Kim Kardashian Seems Peeved That The Paparazzi Missed Her Pregnant Bikini Photo Shoot

Never miss an opportunity to promote! That’s the bonafide Kardashian way. So imagine pregnant Kim Kardashian‘s surprise when the paparazzi failed to capture her in all her baby bumping bikini glory. Darn it. Opportunity squandered!

The soon-to-be mother coyly tweeted that the pap “missed my whole Miami Beach photo shoot!” With some playful hashtags thrown in there to feign that whole #LuckyMe, #ImJustAPregnantWomanTryingToEnjoyTheBeach:

KimyeYes, let’s pretend that the paps are really there to stalk/annoy the quiet Kardashian family, as opposed to running with the massive baton that was just handed to them with the Kimye pregnancy. Next, they’ll be telling us that E! strong-armed them into that whole reality TV thing.

Kim also instagrammed the following image, allegedly of a paparazzi asleep on the job:


Next time, Kim Kardashian should be sure to bring Starbucks for all the lingering paps, along with cake pops, and amply distribute them before any bump-exploiting opportunities. Ensuring the sugar and caffeine intake for the paparazzi should make for many a photograph. That and maybe she should also add each one to her contacts list so she can BBM them if she doesn’t hear enough clicks of that shutter.

Maps, Twitter announcements, and email blasts are all welcome too. That and maybe personalized GPS devices routed to Kim’s exact location at all times. We’ll learn from this one, Kim.

(photo: DJDM/

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  • This is ridiculous.

    Actually it sounds like she’s happy considering the things she tagged it with. If she wanted pictures of her baby bump she could have taken them herself instead of the guy asleep. You seem very “anti-celebrities-getting-unspectacular-things-written-about-them-because-nobody-cares, yet you’re writing about her for practically no reason right now, and giving her the publicity you don’t want her to have. Go back to your bitter hole please.

  • Lulu

    I don’t think her comment are bitter or off base. This is a woman who actively seeks out attention. I am sure she even calls paps beforehand just so she is pictured on a continuous basis. Nothing about her lifestyle suggests that she craves privacy.

  • Lawcat

    Uh….I think she was making a joke.

    Cool story, Koa.

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  • workingMOM

    there’s a baby bump battle with beyonce a’ brewin…