Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Funeral Of Slain Newtown Children (UPDATED)

A8Et4VNCYAIqB_V.jpg-largeUPDATE: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have reportedly arrived at Newtown.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre to offer condolences to the families of the slain victims announce their plans to comfort the families picket the funerals with messages of love and condolence ”God Hates Fags.” Because the hacktivist group Anonymous is basically the only thing that makes sense in the world right now, they hacked the website of the Westboro Baptist church and posted all of their leaders personal information online, just in case anyone feels like sending these lovely humans hate-mongers a greeting card that reads something about the Golden Rule or how using the funeral of innocent children to spread your hate agenda isn’t a nice idea.Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 7.33.08 AM


The Inquisitr ran the story and received an update from Anonymous at around four a.m. this morning:

A few minutes after the original commentary was published, The Inquisitr received an email from a sender who claimed to represent Anonymous. The email is similar in content to many other “official” Anonymous emails and we decided to share it with our readers. The email included the following statement:

“Just hacked Westboro’s site. Freedom of speech is one thing. But freedom to hate is another. A domain such as “godhatesfags.com should not exist despite rumblings of members picketing Sandy Hook. Those families have enough anguish to deal with.”


On Reddit, a poster has asked for help in dealing with the members of the WBC if they do show up:

The Westboro Baptist Church says they will be present at the funerals for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Let’s counter their protest by forming a silent blockade during the funeral processions!

The only good thing about this is, the Westboro Baptist Church claims they will picket many things, but then they get too exhausted from being filled with so much hate that they have to take a nap and are too tired to show up. They had stated that they would protest at the memorial for the Aurora, Colorado victims after The Dark Night shootings  but they didn’t show up there either.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 7.54.53 AM

The WBC are sort of the biggest trolls in the universe, because they know as soon as something horrific happens that they will get a lot of publicity by using national tragedies for their own purposes.

It’s such an interesting juxtaposition, we have a church group, and one sort of assumes religious people would be offering help and condolences to the families and community after this terrible, unspeakable tragedy who are busy damning people to hell and talking about how God is punishing everyone by killing innocent children. And on the other hand, we have Anonymous, who is posting things like this:

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 7.34.09 AM

Between shutting down revenge porn websites and trying to put a stop to the fate filled rantings of the WBC, I’m starting to think we may see a lot of “Soccer Moms Heart Anonymous” bumper stickers in the future.


UPDATED:  I’m all too gleefully happy to report that Cosmo The God, hacking prodigy and my new favorite person on earth today, has hacked the Twitter account of Dear Shirley, who is the spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church. Not only has Cosmo redecorated the Twitter background of the Dear Shirley account to read “Pray For Newtown” instead of “God Hates Fags”, but Cosmo has been tweeting messages of love and support to the families in Newtown and updates about the petition to have the WBC classified as a hate group. Even though I can’t condone illegal activity ( I have kids who read my articles, ya know) on the day when parents are starting to bury their children who died after this horrible tragedy, it brings joy to so many of us that a group such as the WBC can have their hate-mongering agenda switched from messages of intolerance and bigotry to one of love and support to everyone affected by this awful event.

(photo: twitter)

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  • Jessie

    You know, I used to think Anonymous was just a bunch of idiot trolls who hacked things and posted troll-y stuff to cause an uproar (because they have SEVERAL times in the past), but lately… I actually kind of respect them. I’m glad to hear that there are people out there willing to be the ones who stir the big kettles of crazy that pop up in this world and get people’s attention to things like this, even if they choose to be, as their name implies, anonymous.

  • Emily

    I really believe the WBC thrives on all this media attention. I wish America could somehow decide all at once to just ignore them completely and stop giving them even negative attention. I think that might kill their “religion” faster than reporting on what assholes they are (even though it is true and they’re hard to ignore)

  • Fed-up-with idiots

    Why can’t a psycho with a machine gun ever just open fire on this group of idiots instead of innocent people?

    • Big River

      Just get out of the way and let evil do its job.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      There was a comment on twitter that read: “If the WBC are shot do they picket their own funeral?”

    • sickofthesefreaks

      One day Im sure it will come to that. And I wouldn’t blink an eye otherwise. I think the whole world would not mind in the least!!!

    • TheHappyPappy

      I honestly believe that in some cases, children are better off without their parents in their lives. In WBC’s case, I think it’s unquestionable. Here’s hoping your comment is actually a prophesy!

      BTW, fun fact: Shirley Phelps-Roper is not only a monster in every sense of the word, she’s also a massive hypocrite. Her oldest son Sam is illegitimate. His biodad is suspected of being a man staying in a halfway house where Shirley did her internship. But of course, Shirley feels no shame in condemning others for sex outside of marriage because faith in Jesus has washed her sins away. Her sins, but no one else’s.

      Suggestion for those who like to stir the pot: If you ever get the chance, you can counter-protest WBC by holding signs that say something like “Fred Phelps Hates The Bible” and cite the part of Deuteronomy that says non-virginal daughters of priests should be stoned to death at their father’s door.

  • Big River
    • Tiny tim

      List reads like an extended family from the movie deliverance.

      The ones that do have jobs appear to be all prison lawyers. Hard to imagine anyone getting fair representation from a member of this group.

      Guess when they aren’t suing anyone they claim infringes on their rights to promote the destruction of the country they make their living from other peoples taxes.

  • Cassy

    Love what Annonymous is doing here. One side note – I know what you were going for, juxtaposing WBC with a hacker group, but can we please stop associating WBC with “religion” and “church”? Despite what they call themselves, they are a hate group, simple as that. They display nothing of Christ’s love or God’s sovereignty. Just as Islamic extremists have little to nothing to do with the Islam faith, these “Christian” extremists have little to nothing to do with the Christian faith.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      Noted and agreed! Thank you


    Shouldn’t you be fucking someone you met on Second Life, you wannabe /b/tard pubbie whore?

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