‘Most Hated Mom In America’ – Casey Anthony Ate Some Chicken Wings In Public

If you are acquitted of murdering your two-year-old daughter and you have been in hiding ever since, except for some occasional web videos, then the first thing you would do when you came out of hiding is go to a steak house in South Florida and eat some chicken wings. At least if you are Casey Anthony. According to various news sources, this is just what she did Friday night, accompanied by some bald guy and Pat McKenna, a private investigator who worked on Anthony’s case and also helped clear OJ Simpson. Yes, Casey Anthony was found not guilty in a court of law, but according to 99.99 percent of all humans everywhere (Scientific evidence courtesy of me, famed Internet scientist) she actually did murder her daughter Caylee, or at the very least, she went out boozing it up and sexy dancing and got a bad tattoo and wrote stolen checks for buying lingerie and Bud Light while her daughter was missing. And now Casey Anthony is out of hiding.

Once my dog went missing, because he ran out of the house when one of my kids left the door open and I went insane searching the neighborhood and I called my husband at work crying and my dog was found twelve minutes later and it was the worst twelve minutes of my life! And at no time did I feel like buying sunglasses at Target. And this was just my dog and not one of my babies! If Casey Anthony really didn’t murder her daughter (I can pause while we all roll our eyes here) than at the very least she is the “Most Hated Mom In America” for what she did when Caylee was missing and because of this, she should never be allowed in public to eat chicken wings.

I admit it, I was way too involved watching the whole Casey Anthony trial on television, where I spent many hours yelling at my tv and feeling so sad and depressed about poor Caylee and after the televised courtroom proceedings were over for the day, I also watched too many minutes of Nancy Grace rolling her eyes and saying stuff like “This poor precious baybeeee” and reading about the case. I think a lot of us moms did. It’s hard to fathom this level of evil, especially when it is directed at a child. I was emotionally involved in this case, and because of this, and because of how ungodly sad it made me (and you, of course) we shouldn’t have to deal with the idea that this little girl died in a horrible way and the mother who gave birth to this little girl not only went on a bad-check writing spree while the little girl was missing, she now gets to go out to steak houses for dinner. Why do we have to know about this? Can’t Casey Anthony just move to another country and dye her hair and go eat chicken wings in Tristan da Cunha or somewhere we don’t have to know about it?

Radar Online has photographic proof of this dinner.

Gossip Extra was first to report on Casey’s dinner date and a well placed source, who did not wish to be identified, exclusively confirmed to RadarOnline.com that Casey was indeed in the restaurant on Friday, December 7 around 7 p.m. ”No one wants to be associated with Casey, it’s just such bad publicity,” the source said. “She was really quiet and not that many people were noticing it was her.”

I know some of our more lawyer-y readers will remind me that she was proven not guilty and that she should be able to live out her life in whatever way she wants to, but I still wish she would go very far away so I don’t have to remember how much I loathe her. Being “really quiet” or not, I just wish she would go be really quiet at the bottom of a well somewhere.

(photo: bitt24 /shutterstock)

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  • Lex_Discipulus

    Wow this is absolutely horrible to say. The tags are awful as well. Casey Anthony is by no means a good person and I think she is wins “Worse Mother Ever” Award but come on. The case against her murdering her child was not strong AT ALL. But just think about it. If she did use duct tape to suffocate her, leave the duct tape on her body and then I dumped it in the woods where it decayed for 6 months in 100 degree heat. By the time the body was found it was scattered by animals, the guy poking it, rain, winds etc and everything was gone. Since the body was totally decayed and she had no nose or face or lips etc how would duct tape be laying perfectly over her nonexistant nose and mouth?

    Everything they had was circumstantial AT THE VERY BEST. The hack science of “analyzing smells” has never been oked or used before in court.

    If she was found not guilty it was because the prosecution didnt present a good case. And they didnt. I dont know who murdered that poor child, but a jury of her peers found her not guilty. Libeling her by saying she is a child murderer is not very grown up of you.

    Instead of wasting your energy focusing on what Casey Anthony is doing why dont you ignore her and then you dont have to hear anything.

    • annette

      it takes longer for duct tape longer to decay then a body that is eaten up by animals and the heat in the woods would not have been 100 degrees, this is Orlando not Miami. The jury were not her peers her peers were out drinking with her while her baby was gone, not a bunch of ding dongs that she never knew or knew her. look u the word peer and check the definition.

    • Lex_Discipulus

      A jury of your peers, by legal definition, are a jury consisting of a fair representation of the community. Nice try lady, but emotions arent exactly the best way to judge guilt.

      No one is saying the duct tape should have been decayed. I am saying it REALLY hasnt moved at all while everyone was poking at the body? Come on. And sorry, I meant the 90s. Because at that temperature there is no decay right?

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Regardless of what we think, the jury found her not guilty and she is free to live her life and go out and eat chicken whenever she pleases. If she was doing something dangerous that would be one thing, but going out for a meal? Just let her be.

    • blubay

      If she was eating chicken wings in my neighborhood, I would clock her one. She shouldn’t be allowed in public at all!