Man Bizarrely Enters Sandy Hook Elementary In Virginia With Two-By-Four Labeled ‘High-Powered Rifle’

wooden boardIf we need further proof that the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has wiped all rational thinking from many American citizens, look no further than Sandy Hook Elementary in Virginia. That’s right, there’s another Sandy Hook Elementary.

In this school, 33-year-old Christopher Johnson walked in carrying a two-by-four on which he had written, “High-Powered Rifle.” The man was quickly detained and arrested by the police. No one was injured in the incident, though plenty of people might have been left scratching their heads.

Was Johnson trying to make some incomprehensible statement about guns? Was he mentally ill? Did he somehow think this stunt was funny?

In the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, we’ve seen a spate of disturbing reports from across the country. We’ve had schools threatened in California. We had parents sending their children to elementary school with a gun “for protection.” We had flashbacks to another recent mass shooting, when a gunmen open fired at a movie theater in San Antonio.

This latest story is by far one of the most perplexing. Thankfully, it didn’t end in any injury. Who knows what this man planned to do with his two-by-four, but hopefully he was kept far away from any children who might already be scared or worried.

Tragedies like the one in Newtown have the capability of bringing communities and neighborhoods together in support. They also have the power to bring out the worst in people. Whatever the motivation of Christopher Johnson was, I think it’s safe to say that we saw the worst of him in this incident.

(Photo: Constantine Pankin/Shutterstock)

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  • Kristi Cooper

    To me, it seems like he may have been making a statement against gun control (a very stupid statement). Because banning guns is not going to solve anything. Killers use many tools, not just guns. And there is no possible way for our country to ban everything that could be used to kill with. If that was the case, then start taking away cars, knives, ropes, baseball bats, bricks, scissors, two-by-fours, oh & while we are at it just chop off everybodys hands too.

    • Lawcat

      While you can’t prevent everything, that doesn’t mean that *something* can’t be done. Saying “people will still kill!,” while true, is a silly argument to make. I don’t agree with a ban on all guns, but there is no reason why someone should own an high powered assault weapon with a large magazine. None. No one should be able to cause that type of harm in so little time with a gun. People will still kill with guns, sure, but why shouldn’t we make them a little harder to get? Or have some way to keep them out of the hands of the mentally unstable?

      A knife isn’t going to harm 28 people to the point where there is absolutely no chance of being saved within a matter of minutes. Neither will rope, baseball bat, brick, scissor, 2 x 4 or someone’s hands. Bomb making materials are generally monitored. A car could be used in the city or during a street festival, but they aren’t as portable as a handheld weapon.

      You know what can take out 28 people to the point where there is *no chance* of trying to save them? An assault weapon.

      Have you ever seen a body that has been shot in general? Have you ever seen what an *assault weapon* will do to someone? How about a body shot *multiple times* with an assault rifle? I’m guessing no. Let me tell you, it’s terrifying. People usually die instantly. With a stab wound you could at least try and stop blood loss (depending on the area hit). You could even survive getting shot with a handgun. An assault weapon? There’s very little chance.

    • zeisel

      Very well put. This is the exact statement that every person needs to read (if they don’t already know what the difference is), before they start saying that you can kill with other objects. There just IS NO COMPARING. They could have saved so many more and had less casualties if they used another weapon.

    • Lawcat

      I just feel so much for the first responders that had to see that scene. It makes me shudder. I hope they are getting counseling and psychological help.

      I keep thinking of the bodies I’ve seen that have been killed by a high powered weapon and….to imagine that it was a child’s tiny body? Or an adult shot up to *11* times? 28 lives taken within just a matter of minutes…seconds even? Just disturbing. There is just no need for any Joe Schmoe Amurikan to get his hand on that kind of fire power.

      I waffle between whether such scenes should be shown to the public. On one hand, it’s disturbing and upsetting. On the other, many people live in a bubble and have no idea the type of damage these weapons can cause.

    • LiteBrite

      Thank you for saying this. I am so tired of the argument that “Hey, if someone wants to kill you they’re gonna do it anyways.” While probably true, my chances of escape and survival would most likely depend on the weapon used.

      I am also very weary of the argument “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” As I said to a friend of mine who made this argument, “Yes people do kill people. So why should we make it easy for them?”

      I’m still waiting for her answer.

  • Byron

    This dude had some morning wood that he didn’t know what to do with it seems…

  • Nessy

    This happened just down the road from us, and my father-in-law used to work with this idiot’s dad. Apparently he was trying to make a point about lack of security in schools; all he had to do was walk in the office with his “high powered riffle” or whatever. He ruined whatever point he was trying to make being such an insensitive, moronic jackass.