Twinning: I Kept My Twins In Cribs Until They Were 4 Years Old For My Sanity

shutterstock_117505930Having twins can be the most amazing experience of your life. It can also cause you to wake up in the morning wishing you were someone else. Twinning offers an honest depiction of life with twins from a mom who tries to keep things somewhere in the middle.

For a lot of twin parents, transitioning their twins from cribs to beds can be a nightmare. This is one of the few areas of raising twins where I’m lucky enough to say that I had no problem— because I put it off as long as I possibly could, until my twins were almost four years old.

I actually got that advice from veteran twin moms who warned that the end of cribs in a shared nursery is the end of a peaceful bedtime. They told me stories about spending two hours after bedtime putting their toddler twins back in bed or spending an hour laying with each twin until they fell asleep. One mom told me to imagine a slumber party for 2-year-olds and said that’s what her nights were like after moving her twins from cribs to beds. I was sold—we were sticking with cribs for as long as possible.

Early on, I’d realized that containment was essential to a mother’s sanity while raising twins. Bouncy seats, swings, ExerSaucers, play zones, strollers and cribs—these were all my best friends. If your kids are in a safe place they can’t get out of, your chances of having a moment of peace or getting something done rise dramatically. And as far as containment goes, cribs win the Most Valuable prize because your twins spend the most time in them.

As my twins grew from infants to toddlers, I tried to make sure they enjoyed being in their cribs—they had little music boxes they could turn on and off themselves, soft books, snuggly stuffed animals, and personalized toddler pillows that they loved to lay their heads on. We were good for a while.

Then the escape artist struck.

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  • bumbler

    On the one hand, it’s lazy and the easy way out, and yet a transition to beds with two kids would be quite the battle. Choosing to skip this battle might be wise. A bed is a bed and if the crib works, go for it I guess.

  • Blooming_Babies

    Good for you… Happy parents…. Happy kids…. Happy life

  • PeachPit

    We did much the same thing with our twins, and it worked fantastically. People seem to be in such a hurry to switch to big kid beds… what’s the rush?

  • Wendy Bradford

    amen. I wish we could have waited longer for the beds. like until jr high.

  • Erica Christine

    Great job! I don’t believe that without cribs is a free for all. It’s having a certain type of kid and good parenting. My girls were out of cribs around 2 yrs old. We had a difficult transition but we figured things out. As long as they tried to sleep we sat with them until they did. Playing, talking, etc. and we left them to put themselves to sleep. They liked me with them so it worked.

  • Amy Medeiros

    I put it off as long as possible too; our boys were 3.5 when we made the switch. One of them (my more daring one) would put his foot up on the crib rail from time to time for at least a year before that but we’d always say, “Ohh, be careful you don’t try to climb out; you could get really hurt” and amazingly, he believed us. For a year anyway. ;)

  • kelly

    To the jerk who said it is lazy..wished I kept my non climbers in their cribs. Not lazy, smart!

  • Crowther Amanda-Beth

    Only choice is crib materess on floor when your daughters decide we so aren’t waiting till year old to decide to go on adventure. My dad went thru that twice. Its either crib matress on floor or baby in bed with you and my sister and i would have kicked our parents. Meanwhile are half sister loved her crib unfourntly literally out grew it around 18 months. It waa just simpler for her given current situation for her back then was her to sleep on full sized fugton bottom bunk with me. 4 yr old was on top bunk half the time other half time she would join us some how despite how unstill sleepers we were we never hurt one another the dunniest postion we ever got into was i decided to sleep upside down at some point in the night 4 yr old used my stomach as pillow she had her but partially up and baby had falled asleep across 4 yr old andchad intertwined her hand n mine during the night. No we don’t know we didn’t habe video camera recording that just untangling selfs come morning i was up first undoing that with out waking them wasn’t easy.