STFU Parents: 5 Ways Parents Rang In The New Year On Facebook

Happy New Year! Again. This week, before jumping into all that 2013 has to offer, I wanted to post a cross-section of submissions from New Year’s Eve. Every year, I get a bunch of submissions around New Year’s, because let’s face it — if you’re a parent, the chances of staying home (or returning home early and sober) on New Year’s Eve are pretty high.

It’s not necessarily something that can be helped, and it’s not a decision that I find “lame”; sometimes our responsibilities simply override our desires to wear silly hats and drink a bottle of champagne with friends. Sometimes it’s impossible to find a babysitter, and family doesn’t live nearby. Or sometimes you just don’t feel like going out! However, one thing that tends to happen with people who stay home (in general) on NYE is that they all wind up on Facebook. Facebook is the lifeline to whatever their friends are doing, and it’s a way for people to remain part of the evening, even if their night doesn’t involve any ice luges or loud 10-second countdowns.

So with that in mind, what were parents talking about on New Year’s Eve? For most parents, it’s a night of both gratitude and frustration. Here are 5 ways they rang in 2013 on Facebook:

1. With Class

With class_knocked up

I can’t hate on Cassie, ’cause I like an unpretentious lady, but I will say that if I posted this on Facebook — dead sober, since I’d be pregnant — my relatives would probably wonder where my parents went wrong.

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  • Barfaroni

    The pimple one bothers me the most. Does this mother not remember what it was like to have one loner pimple on her face as a kid?

    • Jennifer Ohaus Bunkers

      Yeah – makes me think the mom is a total a-hole

    • lea

      Totally with you here. How would she like it if the kid turned around and pointed out her wrinkles or something?

    • Helen Donovan

      Perhaps a post about Mom’s cellulite and saggy boobs? Or, even better, Moms been really crabby, and is always hot; she must be going through “the change” — and she’s only (fill in number two years older than mom’s real age).

    • ScienceGeek

      To be honest, that might be the only way she’d learn.
      My mum and I have… very different body shapes. She’s Kate Moss, I’m Beyonce (okay, in my dreams, but you get the picture). When I was in my teens, I wasn’t overweight, but she still made comments about the size of my hips/arse. One day, I snapped and said, ‘At least I have real tits, instead of those pimples you’ve got.’ She looked absolutely horrified, and I added, ‘Hurts, doesn’t it?’
      She didn’t speak to me for two days. She also never said another word about my figure again.

    • katydid0605

      same here. Hell, im nearly 33 and i still HATE it when my mom points out my acne (which she does, frequantly). I never had the problem as a teen, but i dont appreciate the attention any more as a grown woman!

  • Andrea

    I haven’t finished reading the whole thing, but I MUST comment on #3. Please don’t hate on parents that try to find humor in going through a child’s teenage years (or as I like to call it The Asshole Years). There’s a lot of drama and tension involved in this, I can’t blame this mother for trying to take it in stride and with a smile.

    Now, on to the rest of them.

    • Tinyfaeri

      From the screenshot, her daughter was just talking and she felt the need to interrupt her to not only make fun of what I’m guessing was one of her first pimples, but to name it, too. There’s trying to find humor in a child’s teen years, and then there’s not only going out of your way to make fun of her in private, but then posting about it on Facebook as well to make it public. That’s not finding humor, that’s just mean.

    • Barfaroni

      Agreed. She wasn’t taking it in stride with a smile. She was rude, loud, and public about it.

    • lea

      Yeh, nah.

      Find humour, sure. At the expense of your child? Nope. Never ok.

      But to do so publicly? Outrageous.

  • Jana

    My mom and I had a wonderful relationship when I was teen. We had the usual spats but nothing major. If she had interrupted me to name my pimple and laugh at it our relationship would not have been so squishy.

  • Tinyfaeri

    Aw, the “stop making noise, you’ll wake the baby! and people have to work! and think about the pets!” posts. I finally had one in my FB feed, I felt like I’ve reached a new milestone of adulthood.

    • Barfaroni

      My wedding anniversary is on the 4th of July. When we travel somewhere for our anniversary we take our dogs with us. I might gripe a little bit about it because my dog, Henry, freaks out when the fireworks are going off – especially in a new environment. But I never post a status trying shame people for setting off fireworks. I just put a blanket over him and try to calm him and he’s usually fine after about 10 minutes. It’s a holiday. Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the show.

  • Lily

    Sorry, I have to disagree. It’s Midnight, it’s Tuesday, and you’re setting off fireworks? NO. How disrespectful can you get. Even my little po’dunk town people don’t do that. And I don’t have/want kids, but if I did? Yeah, i’d be pissed.

    • Tinyfaeri

      On a regular Tuesday? Sure, gripe away (though does every complaint need to go on FB? Not so much.).
      On New Years Eve? It’s New Years no matter what day it lands on. There’s going to be noise at midnight (probably a bit before and after, too), and it isn’t disrespectful, it’s celebrating the start of a new year. It’s one day a year, people need to get over it.

    • zoom zoom

      No way. Fireworks are illegal in my state. Your right to party cannot infringe on my right to sleep because I have to get up at 4am to care for sick people, who also were not partying. Your ilk needs to gtfoyourself. You are trash. Get some respect for others.

    • Tinyfaeri

      LOL! You’re going to call me (someone you don’t know anything about and have never met) trash, and then tell me to get some respect for others? That’s pleasantly silly.

    • Marene

      Uh ohhh, I think we found “pink”

    • Helen Donovan

      There is no “right to sleep.” Noise ordinances usually don’t apply until about 11 p.m. and, on NYE, most law enforcement officers would give you a “your kidding, right” if you wanted it enforced. If the things are illegal in your state then complain about people breaking the law but otherwise get over yourself. I spend New Years in Florida (where we might have open windows when the noise occurs) and you sound 10x worse than any senior citizen.

    • wmdkitty

      On the contrary, sleep deprivation is a well-known torture technique. One does, in fact, have the basic human right to sleep.

    • Bubble

      Sleep deprivation as a torture technique wouldn’t work if it was just one night, though – and that’s what NYE is. Plus, usually people DO get sleep, even it’s not as much as they’re used to. And maybe they’d get more if they just tried to sleep instead of being pissed off with other people celebrating.

    • Tinyfaeri

      …Seriously? You’re equating a handful of late nights a year due to neighborhood noise-making to actual torture, emotional abuse and human rights violations? Wow.
      Perspective, people. It’s a good thing.

    • wmdkitty

      You and Bubble are missing the point entirely. The claim was that nobody has a “right” to sleep, and I pointed out that one does, in fact, have that right, and that sleep deprivation is considered a torture technique. That’s all. You’re the one blowing it out of proportion.

    • Tinyfaeri

      You’re the one who brought up torture and emotional abuse, which, when mentioned in any connection to people complaining about NYE noise, is ridiculous, silly, unnecessary.
      Sure, yes, people have a right to sleep. They do not necessarily have a right to demand that everyone else be quiet 24/7/365 so they can sleep as much as they want to when they want to. And one night (or even a handful of nights) a year isn’t the big deal you and others are making it out to be. Get some ear plugs.

    • Lily

      Some people do work, some people don’t celebrate NYE at all. I do not need to “get over it”. How about that DR that you might need to see after all of your celebrating? It’s the same as if I lived in an apartment, and you were causing noise. People have the right to live their lives too. And “not so much” is so 2011.

    • Tinyfaeri

      It’s really hard for me to take anything you say seriously when you end with things like “[phrase] is so [year].”

    • Lily

      Nice try. I got you first with your NOTSOMUCH. Do you have anything intelligent to add to the conversation?

    • AP

      I think you used to be my neighbor, Lily! The one who passed a note under my door saying that 8 am was “excessively early” to be getting ready for work and was disrupting her sleep.

    • lily

      Nah. I would never do such a thing. I also get along with all my neighbors. You apparently, do not. Speaks volumes about you IRL.

    • Lawcat

      Well, its a holiday, not just “Tuesday.”

      I mean, we can play that game with anything – July Fourth falls on a Thursday? “Its 10pm, Its Thursday and youre setting off fireworks?”

      Or, “It’s 11am, it’s Thursday, and you’re having a parade backing up midtown traffic?”

    • Tinyfaeri

      “It’s 11am, it’s Thursday, and you’re having a parade backing up midtown traffic?”
      – Ha! =0)

    • lily

      Sooo next time you’ve got to work and are trying to sleep, I do hope someone makes a shitload of noise and wakes you. After all, they could be celebrating something. :)

    • verminter

      Celebrating “something” versus celebrating a FREAKING WORLD-WIDE MEGA-PARTY. One that happens, by the way, with unsurprising regularity. Annually, you might say.

      Sooo Yeah… You can go ahead and hope I lose sleep, but I am a culturally aware adult, who can handle this little thing called reality.

  • nikki753

    For the love, people. PLAN AHEAD. Clear enough? Know how my dog isn’t afraid of fireworks? Because I planned ahead and worked with him on his first Fourth of July by acting like fireworks were a big freaking party. Exploding fireworks = Heaps of praise! Yay! Showers of treats falling from the sky! To him, they’re fun now. Fireworks going off on NYE? He just wondered where the heck his snacks were. I get that that trick doesn’t always work. So figure something else out. But figure it out instead of whining.

    If you want your kid to sleep through them, crank up the white noise or have them wear ear plugs to bed a few nights a year. Easier than stewing and being pissed off every holiday.

    Or, better yet, loosen up and just chill out and embrace the fun. It’s healthy. The other night I was driving home from work and saw someone doing the searchlights in the sky thing and it reminded me of one night when we were kids and a business was doing that and my mom drove us all over town until we tracked them down. It was great. She’d also occasionally drive around the neighborhood with the windows down and the music cranked and all of us singing if we were supposed to pull into the driveway just as a good song came on (like Neil Diamond). It was silly and goofy and amazing. Now, as an adult, I think of her when I see/do those things. You can be a parent and still get just a liiiitle crazy now and then.

    • justhypatia

      Ok, my dog is adopted, I didn’t have a chance to make every experience in her life a positive one. So yeah she still freaks a little at the sound of fireworks, we still manage to deal with it without passive aggressive rants on FB.

    • nikki753

      Sorry. Ours too. Should have said our first 4th with him. If making it rain with treats doesn’t help, try a little Rescue Remedy (it can calm him enough to let him appreciate the treats). I’ve never tried one but Thundershirts are worth trying. Or just plain cranking up other noise to cover it. Good luck! Bottom line is that when we choose our pets or to have kids, we deal with the things that come with it instead of coming unglued when the rest of the world does stuff like setting off fireworks on holidays.

  • wmdkitty

    Well, I’m firmly on the “no fireworks” side of this one. Call me a party pooper or whatever, I just find it absolutely insane and highly ureasonable to set off explosives for fun.

    • Blueathena623

      For us its guns. Fireworks, ehh, freaks the dogs out and makes for a difficult night, but I get that people want to celebrate. Guns, however, dear god. People were shooting for hours this year, and I wanted to kill them.

    • Holly

      Celebratory gun shooting is ridiculous. There was a 10 year old girl killed in Maryland on New Years Eve because some asshole had the bright idea to shoot a round into the air. Well, what goes up must come down and it hit her in the head.

      I’ll take the fireworks.

    • Lily

      Honestly. I’m starting to think everyone on here is 20 and having fun at the frat house. When your noise disturbs others, it’s a problem. If you don’t see it as such, you’re the problem.

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  • Lizzy

    Wow Cassie, TMI much?

    She could have said the same thing with less words “Happy New Year! Can’t wait to meet my son in 2013″

    #2 Do moms who post this stuff lose all touch with regular people and life? “I became a mom so I no longer have anything interesting to say on FB on New Years! So I’ll talk about shit”

    #3 Will probably update later that her daughter had her period and got blood on her gym shorts or something

    #4 Awesome Mommy’s Gold Star

    #5 Everyone in the world should change holidays to suit parents. These kids must be the lightest sleepers or my 3 kids are just very lazy ass kids because they can sleep through fireworks. And if they couldn’t ONE damn night of kids up late isn’t going to kill me. FFS these people suck.

    I love Tori

  • Lizzy

    Sad to say actually ashamed to say that my husband once posted on FB about fireworks waking up our sons. I was like “REALLY? The whole world doesn’t have to stop celebrating the New Year just because the boys are awake”

  • Jenn

    the only time I have ever made a complaint about fireworks was an email to my landlord because my moron neighbor decided to det them off at 10 pm on a sunday night. not a holday, just the run of the mill sunday. since we are in a valley it echoed enough another moron neighbor called 9-11 saying they thought shots were fired. long story short and six police cars two bylaws cars and an ambulance later the fireworks may have woken my children up but they were not what kept them awake! I only emailed the landlord since I get up at 4 am for work and the kids 5:30.