Mommyish Gift Guide: 10 Worthy Charities To Share Your Holiday Spirit With

Mommyish has given you plenty of ideas for amazing gifts. We’ve covered everyone from girly girls to tom boys, new moms to new babies. But plenty of families like to use this generous time of year to do more than give baby dolls or books. Lots of us like to feel the holiday spirit by donating to a deserving charity.

Well, Mommyish decided to round up some incredibly deserving and intensely admirable non-for-profits that could use your holiday support. These wonderful organizations will be able to use your gift to help children, veterans, and entire communities.

This time of year is about more than Santa Claus and wish lists. It’s about gratefulness. It’s about giving to those around us. Pick one of these wonderful charities and give a gift that you can feel good about all year long.

The Ladybug Foundation

This amazing organization was actually started by Hannah Taylor when she was 8 years old. This determined young girl decided to make a difference about homelessness and she's done just this. Now a published author who has raised millions for her cause, Taylor and her organization are more than deserving for a little holiday love. Labybug Foundation

Heifer International

This well-known and established charity is wonderful to do as a family. Children can easily get involved, and they get real joy out of being about to send a farm animal to a family in need. Choosing our yearly gift is one of my daughter's favorite parts of the holidays. Heifer International

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Full disclosure, a friend of mine from college is involved with this fabulous project that raises awareness and funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It's the #1 genetic killer of young children and it deserves much more attention than it gets. That's why I think this project is so important! Give generously guys. Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

The Polaris Project

In the past ten years, the Polaris Project has done so much to stop human trafficking. They advocate for necessary legislation. They conduct training for other advocacy groups and law enforcement. And of course, they help victims of human trafficking after they've been rescued. The fact that slavery is still a real problem in this century is a terrible truth that we might all want to ignore, but Polaris decides to face that reality and work to make the world a safer place. Polaris Project

Canines for Disabled Kids

Look at the title. Say it to yourself. I don't know that we need to add much more to this explanation. Canines for Disabled Kids

No Kid Hungry

As we're spending hundreds on presents, the idea of children who don't have enough to eat is pretty unimaginable. But we can help. In fact, if you donate before the end of the year, your donation will be matched. So what are you waiting for? No Kid Hungry for the Holidays

Operation Homefront

No charity round-up is complete without a mention of the amazing veterans and their families who fight to keep this country safe. Operation Homefront is an established charity that helps wounded warriors, service members and their families. We're all indebted to these heroes and the families who support them. So let's give back. Operation Homefront

Children's Health Fund

In operation since 1987, this respected charity helps the neediest in our communities receive comprehensive healthcare. This charity has plenty of celebrity backers, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't need every bit of support it can get. Children's Health Fund

Scholarship America

I know you're still stressing over how to pay for your own child's college, but there are plenty of students who don't have a chance of family assistance with their educational costs. You can help them out and support our country's future leaders. Scholarship America

Give Locally

Every year, my husband and I make a gift to our local youth theatre. He and I have both been involved in the arts. We know and respect the leader of the organization. And it helps kids right here in our home town. Find something that you care about in your city and offer them your support.
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