I Am Super Apprehensive About Kim Kardashian Tackling Her ‘Fertility Issues’ On Reality TV

Kim KardashianKourtney and Kim Kardashian were on The Today Show this morning talking with Savannah Guthrie about the next season of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami. And while all the other news outlets might be buzzing about an odd joke about the sisters breastfeeding each other’s kids, I think there was a bigger, more troubling story buried near the end of the interview. When Guthrie (rudely) asks whether Kim’s pregnancy was planned, the reality star mentions that she has ‘fertility issues’ similar her sister Khloe, and that she’ll be addressing them in her show.

Khloe Kardashian has been open and outspoken about her difficulty getting pregnant. As a reward, she’s been treated to countless tabloid magazines suggesting that her husband is leaving her because she can’t get pregnant. It’s been sad to watch, but it’s also made Khloe seem particularly endearing, and dare I say it, genuine. They’re qualities which the rest of her family is seriously lacking.

Now, it looks like Kim will be embarking on her own fertility journey. While most assumed that the still-not-divorced-from-that-one-guy reality star was surprised to find herself pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, the fertility story line suggests that Kim was planning to get pregnant for some time. And that she had barriers to pregnancy.

As a woman who has made it my mission to talk about fertility issues, chronicling my own experience for this very site, I should be thrilled about any celebrity discussing this often-secret struggle. I should be thrilled with anyone encouraging conversation about a problem that can often feel lonely and isolating. I have to admit, Khloe’s openness about her problems made me appreciate her.

And yet, there’s something about Kim Kardashian broaching the topic that gives me an icky feeling. I’m nervous, with the tell-tale pit in the bottom of my stomach. Maybe it’s her unique ability to publicize every single aspect of her life. Maybe it’s her insincerity, best remembered by the “fairy tale wedding specials” that aired approximately a month before she announced her divorce. Maybe I’m just jealous and annoyed that a newly pregnant lady wants sympathy from the “trying to conceive” set.

Whatever it is, I am seriously apprehensive about Kim’s “fertility issues” becoming a story arc on her newest season of reality television. I am worried that she’ll show a single trip to a doctor’s office and an emotional 2-minute monologue and pretend that this is what infertility looks like.

Infertility is a grueling process. It is months and years of fighting for the child that you so desperately want. And I feel like a horrible hypocrite brushing off another woman’s possible struggle. I feel like a terrible person for suggesting that Kim Kardashian’s problems with fertility might not be as a deep or worthy of discussion as anyone else’s.

And yet, I’m still nervous.

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  • Kay

    You are not the only one thinking that very same thing

  • Susie

    I had the same exact thought when I heard this, it will be interesting to see what is portrayed on the show….I wonder if she truly struggled with infertility, or did it just take a few months longer than she expected to get pregnant. I’m leaning towards the latter…..

  • Jodi

    I was thinking the same thing. She couldn’t have been trying that long, she only filed for divorce from Kris H. last fall, and she’s currently 3 months pregnant. My guess is not even a year of trying. As someone who tried for years, and went through all kinds of treatment
    to finally get pregnant, I get really insulted when someone claims
    infertility because it took them all of a couple of months to get
    pregnant. Why someone would want to be infertile is beyond me.

  • Anon6

    I watch KUWTK (I know…I pretend it is not “reality”). But on the finale, she went with Khloe to a fertility specialist who told her she may have trouble conceiving as well and she was going to start hormone shots to freeze her eggs. That is probably all it is. Hopefully it will not be done in an insensitive matter to offend people – even though everyone will judge anyway. After all, the author is already judging and nothing has happened yet!

    • Ordinaryperson

      I don’t follow the show, but I just kind of assumed she would have gotten checked too once Khloe learned she would have problems getting pregnant, and that’s when she found out about it. I mean, if I had a sister that was having fertility issues, it would make me want to get myself checked out too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/houde.veronique Véronique Houde

    This might sound a bit bitchy although it’s not my intention… But when I look back to the way a lot of women reacted to Lindsay’s blog about announcing the end of the “unbearable” series, I couldn’t help but think that, despite living similar experiences that might cause the same type of pain, these women were turning on each other, quantifying the “realness” of their infertility, and completely dismissing someone who’s suffering they perceived as less important than their own. It seems completely inevitable to feel bitter when someone is suffering, however why is it that so many women became so nasty with each other?

    Lindsay, I appreciate your honesty about the way that you feel, and you put it in such athoughtful way, without having to throw insults at Kim Kardashian. Bravo :). I just can’t help but see the similar themes that keep coming up on this site – who has it worst? Perhaps Kim Kardashian only had difficulty conceiving for a few months. However, did it hurt her? Did it make her worry that she would go through the same thing as her sister? Although many people think that Kim can be shallow, her emotions are just as real as anyone else’s. Perhaps we should try to remember that, and not throw someone else under the bus for feeling a certain way.

    And okay… there is the possibility that she was playing it up for the cameras to make the season more interesting than her life really is. You never know! ;)

    • LindsayCross

      Veronique, I do feel super guilty for the exact reason you mentioned. People were quick to brush off my struggles too and that was really hard. Who am I to brush off Kardashian’s?

      At the same time, the way she plugged it as a hook for her show’s next season… the way she seems to exploit everything she touches… It just makes me so nervous. It’s not that I feel like every person’s infertility struggle needs to be like mine. It’s not that I think we should argue over who had it worse. It’s just that I’m worried.

  • Michelle

    So that means she was actively trying to have kanye’s baby? Gross, she could do so much better. Poor Khloe.

  • Fran

    My guess on this one is that the Kardashian sisters might both have PCOS, which would make it harder to conceive, and also, if Kim has it she might have anticipated a struggle, since it is likely something she’s known about long before she was ready to even think about trying for a baby. Also, if Khloe has it too, Kim might have just assumed she’d have similar struggles conceiving when the time came. But I’m just guessing here. I struggled to get pregnant for two years due to low progesterone, so I have been there, and I definitely understand how frustrating infertility is. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, but I definitely feel for them in their struggle. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone- not even an overexposed reality star.

  • anya

    I think it’s hard to believe that Kim Kardashian had difficulty getting pregnant. As someone who watched the season finale of her show (something I hate myself for doing, just btw) when she went to the fertility doctor, the doctor seemed to say that she was just like any other woman her age trying to get pregnant. She wasn’t less fertile, the doctor was just telling her that the older she gets, the harder it will be for her to get pregnant (as with any woman). And then for the rest of the episode she went on to make everything about her and freak out about what the doctor said, downplaying her sister who actually has real infertility issues. From what I’ve watched on her show, it doesn’t seem like she was trying to get pregnant at all until the finale

  • Jenn

    My guess is she indeed does not have fertility issues. However, she has seen Khloe garner empathy and compassion for her struggles, what better way to get some more attention than to claim she too has had the same issues.

    Everything she does seems to be for money and attention. This is just another episode in her “kim show” life.

  • Dawn

    Kim is nothing but an attention-whoring skank. What is she famous for? A sex tape and a 72 day marriage. My guess, like other posters have mentioned, is that she saw how much attention Khloe was getting and is making up a fertility story of her own. As a person who suffered infertility, her claiming to have fertility issues is a big slap in the face and insulting to us. I don’t buy for a second that she had anything about her life that she wanted to keep private. The ho has a sex tape, for god’s sake!! She is still married to that poor dumb guy (who probably thought he was just going to Chuck E. Cheese) and yet she’s knocked up by another obnoxious celebrity. Way to stay classy, Kim.

  • LittleMissChub

    totally agree – a “maybe” I’ll have difficulty conceiving is not fertility issues. She is making a mockery out of infertility. Come talk to me in 10 years, after countless fertility treatments & IVFs and still no baby.

  • Jordan

    Khloe would make a great mom. She acted like a surrogate Mom to Kendall and Khloe and you can tell the Jenner girls are much more closer to Khloe than to Kourtney and Kim because of it.