Where Were The ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Today To Prevent The Lone Star College Shooting?

shootingThis afternoon, mayhem and tragedy struck another educational institution in our country. Lone Star College‘s North Harris campus, where roughly 10,000 students and faculty were today, is still scrambling after gun violence left several people wounded. The location of this shooting prompted one rather poignant response from us here at the Mommyish offices, “Isn’t Texas ground zero for ‘good guys with guns’?”

There are still very few details about the latest violent attack at an educational facility. We don’t know how many people were wounded. We don’t even know how many shooters there were. Preliminary reports say that one suspect has been detained by police while another is currently being chased down. Local news on the scene reported seeing at least two people being taken away from the school on gurneys.

Students on the campus has been on lockdown since the incident happened, a little after noon today. An elementary school next to the campus is also going through emergency protocol, locking down until the threat has been contained. It’s thousands of students terrified, thousands of worried parents. And unfortunately, it’s all too familiar in this country.

After the massacre of students in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the NRA has demanded that the country needs more guns to be safe from mass shootings. They famously said, “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” just one week after 26 people were murdered by one such bad guy, who ultimately took his own life.

Well, if there’s anyplace that should have had a good guy with a gun around to keep the school safe, isn’t it Texas? Shouldn’t this bastion of gun culture be exactly what the NRA was talking about? And yet, tragedy strikes once again. This just underscores the arguments made by gun control advocates, who also cite the presence of an armed guard at infamous shootings like Columbine and Virginia Tech.

We’ll continue to update this post with information about the shooting at Lone Star College in Texas as we get it. Hopefully, there will be no casualties and all those students will make it safely home to their families tonight.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.white.3532507 Paul White

    At least when I was in college in Texas, all campuses were by law gun-free zones. So no, there wouldn’t be a law-abiding gun owner nearby. I had to store mine at a friend’s house while I lived on campus.

    • LindsayCross

      From what I understand, you are allowed to carry concealed weapons on college campuses and in classrooms now. http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-20061383.html

    • Lastango
    • Lawcat

      You realize Texas has both a Senate and a House and a bill has to be approved by both, correct? The bill was approved by the Senate, voted on in a House committee, but was then tabled in 2011. Someone then tried to add it as an amendment to another bill, but that didn’t fly.


      3 minutes.

      The more you know…(shooting star)

    • http://www.facebook.com/houde.veronique Véronique Houde

      lol the more you know… priceless.

    • chickadee

      That article is also from 2011, and it was defeated…here is something more recent: http://www.newsmax.com/US/concealed-firearms-colleges/2013/01/18/id/472091

    • Lastango

      Lindsay knows nothing at all about that sort of thing, and she doesn’t want to. Fortunately, we helpful readers can pitch in:


      It is the policy of this (Lone Star College) System to prohibit the carrying of firearms, knives and clubs onto any of the System’s facilities. The possession of firearms, illegal knives and prohibited knives on System facilities including parking areas and publicly accessed facilities is a violation of criminal law and Board policies. This prohibition includes licensed concealed handguns except as otherwise allowed by state law.



      Also, at first glance this doesn’t sound like a “school shooting” as we’ve come to think of that. It sounds like a common gangbanger crime that happened to take place at a campus.

  • Casey

    Like you said, very few details. You may have a valid point, you also may be speaking too soon. I say wait until we know more.

  • Danny Donat

    Care to take down your blog until you KNOW the facts…..the school is a GUN FREE ZONE!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/houde.veronique Véronique Houde

    I’m just thinking that maybe now’s not the time to use this tragedy as a nail in the metaphorical coffin of the second amendment?

  • Tinyfaeri

    This is a little bit too “Nah, nah, we told you so” and way too flip for my taste when a school shooting is involved, especially before the blood has dried… even if they were allowed to have guns on campus (which, as others have pointed out, they are not). At least, I don’t know, wait a week. I’m all for reasonable gun control, but the reaction to any shooting in the first day (few days, week) should be nothing but horror and sadness, not politics and definitely not mocking the state in which it happened.

  • K

    “The location of this shooting prompted one rather poignant response
    from us here at the Mommyish offices, “Isn’t Texas ground zero for ‘good
    guys with guns’?”

    There are still very few details about the latest violent attack at an educational facility.”

    Seriously?? Believe me, I’m a proponent of gun control and I find this stupid.

    - your colleague’s response is not ‘poignant’ unless your standards for poignancy begin with TLC Network and end with Charlie Sheen. Either your colleague was being political and flip or s/he’s dumb. This is like saying, “A steak restaurant closed in Lubbock? Isn’t Texas ground zero for beef?”

    - How can you write that sentence, paragraph break, and then write the following one? No, seriously, HOW CAN YOU EDITORIALIZE AND IN THE NEXT BREATH SAY, ‘WELL, WE DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS ISSUE…” Are you Fox ‘News’?

    I mean, I don’t generally look to get my news from the Pulitzer-worthy mommyish.com but come on. Be. Smart. Er.

    • Once upon a time

      Wish I had more upvotes.

    • Tinyfaeri

      “your colleague’s response is not ‘poignant’ unless your standards for poignancy begin with TLC Network and end with Charlie Sheen”



      Side note: last I read, the shooting was an altercation between two individuals, and they were the two that were wounded. It was not a rampage.

  • Katie Connolly

    This isn’t the only shooting on which you have very few details. You cite “gun control advocates” who state there were armed guards at Virginia Tech and Columbine. Actually, there was NO armed guard in the building of the VT shooting. Cho had chained doors closed and police actually had to break into the building. Cho killed himself after killing an unarmed ROTC student who fought back. As for Columbine, yes–there was a School Resource Officer on site, but he was outside of the building. He followed the protocol of the day, which called for setting up a perimeter and waiting for SWAT to arrive. That has since changed and “Active Shooter” training is the norm in police departments across the country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.white.3532507 Paul White

    No updates or mentions that it’s against the law to have guns on a campus (contrary to what the article implies/states). Nice.

  • TMac

    Here’s a little news for your afternoon, Lindsay, from a Houstonian.

    1) I don’t ride to work on a horse. I don’t know anyone that owns a horse.

    2) I don’t have a giant belt buckle. I don’t know anyone that does, though I know they must exist somewhere in this city.

    3) We don’t have any “showdowns” at “high noon” in the middle of our dusty Old West towns.

    4) I see people in cowboy hats but I see more without.

    5) The only people swaggering around with guns on their hips are cops. Nobody’s getting ornery after losing a hand of poker and shooting their playing partners anymore.

    In short, how about you actually try some…I don’t know…facts instead of capitalizing on the “latest shooting tragedy” to get you some article hits? This was two people in an argument and someone (or both) had guns in a gun-free zone (aka schools in Texas). If this had happened on any number of Houston street corners where it’s just as likely to occur, you wouldn’t have worried your poor little pearl-clutching self about it.

    • TMac

      PS – Nice double-barreled shotgun pic there. Just keep on with that silly stereotype.

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