The 8 People You Meet Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

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  • Tea

    The retail ones are like that because before you came along, someone just spent twenty minutes yelling at them for being out of stock/busy/closing Christmas eve/other nonsense.

    • LiteBrite

      Yep, been there done that. That’s why when I worked retail I really hated the Christmas holiday season.

      My favorite story though was when I the assistant manager for a department store’s shoe department. A man came in with a woman’s dress looking for shoes to match. He saw me and said two words, a look of complete loss on his face: “HELP ME.” A co-worker and I were able to find him some matching shoes. He was a really nice guy but clearly out of his element. :)

  • lucygoosey74

    I work at a store in the mall and this is sooo true! However, even though it sometimes pains me, I’m nce to all he customers, even the rude horribe ones that I’d really love to smack. The holiday music is awful though. I pretty much have to deal with it from November 1st till christmas. The worst part of christmas music is thet they let ANYONE sing it! Believe me, listening to Ashley Tisdale sing “last christmas” 6 times a day does nothing for my mood.

    • Jessie

      Try hearing about six different versions of that fricken song mixed in with the barking and howling of two hundred dogs who DO NOT want to be in the kennel overnight with you, but home with their families who for some reason did not see fit to include Fido in the holiday festivities. That’s been MY personal hell for the last five years.
      I worked daytime retail for two years before my current kennel job, and while I would rather spend my nights scooping dog poop, mopping pee, and getting covered in slobber slime than pretending to be pleasant to rude and obnoxious customers, I can wholeheartedy agree with you that CHRISTMAS MUSIC SUCKS!