Sorry Celebrity Stalkers, President Obama Will Not Have You Posting Bikini Pics Of Malia And Sasha

Obama FamilyWhatever your political affiliation, there’s no debate that Barrack and Michelle Obama are loving, thoughtful parents. We’ve seen that throughout the First Family’s first four years in office. We saw that on the campaign trail, where the First Daughters were notably absent. And I have a feeling that we’re going to continue on with this demonstration throughout the next term. Exhibit 23659240: The Obamas do everything in their power to keep bikini photos of Malia and Sasha from showing up in tabloid magazines.

Over the holidays, the Obama family headed to Barrack’s home state of Hawaii for a brief vacation. It’s pretty much accepted that when you go to Hawaii, you spend at least a little time on the beach. With the beach comes bathing suits, as one would expect.

It just so happened that the Obama family was spending a day at the beach at the exact same time as soon-to-be second-time mommy Jessica Simpson, who also vacationed on the islands over the holiday. That’s how a paparazzo found himself staring through his lens at the Obama girls walking along the beach without their parents.

According to Celebuzz, here’s what happened:

“After he took the photographs, agents from the United States Secret Service came over and asked him for identification,” according to a source who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Celebuzz has chosen not to name the photographer.”They were nice enough to him and didn’t seize his camera equipment.

“But when he sent the photographs out via the agency’s wire, he received a letter, on a White House letterhead, requesting that the images not be released.”

The letter was from the White House Press Office, the source added.

“It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday,” the insider told Celebuzz.

“The letter said that other media had been respecting these requirements.”


To their credit, the tabloids decided to respect the young girls’ privacy and keep the pictures to themselves, saving the ladies from showing up on a weekly mag cover in the grocery store aisle. And honestly, I’ve never bee happier with this country’s celebrity tabloid media!

Malia and Sasha are 14 and 11. We’re still talking about girls who don’t need their “bikini bodies” splashed around in print. We’re talking about tweens who deserve some respect as our President’s daughters.

Just yesterday at Mommyish, we mentioned how hard it must be for political offspring. We were referring to Rand Paul‘s son, who got arrested for alcohol consumption at North Carolina airport. Obviously, the Obama girls weren’t doing anything wrong when their picture got snapped, but it demonstrates the constant pressure these kids must be under.

Thankfully, President Obama was able to step in and ensure that his daughter’s privacy was respected. He had the power of his office to persuade the tabloids to do the right thing. We’re just hoping he can continue to keep his daughters away from the prying light of the celebrity media. These girls deserve the opportunity to be normal teens. We hope they get it.

(Photo: White House)

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  • bumbler

    if they don’t want people to see their kids in bikinis, why are the kids wearing bikinis…?

    • jsterling93

      It isn’t the seeing it is the selling of their children’s photos for public consumption and most commentary. What should the girls wear? Burkas?

    • bumbler

      this article specifically highlights how the girl’s ‘bikini bodies’ shouldn’t be in the tabloids, and my comment makes sense if you don’t want your kid’s ‘bikini bodies’ exposed to the world then…they shouldn’t be wearing bikinis. Of course the Obamas don’t want their fam pics being sold, Capt Obvious, and thankfully there’s plenty of middle ground between bikinis and burkas that people can choose from.

    • Lawcat

      “Bikini Bodies” is a term used by the author, not the White House. You really don’t have any clue as to what type of clothing or bathing suit they were wearing at the time the pictures were taken, correct?

    • Andrea

      Yeah of course. Because they are the daughters of the leader of the free world, they should wear snow suits all the time right? That way the public would never see their naked legs and arms.*eye roll*

    • bumbler

      It’s reasonable to argue that in the US there is a lot of sexualization around the bikini in particular. As I said above there’s lots of middle ground between a bikini and a snowsuit (or burka, as the other commenter suggested). Since their parents are public figures, they must take great care in how they present their children. Resorting to hyperbole over the situation is nothing more than a flash in the pan.

    • Jenna

      There is a big difference between being ok with other beach goers seeing your children in a bakini appropriate setting and wanting every person in the country to see it while they’re buying groceries.

    • katydid0605

      do we even know for sure they were actually wearing bikini’s? since no one has seen the photos, it stands to reason they had on one pieces, tankini’s, whatever and Lindsay is just using the word “bikini”. Just a thought.

    • Justme

      I think it’s less about the article of clothing they are wearing and more about protecting the girls’ privacy.

  • e m

    Here is the thing. They are teenagers, but what I have seen with teen girls is they like to show off many times, and there are many public places where girls go to swim, and they wear bikinis. So one way or another eventually, someone or a group will get pictures and post them somewhere. Remember. just because they are the president’s daughters, does not mean they are better than everyone else or more beautiful, or that there are not thousands of other girls just like them who have been seen, photographed and posted. Go to Brazil for example. It is nothing to see girls in thongs of all ages junior high and up. They like the attention and do not care if adults or teens take pictures. There are legal websites that do this. I am just saying be realistic, we know girls like to flirt and show off whether they admit it or not, and often the parents go along with it out of status and ego, and not all are more mature than guys or act very nice. In fact, I have stayed single to this day because I have not found one female my age that knows anything about true love, and that is why I like females who are younger than me in their 20′s to 30. Americans are often selfish, greedy, spoiled and agnostic, and that is why I am very careful who I get involved with. Common sense.