Evening Feeding: No Women Among Obama’s Advisors? What’s Up With That?

Maybe President Obama should borrow one or two of Mitt Romney’s binders full of women. (The Stir)

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Conservatives aren’t going to win the war on women. (DoubleX)

Kansas sperm donor fights child support order. (Parents.com)

Winter weather driving with kids. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

7 things men fear most. (YourTango)

Advice is futile. (The Hairpin)

5 ways to fight the flu. (YouBeauty)

The one reasons turning 40 stressed me out. (HuffPo Women)

Image via Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

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  • Vikky

    Actually, Obama’s Chief Adviser is Valerie Jarrett (woman), and I believe close to half of Obama’s Cabinet are women.
    Check you facts!