Adele Debuted Her Post-Baby Body Everyone! Everyone! Adele Has A Post-Baby Body! Barf

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton HotelBarf barf barf barf. My boss Koalani says that I can’t just write “barf” a thousand times for my articles when they deal with a topic I find unpleasant, so this article will be my attempt at discussing Adele‘s POST BABY BODY that made its debut at The Golden Globes last night without just writing the word barf over and over again. Barf.

So as we all know, Adele gave birth to a baby boy and she is very secretive about him which I find sweet and lovely and it’s really how it should be. I hate the whole pimping babies out for press bullshit and the amazingly boring conversations that dominate celebrity motherhood, how much weight a woman has or hasn’t gained, how her post-baby body looks when she is finally seen in public, blah blah barf blah. Adele won a Golden Globe last night for the theme to the new James Bond movie Skyfall, and her acceptance speech was funny and adorable and she thanked her boyfriend Simon Konecki and her “lovely son. ” When asked about the song before the ceremony Adele was quoted on the red carpet as saying:

‘I got the script a long time ago and it took me quite a while for them to convince me.’

She added: ‘It’s a big responsibility.’

The usually very private star opened up about becoming a parent, saying: ‘Motherhood is lovely, I’m really enjoying it.’

However, asked to reveal the name of her little boy backstage, Adele politely declined, adding: ‘It’s very personal.’

And ya know what else should be personal? Adele’s post-baby body. But as a celebrity, it’s not, so everyone and their mother and their dog now gets to comment on Adele’s post baby body. And you know what? Her body is fine. It’s lovely. She looked amazingly gorgeous in a dress by Burberry and jewels by Cartier and her hair was in a very chic updo and she looked glowing, and I know that is a total new-mom cliche but she did. The truth of the matter is, no matter what she weighs or how she looks Adele has more talent in her little finger than any of us can ever hope to have.

Other than her little quips about paying her tax bill, Adele seems like a lovely person inside and out and I’m so fed up with the celebrity post baby body obsession, no matter who the celebrity is. It just seems even more of an offensive conversation to have because when a perfectly normally sized woman like Adele has a baby, it seems that even more attention is focused on how her body looks after pregnancy. Because even though the majority of us know Adele was never not normal to begin with, because she isn’t a size 0 she was always seen as being different in the eyes of the media. Barf.

I just wish we could focus less on how her post baby body looks and more on far more interesting matters, like how her post baby nursery looks.

(photo: WENN)

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  • Justme

    I thought she looked kind of…….the same as she did before having a baby?!

  • Tea

    I would be all for no more “post baby body” Mommyish posts, but I’m really not a celebrity gossip person.

    Granted, it is somewhat better than the great Beyonce baby bump mystery that I still can’t figure out why it’s even a thing.

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Yeah, she looked pretty much the same. Loved her speech, though. Wasn’t it great that she took a good friend of hers as a Globes date because they were both new mums and needed a night out?

    • Eve Vawter

      adorable, 100%

  • Victoria

    Hee! Maybe five ‘BARF’s and then a recap of Downton Abbey?

    • Eve Vawter

      Argh! I need to watch Downton from last night, did you see how Aziz accused the Downton cast of getting him high, and then called Lena Dunham “Lisa” on purpose? Hee hee

    • Justme

      I was just disappointed that no one seemed to appreciate Aziz’s (is that the proper possessive?!) sense of humor. I love him and wish I could just carry him around in my pocket for sheer entertainment value.

    • Victoria

      Yes! And getting carried off the stage! And this was a great one, so much happened.

  • Teena

    Is it just me and my circle of friends? The majority of my friends sort of look pretty much the same after having children than they did before. Maybe their cupsize is a little different; maybe their hips are a bit wider, and maybe there’s a lot going on underneath the clothes that we don’t know about, but in general, all the moms I know kind of went back to where they were before. Is this abnormal?

    As a sidenote, IMHO, in the cases of the few that didn’t in my life, it was always the women that I would say were living in a way designed to challenge their bodies’ natural shape/weight/size–meaning, they spent a lot of time working out and eating very little to be a size that their bodies were probably never meant to be. Then, when they had kids, it wasn’t so much that the pregnancy irrevocably changed their bodies’ metabolism or anything; it was moreso that the kids necessitated changes in their lifestyle, so they couldn’t spend 3 hours in the gym every day or cook gourmet authentic vegan meals (or, their values changed and they realized they wanted to spend their energy on other things) thus, they changed. Movie stars usually also have to implement drastic lifestyle behaviors in order to maintain their looks because that’s how they get work. The difference is that they have the resources–personal trainers, chefs, housekeepers, maids, and $20-million film and advertising contracts as incentives–to help them return to these routines after having children. I wish that industry people were more upfront about this–a lot of times stars say, “Oh, I breastfeed” when I doubt that’s true. I’d rather them be like Victoria Beckham who might be a smug size-0, but at least copped to it being “bloody hard work.”

    What I like about Adele is that she pretty much doesn’t give all the appearance-judging crap much credence–she just shows up, looks however she does (which is generally pretty freakin’ great), weighs whatever she does, and shakes what her momma gave her. I love the fact that she is a role-model for ‘the real woman’–which is, as I think she is gracefully proving, not about size anymore, but moreso about a woman who is living a fulfilled life. And she represents to women that we should be able to do that regardless of our bodies.