I Survived My Baby’s First Scar

baby scarAn ER doctor said, “If you take 10 men and put them into one room and ask them to look up, seven of them will have a scar on their chin.” Well, my friends, my son Holt will now be in that group of men when he grows up.

A couple of weeks ago, he decided to fly off the couch and into the coffee table. It happened in less than a split second and, as a result of this 7-month-old baby thinking he was Superman, split open his chin. It was mayhem after it happened, to say the least. The baby was screaming, my daughter was screaming because of the blood, I was screaming, “How did this happen? I was RIGHT here!” And I was also feeling quite dizzy because of all the blood. I was also screaming for my fiancé, who happened to be in the shower, and couldn’t hear me.

I can’t stand the sight of blood, and boy was there blood. I looked at the gape (yes, it was a GAPE) in his chin and immediately thought, “Yeah, this needs stitches,” while continuing to scream for my fiancé who was still in the shower. Also, you should know this was at 7:45 a.m. on a Monday morning, and, really, could a Monday morning start worse than this?

When my fiancé FINALLY got out of the shower and came downstairs, he was met with me screaming, “We have to go to the hospital now! Where’s his Health Card? Why do you have to take showers that are so long?” and my daughter who was still crying, and bloody tissues everywhere.

We dropped my daughter off at school (it’s on the way to the hospital) and headed to the emergency room. My baby had stopped crying approximately three minutes after he had split opened his chin, which proves that babies are really not that smart (If I had split open my chin, I’d be bawling and freaking out about getting stitches) and also completely more durable than we think they are. Though he had blood pouring down his chin, he was as happy as a clam.

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  • Kay

    My husband has one, yep! And a crooked smile, too. I love that smile so much, it bums me out a bit it isn’t something my son can inherit – and lord knows I don’t want him to fall off a ladder just to get it!

  • Emily

    My husband and I both have scars on our chins. It’s really common. Hope you don’t spend too much more time in the emergency room though!

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Honestly, even though it must have been scary at the time, this story is really funny the way it reads. My godson did the same thing at 15 months (jumped from my lap, forehead hit marble coffee table, giant bump developed), and his parents later called me wailing that they were at the local children’s hospital. Turns out they were there for a fundraiser and wanted to mess with me. Assholes. But anyway, scars are great conversation pieces, so he has that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.white.3532507 Paul White

    I have a plethora of scars–marks of having LIVED–but not one on my chin or neck. Odd, anmd I shall have to remedy this!

  • Khud

    my mom has 5 of us me and 4 boys I was the only one who broke any bones and no one had stitches til my bro was 21 or so and I have seen them blow things up in their hands.

  • Tea

    Husband and I both have them. I fell out of a loft-bed without a bedrail on it, He caught a purse-hook in the bathroom with his face. We both lived, and we both scared the daylights out of our mothers… except he did so again and again, mostly with bicycles.

  • Jess

    I have 3 boys (6,9,11) and have taken them to the ER 3 times. Once for pneumonia, once for an acute hernia, and the 3rd was for a 20 foot fall off a slide. All in all, 3 times in 11 years is not all that much. And yes, they all have no sense of fear. So maybe you won’t have to visit the ER that much. At least it was glue and not stitches.

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