Hey Brandi And LeAnn,This Girl On Girl Crime Has To Stop – Now Go To Your Rooms!

ng spotlight 031110I can’t be the only mom who looks at the  Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes fight and thinks it can be solved by sending them both to their rooms and grounding them from having access to the Internet for a while. Now, I may not be an expert on Real Housewives or country music, but I am an expert on other things, like candy and Adam And The Ants and the BBC television show Luther, so I can say as an expert on various things that both Brandi and LeeAnn need to STFU and stop drama-vomiting all over the world and remember that they are not only grownass women, but they are grownass women who are supposed to be co-parenting children. The most recent example, of which there are roughly 90 gazillion, of girl on girl crime between these grownass women happened on Monday when Brandi appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and she called LeeAnn “insane.” From E Online:

Brandi’s comments were prompted by LeAnn’s tell-all interview with Entertainment Tonight, where the songbird confessed “at times” she worries that her husband of two years will cheat on her. LeAnn and Eddie began dating in 2009 while they were both married to other people.

“Every day there’s a tell-all,” Brandi says of LeAnn’s latest heartfelt interview. “It’s kind of cray-cray!”

Cohen then references Glanville’s own tell-all book, appropriately titled Drinking and Tweeting, and asks whether the reality star is implying that LeAnn is Cibrian’s “sugar mama.”

“It’s kinda true,” the blond bombshell admits, confirming that Eddie had always wanted to live in a big house with a gated community and LeAnn—who has been famous for over a decade—was able to fulfill those dreams.

Fellow guest star Hoda Kotb also chimes in on the conversation, referencing Cibrian and Rimes’ union:  ”Have you ever heard the saying—and I don’t know if this is applicable to him—‘the way you got him is the way you’ll lose him’?” as Brandi nods in approval.

“Do you think that now she is…” Cohen asks before Brandi interjects, “Insane?”

“Do you think that?” the Bravo hosts questions. “Yes, I do,” Brandi says point-blank.

And then before the show was even over, LeAnn signed on Twitter and told Brandi to “KMA” which in the vehicular or teenagers everywhere means “kiss my ass.”

Fact: Both of these women are over the age of 30.

I’m not being ageist by saying this, because I am in my 40′s and I get super pissy when someone suggests I am too old to wear glitter nailpolish or to squee over Blythe dolls or to use a word like “squee” but doesn’t there come a time when after a certain age you sort of look around at the great big world and say “Mayhaps (and you use the word “mayhaps” because it’s a grownass lady word and it’s kinda fun to say) I should stop referring to other women as “cray-cray” (and if you saw the interview on Bravo, you can tell that even Brandi realizes how utterly lame she sounds using this term)  and sign off my computer and mayhaps speak honestly and truthfully to the other lady person I am having problems with?” How about that plan, considering you are both trying to raise two small children?

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  • Sara

    I think two women fighting over a man is ridiculous in most cases, but the thing that really gets me here is that the guy they’re fighting over is a serial philanderer! I mean, seriously, have some pride and self-respect………are these women so desperate that THIS is what they have to resort to?

  • whiteroses

    I am so sick of hearing about these two. What neither of these women seem to get is that these kids, whom they supposedly love so much, will one day Google themselves. Have Brandi and Leanne never heard the adage that you should never bad-mouth your child’s other parent in front of them?

    Brandi: He left you. He’s clearly a scumbag. Nobody’s disputing that. Now put on your big girl panties, step back, watch their marriage implode, and laugh silently and to yourself while you’re hanging out with your hot new boyfriend- one which you will surely get if you stop talking about your ex husband- on a yacht. In the meantime, try not to cause your boys further damage and keep your piehole shut. Neither one of you is blameless in this. Grow up.

    Leanne: Brandi was married to him (a fact which you clearly know, inasmuch as they were married when you two got together). No matter what you do, you will have to deal with her for the rest of your marriage, because she is those boys’ mother. Their biological mother, who for all her faults seems to genuinely love her children. You did not give birth to them and she shares a bond with them, as much as you love them- so how about a little sensitivity? If you’re worried about Eddie cheating on you, then do the grownup thing and talk to him about it, instead of plastering your personal business on ET. This is not the way to sell records. Grow up.

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  • Claire Bradford

    I applaud you for loving the awesomesauceness that is Luther. Oh and this article ;)