Study Finds The Link Between Vaccines And Autism To Be — Oops! — There Isn’t One!

vaccines and asthmaLook away, anti-vaxxers! Look away! Or, by all means, have a gander. Many of us in this modern parenting crucible of vaccine wars could stand to revisit our vaccination timetable, which is reportedly just fine.

Reuters reports that the guidelines for childhood immunization (such as whopping cough, measles, polio, among others) is “safe.” The timetable, which does recommend a whopping 24 vaccines by two years old, has been found free of any link between vaccines and autism, as well as asthma. Federal health advisers still recommend that those guidelines be “monitored.” And this was no weak 30-person study out of some random health clinic:

In what they called the most comprehensive review to date, scientists at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) said there is no evidence that giving children vaccines according to the recommended timetable causes other problems such as autism or asthma.

IOM, part of the National Academies, a federally-charted group of scientific advisers to the government, said it hopes the findings would reassure parents, doctors and others, but it recommends that the research continue.

Health officials requested the year-long review of existing research on the vaccine timetable that most of you are following. Reuters reports that only one percent of Americans refuse all vaccine recommendations (some just pick and choose their shots). Still, a reported 40 percent of parents find vaccinations suspicious, which makes findings like these all the more important.

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  • Carol Sterritt

    I really wish there was a link so that those of us who would like to have the information could actually read the study. What did the study do? What did it not do? Where did the researchers get their data? How did they construct and design their study? Is it as flawed as previous studies? Who sponsored (i.e. – came up with the funding) for the rese4arch? Prior to the study being mentioned so obliquely in this report, there have been two other “studies” in the last 3 years that “prove” that there is no MMR-Autism link. Here is what I know about that situation: the first study took a set of date, in which children had experienced the MMR vaccine, with Thimerosal. which contains mercury, as its preservative, vs data wherein the children had experienced a vaccine
    that had NO Thimerosal, but formaldehyde was in its place. Think about
    that for a moment. The mercury is no longer in the vaccine, but
    substituting for the mercury is formaldehyde.

    Then the “researchers” announce that there is little difference between
    the two sets of data – so they announce that autism is not caused by any
    MMR vaccines! Well, of course, there is little difference, one
    extremely toxic preservative was substituted for the other! And this, my
    friends is what passes as science here in the dumbed down USA. So the
    study is so flawed that were our citizenry educated, we would be
    laughing this study off the pages of “peer reviewed” journals.

    I remember from my years of involvement with studying MTBE, the gas
    additive, that mercury, benzene, MTBE, and then formaldehyde were
    considered the top four substances most toxic to the immune systems, and
    neurological systems of human beings.

    The second study that has been touted by news media across the nation as
    yet another “proof” that MMR vaccines don’t cause autism was even worse
    than the above study. In this “study,” researchers simply took a data
    base of studies regarding MMR vaccines and autism, counted up how many
    showed a connection, and how many didn’t, and then announced that since
    there were far fewer studies showing that the MMR vaccine was a problem
    than the number of studies showing that the MMR vaccine was not a
    problem, well, then, there is NO problem with the MMR vaccine.

    Is this how we want science handled? Here in California, there were
    about 1,100 studies, most sponsored by industry,that showed that MTBE
    was so safe your kids should brush their teeth with it, compared with
    only TWO studies that showed it was harmful.

    However those two studies that showed there was a need to be concerned
    were done by top notch indie researchers, who were experts, and not
    industry hacks. Luckily for the people of this state, Gov Davis was
    willing to sacrifice his career as governor in order to deem the
    substance was a menace to public health and he saw that it was banned.
    (I sure can’t imagine Obama taking such a stance.) He paid for this
    decision – within six months, he was being recalled, with that recall
    effort being sponsored by Big Oil money. But his decency means so many
    of us escaped leukemia, serious neural and brain stem cancers, asthma,
    MS and other illnesses.

  • Maggie

    Well, I’m going to speak thoughtfully about this in spite of your obnoxious and aggressive opening, because I find that meeting rude behavior with intelligence is the only way one can hope to elevate the discussion. While my children are fully vaccinated (as is my autistic stepson), I am very skeptical of vaccines and their health impact. This was not a study at all, but a review of existing data. “There is no evidence that giving children vaccines according to the recommended timetable causes other problems such as autism or asthma” – that pretty much means “the studies we’ve done don’t prove harm.” There is no mention of whether the correct studies have been done. In fact, the closing of the Reuters article says “studying the health impact of children who get vaccines on time versus those who do not would be too risky and expensive.” So, they flat out admit that they will not study the effects of a different timetable (in part) because it would cost too much. The one study that would be very simple to complete, but that the CDC refuses to do, is to simply do a survey of families to find out whether their kids are vaccinated and whether they are on the spectrum. It’s very easy and cheap to do, and other non-CDC groups have done it with a statistically significant sample, but those results aren’t really trustworthy because it’s not the CDC.

    This is how misinformation is spread – you read an article, put your own spin on it, and now a bunch of other people will read your spin and believe that’s what the scientists said.

    • Carol Sterritt

      Okay, I was somewhat hoping that you would actually provide the URL to the article you are going on about. You haven’t so I will – **** It is a very lengthy pamphlet or book-sized amount of verbiage. Just reading the section on the Hep B Vaccine – i don’t find it even considers any side effects – the material simply describes what the disease hepatitis b happens to be, and talks about what is recommended. Anyway, have a gander at the material and then tell me what this IOM study is all about. And pls do NOT just read headlines in a newspaper, for the following reasons: If that link doesn’t work for you (YOU may have to be a member.) Then try this link, where you don’t have to be a member:

      Because of the revolving door between industry and elected officials, and the control Big Industry such as Big Pharma has over the Media – you cannot at all ever believe headlines or the news articles in our bought and paid for media!

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  • Oz

    A positive correlation HAS been found between autism and maternal obesity, or a diet very high in processed foods like corn syrup during pregnancy. Googling it will bring up dozens of studies.

    I don’t see women changing their diets and dragging their arses around the block, though. Nah, blame the vaccinations, that’s much easier.