Teacher’s Son Allegedly Shoots Up Connecticut Elementary School [UPDATED]

shutterstock_91733279UPDATE: Contrary to initial reports, the alleged shooter is now reported to be the son of one of the kindergarten teachers.

Consider this a new volume in the school shooting stories that keep mounting in this country. It has been reported that Adam Lanza went on a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

ABC News reports that over 20 people, primarily children, have been killed. The gunman is said to be among the reported deaths. At present, there is speculation that there may have been a second shooter, but those reports have not been confirmed. A random purple van in Danbury is also believed to be in connection with the shooting:

The first 911 call reportedly came in just after 9:40 a.m., stating that multiple students were trapped in a classroom with a gunman, who authorities say was an adult who had at least two guns. The school locks its exterior doors during the school day, so it is unclear how the gunman or gunmen gained access to the building.

Students were escorted from the building and evacuated to a nearby firehouse, and a reverse 911 call went out to parents. Some children could be seen reuniting with their parents outside the firehouse, but at least one group of students remain unaccounted for.

Some children of Sandy Hook Elementary School  are already being treated for trauma.

Sandy Hook Elementary School reportedly has over 600 students from kindergarten through fourth grade. One entire class of children has not been accounted for. The school is still being searched by authorities and some families are still missing children in this desperate hour:

Superintendent of schools Kathy June released the following statement: “Due to reports of a shooting as yet unconfirmed, the district is taking preventive measures by putting all schools in lockdown until we ensure the safety of all students and staff. All public and private schools in the town are in a lockdown situation.”

At present, this elementary school shooting is positioned to be the worst in American history.

UPDATE: Associated Press has confirmed 27 dead.

(photo: Jesse Kunerth/ Shutterstock)

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  • alice

    suggestion to amend this article’s title asap?

    so far reports say almost 20 kids are dead, more wounded, and more maybe haven’t been discovered yet. it is an unspeakable tragedy, whose depths won’t be understood till much later. it is completely unconfirmed if the shooter/s were parents or had anything to do w/ the school. please don’t have the headline talk about “parent goes ballistic” as if that’s even close to accurately expressing the tragedy of 20 kids being dead.

    • Lawcat

      I thought the same thing.

      Koa is the absolute worst at doing any type of research before posting. I get that all the facts might not be out yet and people rush to publish, but sensationalizing the tragic event mere hours afterwards and before much information is known is just disgusting.

      Mommyish: Anything for a Click!

    • chickadee

      It’s totally irresponsible journalism, and when you compare the tone of this article to the recent shooting posts by Maria Guido and Lindsay Cross, Beck just doesn’t come up to the mark.

    • alice

      I’m not even sure if the author was “sensationalizing” the event. it’s more like she was minimizing it, or just plain misunderstanding it.

      When i first heard the news, I expected that mommyish would be posting something soon. But I think we all expected the report from this blog to focus on what everyone else was: the unimaginable horror of a massacre at an elementary school…the horror of many parents, still as we speak, not knowing where their kids are, or if they’re alive…the horror of so many children already confirmed dead.

      “parent goes ballistic after fight w/ principal and shoots up school” sounds like you’re about to read about some drunk dad spraying random bullets into an empty gymnasium.

      but anyway: can we talk about this tragedy now? it sounds like there may have only been one gunman, a 24 year old male, and he locked himself in a classroom with the kids, and is now deceased. i feel sick wondering what those kids went through.

    • chickadee

      They think he shot his mother, who was a teacher at the school, and that the children he targeted were her students. He also murdered the principal during a meeting, I think. The CT paper seems to have the most recent info. I feel so sick.

      Beck doesn’t think.

  • chickadee

    Despite the fact that I would like to go on a rant about handguns, given what has been discussed here on the boards for the past week or so, I’ll just say “what a sick bastard” and ask you to please remember that there are dead children and change your headline. I know you are in the publicity and clicks business, but this is a tragedy that affects at least 26 families. Have some common sense.

  • Alice

    No punishment is too high for this guy. WTF is wrong with you if you get into an argument to shoot innocent bystanders? To shoot kids?

    • http://twitter.com/buzzbishop Buzz Bishop

      The shooter is amongst the dead.

  • http://twitter.com/buzzbishop Buzz Bishop

    This is SEO trolling at its worst. Is this site owned by Gawker? Cmon now, show some respect.

  • Simplicity Interrupted

    I am appalled at this title. It is baseless. I’m ashamed to say that I would follow a site that would use such a terrible tragedy for “clicks.” I will no longer be following Mommyish.

  • Lawcat

    SO…are you going to update your baseless headline now that the shooter seems to have been a child of a teacher at the school?

  • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

    This is so amazingly sad. My heart breaks for these people. just awful

  • Once upon a time

    What was the original headline?