STFU Parents: Are Ultrasound Photos Still Even Considered Facebook Overshare?

2. Sexualizing Fetuses


I wrote about parents who sexualize their kids online in a prior column, but really Brittany, did you have to call out your child’s sex with that caption? “Little Vajayjay”? It sounds like she’s about to get trotted out for her first beauty pageant. “And up next we have Little Miss Vajayjay!” Or, was Brittany meaning it more in the comparative sense, like she’s got a womanly vajayjay, and now her daughter has a little mini-vajayjay? Either way, she should show her fetus the respect that her “tiny vagina” deserves.

Then again, at least she’s not coming up with disturbing puns about her baby’s genitals like Jaclyn did.

jack's bean stalk

Oh, he’s a BOY alright! Just check out that “bean stalk!” It’s going to be at least 16 years old before Jaclyn and Zach let a girl climb up that thing!

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