always coming to the comments and seeing people throwing a hissy fit over harmless jokes.

  • mary romanelli

    home births are dangerous. i lost my sister in law and her unborn son at the hands of a radical nurse midwife. she called ems to the house but sent them away. gia and the baby were dead 3 hours later. never never never.