Staying Out Of Jail Is Expensive — Casey Anthony Is Filing For Bankruptcy

bankruptcyI feel like this was kind of inevitable. Casey Anthony is filing for bankruptcy, saying that she can’t pay all of her legal and court fees following the trial for the murder of her young daughter, Caylee. But honestly, when you’re the most despised mother in the world, it’s not that easy to walk into an office and hand them your resume. I can’t imagine how this woman will earn a living for the rest of her life.

According to the court filings, Anthony only has $1084 to her name. Her list of debtors was:

  • About $500,000 to defense attorney Jose Baez
  • $145,660.21: Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • $68,540: Internal Revenue Service
  • $61,505: Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • $10,283.90: to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation

That’s almost $786,000 that the controversial young woman has absolutely no means of repaying. It also marks another court drama for Anthony, who has been understandably attempting to keep a low profile since her verdict came back “Not Guilty” more than a year ago. The bankruptcy filing gives a window into Anthony’s current life that the press hasn’t been able to find before this.

That’s not to say that it’s Casey Anthony’s only legal issue at the moment. She is currently being sued in three separate civil court cases. These include two people suing for defamation, after Anthony and her attorneys painted them as possible murder suspects in Caylee’s tragic death. The third civil suit is from a search and rescue organization that says they spent over $100,000 looking for Caylee.

On Friday, Anthony also had two of her convictions for lying about her missing daughter overturned by a Florida appeals court.

As the bankruptcy proceedings move forward, Anthony might be forced to make her living situation, current employment, and plenty of other personal details part of the public record.

(Photo: Slavoljub Pantelic/Shutterstock)

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  • Andrea

    If anyone expects me to have some sympathy for an evil witch that got away with murdering an innocent child, they have another thing coming.

    So she is free now…somehow Karma still managed to kick her ass. GOOD.

    • Guerrilla Mom


  • meg

    I’m honestly shocked she hasn’t changed her name and gotten some colored contacts. You can’t *technically* discriminate against someone for a criminal record in most states (especially for a not guilty verdict), but I’m sure it’s no trouble to find an excuse to not hire her …

  • Nat

    While I do think she’s guilty, she was found innocent. She has the right to live her life and get a job and make money. She should be allowed to go out in public. The prosecution didn’t do a very good job and that is why she was found not guilty. Maybe this is karma, but she was found not guilty and should be able to live her life in that manner.

    • whiteroses

      She was found not guilty in a court of law. The court of public opinion is another matter. Wherever she goes from now until the day she dies, she will be hounded by the media. And if she actually did kill her daughter, I would argue that the hounding she’ll get is richly deserved- and that she got off light.

    • Once upon a time

      Court of public opinion. Seems legit.

  • Once upon a time

    In the 1980s, an Australian woman named Lindy Chamberlain spent several years in jail for infanticide. You might know what I’m talking about if I were to say, Dingo ate my baby, cause the death of a baby girl is freaking hilarious. She too was subject to the court of public opinion, which had to eat its words when she was acquitted after her daughters clothing was found in a dingo’s lair.

    Casey Anthony probably did it. Still, when I see the Internet describe all the nasty things it would do to her if it had five minutes alone, I think of Lindy Chamberlain mourning the death of her baby daughter while she rotted in jail.