We’re A Little Disappointed To See Drew Barrymore’s Daughter Olive On The Cover Of People

Dre BarrymoreCall us masochists, but we were really enjoying the newest crop of celebrity mothers who wanted to keep their pregnancies and children out of the limelight. There will always be over-sharing mamas like Jessica Simpson to write about and of course we’re grateful for that. But Mommyish was loving the mysteriousness of Adele‘s and Drew Barrymore‘s bundles of joy. Then Drew went and threw her daughter on the cover of People.

Listen, little Olive is absolutely adorable. Drew and her husband Will Kopelman sound like dedicated parents who are honestly just thrilled to be a family. Barrymore told People:

“I really wanted a wonderful traditional home for my kid. Will comes from a strong family, he provides a strong family … It just makes me so emotional because it’s like a miracle.”

That statement just makes you smile. It makes us so happy for an actress who has gone through a lot in her life. We’re glad to see her so joyful.

At the same time, we’re talking about a woman who never confirmed her pregnancy to the press. Even after walking around with a sonogram picture in her hand, she refused to comment on her uterus. I admired that. The “First Exclusive Photos!” in a weekly celebrity magazine just seems like such an about-face for the actress.

Obviously, this isn’t a Snooki or Giuliana Rancic situation. Little Olive had a couple months of obscurity before her big national debut. She was born in the last week of September. I suppose the happy parents couldn’t keep their infant a secret for long.

Still, I won’t mind if Barrymore goes back to her low-key pregnancy ways. If we don’t see pictures of baby Olive every other week, or hear about Drew’s favorite organic cotton onesies and expensive nursery decor, I’m not going to be upset. In fact, I’ll be happy for this little family to tuck itself in and ignore the rest of us mere mortals until Olive goes off to college.

(Photos: People, WENN)

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  • beancounter13

    Seems like it was a way for her to control the first public pics. Of all the weeklies, People is one of the…um, classier?…ones. She probably had a lot of control over content and setting and will most likely go back to a rather private life.

    • Venessa

      I agree. Olive is over 2 months old now..about the age when people start taking their kids out a lot more. I think she wanted to get the picture out to the world so she won’t be mobbed by paparazzi when she takes her daughter out.

    • Ashley

      Your’e exactly right. For non-famewhores like Drew, this is a way to keep the paparazzi from trying to score the ‘first picture’. She gets the control of how they are released. You’ll notice that even 11 weeks after her birth, Olive still hasn’t been seen out. It’s not like Drew can keep her in hiding forever.

    • chickadee

      Exactly. Barrymore seems to understand that she’s going to have to show her at some point, and this way she gets to keep private whatever she deems necessary.

  • 11candlelight

    And I’m a “little” disappointed to see a mommy blog getting all judge about this when its obvious to anyone with two ounces of sense that she did this to control the way the pictures are released and to prevent little Olive from being hounded by Paparazzi for the “first shots.” Get a clue and get off your high horse about something like this– save it for parents of toddlers in tiaras.