Fisher-Price Recalls Almost 1 Million Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleepers Due To Creepy Mold

41s10rcEfHLIf you’ve got a Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper in your home, best to go sniffing around for some mold. And that’s coming from our Consumer Product Safety Commissions and even Fisher-Price, who have recalled 800,000 units. Gross.

Associated Press reports that the units of suspect have been selling in store nationwide, as well as online, since September 2009. The infant recliner seats, or sleepers, were designed for babies up to 25 pounds and range from $50 to $85.

Fisher-Price has received 600 reports of mold relating to the removable fabric cover. Sixteen infants have been treated for coughs, hives, and respiratory problems after having a go in their Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. Associated Press warns of the following:

Mold can develop between the removable seat cushion and the hard plastic frame if the sleeper remains wet or is infrequently cleaned, the agency said.. consumers should check for dark brown, gray or black spots that can indicate the presence of mold under the removable seat cushion. If mold is found, they are advised to immediately stop using the product and to contact Fisher-Price for cleaning instructions or further assistance.

It’s worth clarifying that Rock ‘N Play Sleepers that are currently in stores do not come pre-contaminated with this disgusting mold. Rather the mold is reportedly accumulating beneath that removable seat cushion as time goes on, no doubt soiled from daily newborn life. Again. Gross.


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  • Beth Gearhart

    Eh, anything can become moldy if it’s wet and you don’t clean it. This is a common sense thing.

  • somethingobscure

    I’m confused as to how this is a reason to do a product recall. Is this problem unique to the rock and play sleeper? Isn’t it possible for any similar swing/bouncer/rocker…?

    Can’t parents just clean the thing more frequently? Or maybe even with regular cleaning it still gets mold or something, in which case, I would like the universe to please issue a recall on all the shower tile ever.

    • bumbler

      also, bath mats! For the life of me I can’t keep those things mildew free….

  • bumbler

    Why are they recalling it? Shouldn’t this just be a gentle reminder sent out not to let your baby wallow in filth? I left a tub of yogurt in my fridge over the holidays and when I came back it was moldy. Should I request a recall on that too? haha ‘Merica.

  • jsterling93

    They do the recall because people refuse to take responsibility for things. Parents and the government have demanded the recall of perfectly safe items that have only had problems when used completely wrong and the company has had to take the blame. Here you have a product that is fine except people apparently don’t think they need to clean it and now the company suffers.

  • idiotmorons

    It’s not an actual recall. They just tell you what to look for and refer you to an updated care sheet. It’s in the the article.

  • browniebear

    this was a great product and if my son had a blow out—-I WASHED IT. No mold issues, geez

  • Christina

    This is rediculous! The product shouldn’t be recalled. The parents should learn to clean their children’s toys/beds/rockers/swings/etc and quit being lazy. As previous people have commented, according to the logic behind this recall, all shower tiles should be recalled, food should be recalled when it gets moldy in the fridge, fridges should be recalled for letting food mold in them..and the list goes on. This is nonsense. The parents who complained should own up to the fact that they never cleaned the rocker and suck as parents.