Did You Have A Baby By Rapper Shawty Lo And Are Starring In His New Reality Show? Because Everyone Else Is

youtubeI am cool you guys! I am super cool. I listen to all the hip new music like the kids do but I have never heard of Shawty ‘Lo. Ever. But I should have, because I think roughly all of us might be one of his “baby mamas” considering he has like 20 and a new reality show on the Oxygen network called All My Babies’ Mamas. OK, so he doesn’t really have 20 baby mamas, he has ten baby mamas, which may be like seven too many. Or something. I don’t know! When does having numerous baby mamas get to be some sort of Pokemon- collecting unacceptable level?  They even have Poke-esque names! From Jezebel.com:

The women who are the mothers to his children have nicknames like “First Lady Baby Mama,” “No Drama Baby Mama,” “Wanna-Be-Bougie Baby Mama,” and “Baby Mama From Hell” (who describes herself as “outgoing and angry”).


If you would be as so kind to explain to me what Shawty’s 19-year-old girlfriend is doing to his ear with a bobby pin in the clip above I would much appreciate it, or else I will assume she is removing some type of larva insect from his ear canal and I will be forever terrified.

I was totally on board with this unconventional Big Love-esque family situation, they serve dinner together! The kids look adorable! Shawty has not abandoned his children and is being a good dad! But then the baby mamas started talking about “choking each other out” and I became terrified again. The pros of being a baby mama? You can swap clothes and babysitting duties. The cons? Choking a bitch out. Plus, it seems he met most of his baby mamas when they were 17 so Shawty obviously likes them young, so into the Doug Hutchison corner he goes.


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  • Tea

    I feel really sketched out by people like him and Doug Hutchinson. It bothers me that it’s basically seen as “okay but sketchy” when they do it but things went completely nuts with the Kevin Clash case (slightly different scenario, but still a way older individual with a questionably legal/illegal younger partner). “Shawty”‘s oldest child is probably older than his youngest “baby mama.”

    Granted, it’s all pretty gross in my book, but the difference in treatment stands out to me I guess. I can’t imagine why we should be giving a grown man who has had an
    affinity for 17 year olds a reality show, just because he’s famous. This feels a lot like exploitation to me, especially with the “choking each other out” and how it will influence the future of these kids.

    This derailment has been brought to you by Tea.

    And because I don’t say this enough, very nice article, Eve, especially for a short one. I just couldn’t help but give a little commentary on the subject itself.

  • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Guerrilla Mom

    Gross. I’m going to go set my television on fire now.