School Shooting In California Wounds 2, Continues National Nightmare Of Gun Violence

school shootingSchool shooting in California. I read those words and my heart dropped down, taking up residence somewhere near my toes. I sat in shock and disbelief for a couple seconds, unwilling to accept that after the national tragedy we just endured in Newtown, Connecticut, another school could erupt into gunfire so quickly.

Few details are known about the shooting at the moment, though there is a small spot of hope because no initial deaths have been reported.

Taft Union High School was the location of the most recent shooting. One student and one teacher were said to be shot, though it’s not certain that there weren’t more injuries and there haven’t been any reports on the two victims’ conditions. Local news does say that the person wielding the gun has been taken into police custody.

It is disconcerting to think that the media and the public might brush off this shooting. We’ll consider this a “close call,” and be grateful that no one died. Tomorrow, kids will return to school and the story will cycle out of the news reports.

Yes, of course we should be thankful that no innocent lives were lost. But a school shooting is still traumatic for every student and parent who lives through it. This sad event still means that a shooter got a gun into a place of learning, where innocent students should be safe. This is one more time that a gun was used to cause mayhem, terror and harm. This is one more person who didn’t care about the lives of others.

Every school shooting, no matter what type of victim toll it amounts to, should be considered a huge issue. It should add to our determination to do something, anything, to combat the intense level of violence that plagues our country. It should double our urgency to get intelligent and thoughtful gun control in place.

It’s been 28 days since the Sandy Hook shooting shook our nation to the core. Less than a month and we already have another day of violence at a US school. Personally, I don’t know how many more of these days I can take.

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  • Byron

    Cycling out of the media and not making the shooter into some anti-hero idol for the psychopaths out there (since he is alive and could be actually spoken to and asked about a million things, from what cereal he likes to what card games he plays) is probably the best thing that can be done about this. Talk to your political representatives if you wish for there to be change about this situation. The media can’t do anything good about this so it’s best they don’t further the problem by granting infamy to someone who has to shoot people rather than merely talk them into submission.

  • Anne Cordelia

    California has the strictest gun laws in the country. The cities with some of the highest murder rates in the country are in NJ, MA, CT – also states with extremely tight gun control. It seems to me that arguments for gun control are a lot like incidences of people blaming parents of kidnapped/raped children; you (meaning people in general) want there to be a reason, so you look at the most obvious thing and say, yes. That. That is why this happened. It could never happen to my child because I would never do that. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel safe. Crying for gun control is the same kind of thing. You think, yes. If only we had stricter gun laws, this would not happen. That would fix it. In reality, no correlation has been shown between stricter gun laws and lower murder rates in the US. The problem is a highly complicated one, and needs to be thought out and investigated and reaserched ad nauseum. Shouting for gun control is like putting a band-ait on a mortal wound and calling it all good. There needs to be real effort put into this problem, and simply refining gun laws is not going to do it. IMO.

    • AlbinoWino

      Well, I’m going to have to rain on your parade and bring some facts to this instead of your preferred method of pulling things out of your ass.

      The states with the highest gun deaths per capita are Mississippi, Arizona, Alaska, and Arkansas. You might also know that these are red states with very lax gun laws. Some more facts for you: 68% of homicides are committed with firearms.

      Just because people want to amp up background checks and reduce assault style weapons doesn’t mean they think this will end all gun violence. But when things happen in our culture that pose a health threat, we generally take them very seriously very quickly. Foodborne illness? We increase regulations on food producers and investigate those that don’t follow standards. Why shouldn’t the same logic be applied to guns? In the future when coming to a gun fight, don’t just bring crazy ideology you can’t back up and think you sound convincing.

    • Anne Cordelia

      Wow, you referenced The Daily Beast and THE GUARDIAN?!? Gee, I’m chastised by your sources of two trashy mags. And I’m definitely convinced by your nasty tone, especially since I remained polite. Great reply.

    • AlbinoWino

      Yes, it’s especially insulting since those sites dare to use data from the FBI, an extremist left leaning….oh wait. Nevermind.