• Thu, Jan 3 2013

Morning Feeding: Parents Who Put Baby On Spinning Vacuum Need An Infant Safety Refresher Course

Something tells me you  aren’t supposed to use Roomba vacuums as a mode of transportation for infants. (The Stir)

Losing Nemo: I killed my son’s pet fish. (Babble)

How did New Hampshire come to be ruled by women? (DoubleX)

Orlando Bloom enjoys father-son day with Flynn. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Identical twins give birth hours apart on New Year’s Eve. (Parents.com)

How to tell if your husband is addicted to porn. (YourTango)

Fruit news. (The Hairpin)

India charges 5 men in gang rape case. (The Frisky)

The link between fructose and weight gain. (YouBeauty)

The funniest resolutions we’ve read this year. (HuffPo Women)

Image via Jon-Liz Reberry/YouTube

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